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Issue: June 2015
Assalaamu Alaikum from Itqan Integrated School !
In this issue:
18/11 Excursion 1 (farm in
the City)
Females (starting from the left): U. Aliah, T. Hanisah, T. Famieza, U. Hafizah, T. Nura, Kak Nur, Pn Shaheerah,
Ck Nab, T. Linda, T. Zainab, U. Rafiqah.
Males (starting from the left): T. Izwan, U. Abd. Fattah, U. Zakkariya, T. Azmeer, T. Muhammad, U. Osman, U.
Taufiq, U. Nurhadi, T. Faidzal, U. Sopian
15/04 Excursion 2 (Bank
Negara and The
Coin Museum)
28/04 Eco Ibaadah Camp
05/06 Teacher’s Day
12/06 Camp Al-Lail 2
A Dua from Itqan teachers to our Itqan students...
Ya Allah make my students caring and kind.
Open their hearts, and open their minds. Make
them righteous, respectful and honest. And also
pious, loving and modest.
Let goal not be the best grade on a test. But
that he studied and tried his best. Make them
do homework and turn all of it in. And study
every night with true discipline.
Make them appreciate the chance to come to
school. And to realize that knowledge is the
greatest tool. To get what they want in this life,
and the next. And to be considered among the
Ummah’s best.
Let him see that nothing is given without trying. And that cheating is the same thing as
lying. Guide them to see that success only
comes from You. And attaining Jannah is the
only success that is true.
Let them see the importance of knowledge. Not
just as means to get into college. That it can empower them in this life. To help out their brethren
living in strife.
Show my students that my goal is the same.
To help increase the strength of their name.
To make them the best students they can be,
Ya Allah, please answer my dua. Ameen.
Upcoming Events:
27/06 Report Card Day
04/07 Iftifal, Iftar Jama’I
and Khatam Qur’an
Al—Akhbar Committee:
Teacher Advisor:
Teacher Zainab
Show her that she can be a doctor and help save
a life. And not just, instead, strive to be a doctor’s
wife. Let her not measure her success on her
number of purses. But instead the ability to lead
a team of fifty nurses.
Excursion 1
(Farm in the City)
On the 18th of November 2014, we went on an excursion to the ‘Farm in the City’. ‘Farm in the City’ is
a mini zoo for farm animals that people can pet and
feed. We Itqanians were very excited for the trip. We
went there by bus and it was a very long journey
because it was located at Seri Kembangan. All students and teachers were divided into three buses.
When we arrived, we had to line up in front of the
entrance and were divided into groups again. Each
group had a teacher to monitor the students. We all
were given a sticker so people will know we have
paid for the trip. After everyone had gotten their
sticker and was ready, we walked into the farm.
We saw a lot of animals. We had lots of fun feeding
the ducks and chickens. We ‘oohh-ed’ and ‘aahh-ed’
when a peacock proudly showed off its shimmering
feathers. We saw ostriches and even got to stand on
an ostrich egg! Ostrich eggs are
apparently very strong and can bear
the weight of an adult Masyaallah!
We even got to watch a performance by the parrots. The parrots
there were very clever. One even
talked in English Subhanallah! What
amazing creatures Allah has created
in this world.
There was also this small
chick-pen where lots of
chicks ran around. They
were so adorable and everyone wanted to catch and hold
one. But only some of us got
the chance because they
were very fast runners.
After that, we went to feed the fishes! We were each
given a packet of fish food. But we ended up feeding
the swans too, who I think were, a little bit jealous for
all the attention the fishes had. So some magnificent
swans glided across the lake and towards the yummy fish food. They were beautiful.
Next to the lake, was the furry animal-pen, where the rabbits and
guinea pigs played around. This
was one of my favourite places.
We got to carry, feed and play with
them. Lots of the furry ones were
very tame. A man handed us some
green veggies for them and a good
thing too; they were very hungry.
We met lots of
reptiles. Slithering snakes and
huge tortoises,
which were
strong enough
for us to sit on,
and cute lizards.
We went to a section where cute small monkeys
‘hang’ around. We saw squirrels, deers and goats.
We also visited a horse and donkey. Yes, we had a
‘cool’ adventure at the farm. It was, like all excursions, amazing! Alhumdulillah.
Kanaya Azzahra (G7)
Excursion 2
(Bank Negara and The Coin Museum)
I went to bank Negara. I had a lot of fun! There
was a tunnel full of money that was called ‘1 million ringgit tunnel’. There was a secret code to
enter so that we could see gold! I took pictures
with my friends. I saw different coins from different countries. It was a very fun trip!
