Newsletter 9-7-15 - Noor Ul Islam Primary School



Newsletter 9-7-15 - Noor Ul Islam Primary School
The end of an eventful year!
Thursday July 9th 2016
It hardly seems plausible that the year is at an end. The months have flown by and as I write the month of
22nd Ramadan 1436 Ramadan has been no different. As we enter the last 10 nights of Ramadan and our search for Laytul-Qadr, it
is perhaps opportune to thank Allah for decreeing so much goodness in the work of the school.
The school has had a busy end of year and that has been compounded by the long fasts of the summer
months. The school has been involved in a number of interesting and exciting events. Please do have a read of
just some of the wonderful things that have happened this term.
As the new year begins in September, there are a couple of changes to the timetable that parents need to be
aware of. Registration will now start at 8.40am and lessons will begin at 8.45am. This will ensure a prompt
and efficient start to the day. Please do help your child to get into good routines for arriving to school on
time. I have noted punctuality as an issue that we need to monitor closely next year insha’Allah.
School re-opens on
Thursday 3rd September 2015 at 8.40am.
Please ask at the office
if you require a copy of
the new school calendar.
There will also be a new Deputy Head joining the school from a local primary school. Shahzaman Hussain joins
us and brings a wealth of experience and excellent track record with him. Please do offer him your salams
when you see him in September.
The school has also purchased a new scheme for Literacy which will be in place from September. The weekly
visits to Leyton Youth Ground and The Score Centre will continue but at the new time of Wednesday afternoons insha’Allah. Further details will be given to you in the new term.
I am also pleased to say Guided Reading sessions will be expanded to include Quran reading. There will be an
extra half an hour on a weekly basis to help students become fluent in the recitation of the Quran. These sessions will be run by Ustadh Ishaaq and Ustadh Hussain.
It has been a lovely end to the year. I commend you all to the protection of Allah and pray that you all have a
lovely Eid. I hope to see you all back here safely for the start of what will be an exciting and fascinating new
year. With your continued support, duas and best wishes, Noor Ul Islam Primary School will be an amazing
place to be.
Majid Ishaque—Headteacher
There will be a number of parental workshops held throughout next
year. These will include topics such as phonics, E-safety and Quran
reading, to name just a few. The first workshop will be held on Friday
4th September at 9.30am in the main school hall and will cover the
issue of applying for secondary schools aimed at Year 5 and 6 parents.
The workshop will bring together parents who have experienced the
process themselves and who will provide invaluable advice and feedback for those embarking upon this for the first time.
The school PTFA will be organising a
series of events specific to each class
to help parents get to know one another and of course to meet the class
teacher early next term.
Please keep an eye out for the email
in September!
Healthy Eating Policy
Since May 2015, pupils have raised money for
Children With Cancer UK, Great Ormond St.
Hospital and the Waltham Forest Blind
Reception raised
Year 1 raised
Year 2 raised
Year 3 raised
Year 4 raised
Year 5 raised
Year 6 raised
The total raised was
In the new academic year, we will be convening a healthy eating working
party to bring some clarity to this issue. At present there seems to be some
confusion about what is and is not allowed with plenty of grey areas. If you
would like to help formulate the new policy please do get in touch via the
school office. The commitment will mainly be on line with a few face to face
Fasting in Ramadan
Abu Sa`id Al-Khudri (May Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon
him) said,
“Anyone who fasts for one day for Allah's sake, Allah
will keep his face away from the Hellfire for (a distance
covered by a journey of) seventy years.”
(Al-Bukhari and Muslim)
Art Exhibition
Year 6 Girl’s football competition
The year 6 girls had the opportunity to take
part in a friendly girls’ football event, competing against Islamia Primary school, Suffah
Primary School and Al-Noor Primary School.
MashaAllaah, despite very little preparation
and the intensity of playing at an unknown
venue the girls finished in joint second place
with Islamia Primary School! Next year we
will return as Champions insha’Allah. Well
done girls!
Our first ever Art Exhibition showcased the flourishing
artwork of our very talented students. Splashes of bright
colours enveloped the school hall, with framed artwork
waiting to be bought. A portion of the proceeds from
sales contributed towards Project-Rebuild. With our mini
budding artists creating an atmosphere of joy through
their cheer and amazement, it was no surprise that sales
were going super fast! The children were given themes
(culture, food etc.), from which they creatively produced
such admiring art pieces. We thank every child and staff
for their input. May Allah accept it from you all! The
school also purchased some of the work to ensure the
legacy of the work continues to adorn the school walls
for years to come.
Parents’ Presentation
Over a hundred parents and friends of the school
came to watch the children’s fantastic efforts in
their end of year presentations. The event which
was hosted and directed by our departing Year 6
class had a mix of role plays, nasheeds and drama, all containing a strong moral message.
Overall, a lovely morning and afternoon was enjoyed by all. Parents were highly appreciative of
the event and the collective efforts of the staff
and pupils. A big thank you to the hosts, Izzah
Noman, Azkah Mehmood and Khadijah Vawda.
Year 3, 5 & 6 trip to Botany Bay
An afternoon with Zain Bhikha!