Zahra (G2)
On 15th April we went to bank Negara and the
coin museum. We rode a bus to get there. When
we got there the stairs were so big and there was
a restaurant and a gift shop. We went to the tunnel of money!
We also went to a room that was about the history of money and a room that was about painting.
Wan Abdurraouf (G4)
Eco Ibaadah Camp
On the 28th until the 30th of April 2015, we
completed another successful Eco Khalifah
Camp at Janda Baik with Radiant Retreat.
It was quite different this time as we had 3
groups all having indepentent programs: Lower
Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary. Everything went reasonably well other than the few
incidents that were to be expected when dealing with the outdoors and wilderness such as
scratches, insect bites and occasional falls here
and there.
What I enjoyed there:
Building a shelter
What I learnt there:
What else was there:
Archery, paintballing, water-trekking and much
Thanks to all the people who put in a lot of hard
work, especially Pn Hanis and her amazing
team from radiant Retreat, camp director U.
Abd Fattah and assistant directors, U. Hafizah,
U. Rafiqah. Not to forget Cik Nab and all teachers and admin staff.
What was boring:
That we couldn’t sleep in tents
By, Amir (G2)
Building Shelter.
Well done boys, even a storm won’t bring that shelter down!
Making a Fire.
That’ll warm up the tea for the teachers!
Teacher’s Day
Whiteboard designed and produced by Husna (G8)
On the month of June, the 5th, was the event of “Teacher’s Day
Celebration”. Even though the real date of the event was on the 5th
of May, we had to move the date to June because that month was
one of those months where we were very busy. I guess I could say
that the teachers enjoyed themselves very much, especially with all
the gifts and treats they got from their beloved students.
Before we started the event, we had to eat a hearty breakfast in the
canteen. It was great because it wasn’t like any normal breakfast at
school we usually have. The whole school contributed food to the
canteen so there were scrumptious food like lasagne, sausages,
nuggets, cakes, donuts, candy, fruits and salads. There were
quenching drinks too, like cool ice-lemon tea, juices and fizzy
After that, we had to all change into our sports attire for the activities that were ahead of us. The boys and the male teachers were led
to the field to have a gruelling game of football, while the girls and
the female teachers walked to the basketball court to have a fun
‘Amazing Race’ competition.
The boys’ football game was
very exciting. The teachers
of course, aced at that game.
So they were leading with 10. The boys had their hopes
up high that they could even
the score but just as a student was about to shoot the
ball into the goal, another
The Futsal (Teachers Vs Students)
student accidentally kicked it
out of the way. So the teacher’s
won the game. But the boys weren’t bad sports. They took it easily
and had fun. Congratz to the male teachers!
The girls had an experience with the ‘Amazing Race’; however, it
was a whole new story. I was head of the activities and the assistant
of Teacher Zainab, who was in charge of the whole thing. I had to
manage the races and make the competitors understand how to play
the game. There were five challenges all together. The female
teachers were divided into two groups: In group one was - Teacher
Hafizah, Teacher Zainab, Teacher Linda and Teacher Hanisah. In
group two we had – Teacher Mieza, Teacher Kartina, Teacher Zarina and Teacher Aliah.
First off was the balloon challenge. Each group had to blow as many
balloons as they can and make sure it’s the right size. They can measure the balloon using the cut-outs that were arranged. They were given
a time limit.
Next they had to do the book challenge. They had to balance as many
books as they can and zig-zag through
the obstacle course. The more books
you balance on your head, the more
points you get. But if you drop a book,
you had to start all over again. They
can go again and again within the time
The book balancing challenge.
After that, was the drinking challenge. Teachers had to drink as many
cups as they can within the time limit given.
The drinking challenge.
The ice challenge was what my
helpers and I were waiting for.
Two buckets, one for each team,
were filled with ice and strips of
newspaper. The newspaper makes
it go grey and slimy to the touch.
But with Ilham’s magnificent idea,
we agreed to add disgusting stuff
like leaves and twigs and dirt. We
were dying to see the teachers’ exThe ice challenge.
pression when they dip their hands
into the icy, dirty water, blindfolded. Our patience was rewarded when the female teachers screamed
and made a fool of themselves. Joking joking! (Hehehe). But honestly,
they were very funny to watch. Especially Cikgu Linda, Teacher Zarina
and Cikgu Mieza. My friends and I laughed and laughed.
Lastly, came the obstacle challenge.
Two members from each team had
to be blind-folded and their partner
had to lead them through the obstacle course to one end, then they had
to exchange from there with their
partner and lead them back out to
the starting line. They can do this
process again and again within five
minutes. But if the blind-folded The blindfolded obstacle
partner accidentally hit a “bomb” (a
cone), their group points were deducted. It was funny to see our teachers grope around themselves with their arms, looking like a blind person. That’s why we should be grateful to Allah for the wonderful eyes
he has given us.
After the game ended, we had to calculate and add up all the points for
each group. Losers get a punishment of getting drenched by my wonderful helpers (who are my awesome friends). This was called the
“Losers-Doom”. The winning group was group two- congratulations!
So the losing team was group one! Teacher Linda, Hanisah, Zainab
and Hafizah were all drenched with litres of tap-water, and they
shrieked! (Hahahahaha!) It was so funny to watch. But we all wished
we hadn’t drenched them, because Cikgu Linda took a jug and dipped
it into the icy-dirty water that was still in the bucket, from the ice
challenge. Then she threw it at all onto my friends and me- so it was
our turn to shriek and splash her back. The winning group wasn’t
supposed to be watered like plants in a garden but… the losing team
and most of the girls threw ice and jugs of water at them too. In the
end, 80% of us got soaked.
The loosers doom (getting wet!)
After the teachers forfeited, we all called it a day. We had a short
break so we could rest and be ready for the next event.
It was an exchange. The girls and female teachers move towards the
field for their game of football while the boys and male teachers prepare for the ‘Amazing Race’. I didn’t take part for the football game
because I had to manage the male teachers’ race.
In group one, we had Teacher Muhammad (aka Ben), Cikgu Izwan,
Ustaz Zakariyya and Ustaz Osman (aka Limited-Edition-Man.) In
group two, we had Cikgu Faidzal, Ustaz Hadi, Ustaz Taufiq and
Teacher Azmeer.
It was the same process. And everything went smoothly- at first. But
when it came to the ice challenge, the male teachers all acted like little
cheeky students. I had no idea and still don’t know who threw an armful of ice at another teacher in the first place, but as soon as they did,
you can guess what happened. It was war- and a very ummm… violerough one too. (Err…). The teachers and boys threw dirty ice everywhere. I tried to stop them but- how can one girl who is supposedly in
charge, control an army of noisy boys and a cheeky group of male
teachers? Impossible. And I didn’t want to risk myself getting
drenched for the second time. So I laughed, shook my head and stood
aside watching all of them. They were all enjoying themselves so I let
them. It’s teachers day anyway.
In the end, group one won. Congratulations on that team!
Anyway, the girls and female teachers had fun on the field.
Surprisingly though, the teachers won the game- err... I
mean of course they would. (Hehehehehe. Just joking! ;D ).
The score was 1-0. Yay, congratz!
After that, we had a long break this time. This break gave us
time to rest and change; and enough time for the boys and
male teacher’s to go off to pray solat Jumaat. Next, the females had to pray Zuhur and wait for the boys to come back.
When they did, we had our lunch. This too, was different.
While the younger ones ate their food at the canteen including the grade 7, some grade 8 and I had to prepare food for
all the teachers. It was an activity where the teachers get a
fancy lunch course, where my friends and I waited them.
They had real fancy food. The whole set; appetizers, main
course, and the dessert. They obviously enjoyed that event.
After everyone had settled, we were allowed to start the
“Master Ceremony”.
Our emcees, Syasya
Redzuan did a great job
of leading the ceremony;
especially when it came
to announcing each teacher who each won a personality that were voted
by their beloved students.
I helped announced the The amazing mc’s for the afternoon.
losing and winning team
for the amazing race, both male and female. Again, congratz
on both winning teams by the way. And to the losing team,
don’t worry- there’s always other competitions next year
There were amazing performances by the little
ones and we did an Itqan
tradition, which in every
‘Teachers Day Celebration’, the female and male
teachers sang a nasyeed.
All of them sang beautifully- especially Ustaz Osman
Singing together.
who seemed most enthusiastic and
motivated in the whole song.
Finally, the day was over. I think it turned out pretty well if I
do say so myself. I mean, this semester’s ‘Teachers Day
Celebration’ was quite different, because the students were
the ones who planned the whole thing this time, which is
usually done by the teachers. But I like it when the students
are the ones who prepare it. And Alhamdulillah, it was a
magnificent, wonderful and amazing event. Shout out to
Teacher Zainab who made the whole event possible; and to
all the helpers who helped prepare the celebration too. The
decorations were beautiful! Masyaallah.
Airis Sophia (G8)
Camp Al-Lail 2
- Part 1 -
- Part 2 -
For the second time, Itqan held its activity filled in-school camp on the 12th
of June 215. Slaughtering chickens was
the first thing we witnessed and did.
The chickens were brought to school
on the same day and kept into a cage.