We were honoured to have nasheed artist, Zain Bhikha
visit us for the afternoon. Our children welcomed brother
Zain with their heart-warming nasheeds, in which Zain
himself happily joined in! He then kindly gave some
words of wisdom, teaching us regarding the sunnah of
punctuality: “It’s important to stay punctual, just how
Allah keeps on time with the sunset, the sunsrise…”
Whilst the children impatiently awaited Zain to sing, Zain
The children had a fantastic time at Botany
Bay. Children built sand castles, paddled in
the sea and buried each other in the sand
with some saying it was the best trip they
have ever been on. The year 6 girls took
great pleasure in burying Miss Shahina and
Miss Maryam in the sand and even tried
feeding them to the seagulls! There is a video available on the school website of the trip
where you can see all the fun things the children got up to!
gave some insight to his new nasheed ‘heartbeat,’ educating us with amazing scientific facts . Soon after, the
hall was infused with mesmerising vocals, uplifting the
enthusiastic energy of the children, as they joyously sung
along. Certificates signed by Zain were also awarded to
students who collected donations to help towards project-rebuild. A special well done to Adil and Zaynab for
raising the highest amount! We pray that Allah accepts
the efforts of all those who participated. The children’s
most memorable words of Zain’s seemed to be,
“Shaytaan is a gangster!”
Trip to Legoland!
Maths Challenge
Year 2 and 4 made an epic journey all the way
to Legoland Windsor for their end of year trip. It was
a fun filled day full of laughs, splashes and screams of
terror! We set sail through Viking Lands, soared
through pirate shores, battled our way through the
Kingdom of Pharaohs and still had enough time for
driving and boat lessons! This trip marked an end to
an incredible year
at Noor ul Islam
Primary School.
We all left the park
with huge smiles
on our faces and
wonderful memories.
On Thursday 25th June, some year 5 children and
Qasim from Year 4, visited George Mitchell’s secondary school for a ‘Maths Challenge’ event
alongside 5 other schools. They were encouraged to think outside the box, solving number
puzzles and playing games such as ‘Who wants
to be a millionaire?’ The children were mixed
with other year 5 children from some other local
primary schools. One of our students, Qasim Slahuddin, was in the winning team, Ma Sha Allaah!
All the participants received a math-set with rulers, compass, protractor and the winning teams
also got a £5 WH Smith gift card each.
One of the challenges posed was:
What comes twice a week, once a year but never
in a day?
Better late than never
Year 6 Graduation Ceremony
‘It’s only been a while
This year, we delivered our first ever Year 6 Graduation Ceremony at Noor ul Islam, to celebrate the outstanding achievements of but I have been ever so impressed by the Year 6 style
our year 6 students. The ceremony opened up with the recitation As I came into the school
of Ustadh Mohammed followed by a warm reminder that “any
you made the place seem so cool
good deeds you do, the parents will get a share of it.”
As I wondered how the children would be
The heart-melting speeches by our students expressed love and
appreciation for their time at Noor ul Islam. Through eloquent
and heartfelt words, we were taken through the inspiring journey
they embarked from two years back. Year 6 teacher, Ms. Shahina
also shared her gratitude to each child for the wonderful experience they had given her: “the joyful moments shared amidst the
chaotic, yet loved environment.”
I noticed you were like the calm blue sea
Always pleasant and smiling
Making sure in your lessons you were always trying
Alas, our time together was short but sweet
No doubt once again we shall meet
As you move forward and graduate
I realised it was a shame I met you so late
The ceremony concluded with year 6 students, their teacher and However, whenever you think of Noor Ul Islam
T.A. (Miss Maryam), being gifted with a momento as a token of
Please do pop by to give your salam
appreciation. Our year 6 students have definitely made their
mark at Noor ul Islam, as Yusuf Elwardany (year 4) stated about Remember Allah wherever you are
his brother, “I will miss seeing Adam at school.” His father, Sam- From the straight path you shall never be far
my Eldwardany, added, “When I saw Adam read his speech, I was Enjoy this evening
able to see how well the school has taught him and how well the
Remember Allah and your faces will always be
school has equipped him with the confidence he needs for the
journey ahead. Alhamdullilah for the opportunity given to Adam
Ustaadh Majid
to be part of the Noor ul Islam family.” Year 6, Hasan Qasim’s
mother also added, “I was apprehensive at the start, but felt
comforted leaving Hasan with what I felt was one of the best decisions me and my husband made and have no
regrets.” We can assure you that our year 6 stuFundraising for Gambia
dents are leaving us with beautiful memories that
Noor Ul Islam has organised many events to help those less fortuno doubt, we will cherish for a long time!
nate than us. During the year we have asked children to donate
We pray that Allah (swt) keeps our students stead- stationary and toys to send to a school in Gambia. Noor Ul Islam
fast and makes them successful in all that they do. Primary has donated chairs, shelves and computer equipment to a
Check out Ustadh Majid’s exclusive poem , recited remote school in a small village in Gambia. Cash donations have
also been very beneficial and have gone towards providing clean
just for our year 6s!
water in the school grounds.
Children with 100% Attendance & Punctuality for the
summer half term Mashaa’Allah, Well done!
Sara Binte Qurban
Amaan Mohammad
Maleeha Kharum
Syed Ali
Abdurahman Irfanullah Khan
Eesa Ali
Mohammed Habib
Mohammad Nagib
The children have also enjoyed baking and buying snacks from the
tuck shop. Insha-Allaah all the money raised will go towards feeding orphans from the school in Gambia.
The work done in the school has developed the children’s skills in
so many ways. From baking through to dealing with the Maths of
buying and giving change!
Jazak’Allahu Khayr for all your support and may we continue to
support those less fortunate than us in the near future.

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