There were 2 black roosters and 7
hens. We, secondary boys and girls got
an opportunity to slaughter chickens.
The experience was exhilarating! Although, slaughtering animals is more
encouraged for boys, but girls can do it
too. When we slaughter, we have to
make sure we say “Bismillah Allahuakbar” when we slaughter. We have to cut
the neck of the chicken until we have
reached the bone, but do not cut the
head off. The jugular veins and windpipe will be cut. When we are about to
slaughter, we have to stand facing the
direction of the Kaabah.
With the help of Ustaz Osman’s amazing planning skills, the secondary students got to experience many new things. From slaughtering
chickens to making kaya sandwiches for the
homeless, the students got to do it all. The
whole camp in general was very fun and exciting, and everyone enjoyed themselves very
After the slaughtering of each chicken
has been done, the process of making
the chicken bald starts. By bald, it
means to make the chicken featherless
by pulling out all their feathers. They
have to be completely bald so that we
don’t eat the feathers when it’s cooked
into a meal. The following activity we
did was taking out the organs out of the
chicken. One of the chicken’s gallbladder exploded during the process and
green fluid started to flow out! It was a
first for everyone to see it. So, we slowly did the process and in the end we
finished. We brought the chickens to
the canteen to be prepared for dinner.
Our job was done.
Umar (G8)
After our well deserved, not to mention,
scrumptious dinner, the secondaries went into
the musolla for solat Isha and listened to a
tazkirah by Ustaz Osman. He showed a
slideshow to us on Ramadan that got our attention.
Later, all of us were sent to the canteen to
prepare the sandwiches for the homeless.
Altogether, 240 kaya sandwiches were to be
made and Alhumdulillah we succeeded in the
task. We were split up into teams in which
some people put margarine onto the breads,
some put kaya and others were ready to cut
the sandwiches in two and packed them into
Next, the teachers hard-boiled a number of
eggs and handed them to us in big basins. We
popped each egg into one of the plastics and
eventually, we finished the lot.
We had egg-cellent team-working skills (*wink
wink* I’m funny)! Even after all that long work
we did, there was a little more to do. Our final
task was to pack the water bottles into large
plastics. This was done quickly as we were all
tired and wanted to get all of it over with as
soon as possible.
Although we were so exhausted, we still managed to celebrate for finishing all the food
packs that were to be given to the homeless
the next morning. Cikgu Izwan and a few of
the boys who helped him had set up a barbeque pit and began barbequing the prepared
marinated chicken. Grilling them to perfection,
Cikgu Izwan managed to grill enough chicken
for everyone that wanted some. I myself rate
the chicken 5 stars as they really were exquisitely flavoured, thanks to T. Linda.
This basically concluded our long hard, yet
fun night. Each of us went to our sleeping
spaces— boys in the musolla and girls in
the library—and got ready for bed. Some of
us were ready to hit the hay whereas others still had some energy left.
Husna (G8)
- Part 3 The Secondary students woke up early to
start the day. We were all going to go feed
the homeless in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.
Everybody went into their respective cars
along with their teachers. At (time), they
reached there and unpacked all the food
from the cars. After a few minutes, the person in charge came up to us and began to
give us instructions. We split up into two
groups, one going one way and the other
going a different way. By doing this, we
were able to cover as much ground in our
period of time. Apparently, we reached
there late because many of the homeless
people had gone to their hiding places or
jobs. Because of this, we decided to give
out the remaining food to our neighbours in
the Sg. Penchala. Again, we split up into
two groups, each going to different parts.
When giving food to the neighbours, we
first introduced ourselves and told them
what we were doing. Many of them were
surprised but were very grateful for the
food. While doing this, it gave us the
chance to interact with them and get to
know them better. Alhamdulillah, when we
were finished, all the food was gone and
nothing was left. We felt very good because we got such a good experience and
got to know people better. Also, we got to
see how other people live and that not everybody is as fortunate as us. We hope that
we can do this kind of thing again.
Hamza Redzuan (G8)
A Message From The
Assalamu’alaikum w.b.t.
MashaAllah, it’s hard to believe we are at the end of the year already! This year has posed different challenges for us, but as always we are reminded that trials come from Allah and are part of
our lives. Alhamdulillah for all the support and cooperation from all
parties that has helped us in carrying out our role and responsibility to the best of our ability.
This year we also had many firsts, such as Camp Al Lail for the
secondary students, which proved to be a most enriching experience with activities including learning how to slaughter, clean and
cook chicken, preparing food for and feeding the homeless,
among other things. Indeed it was an eye-opening experience for
all involved.
Other new activities we embarked upon were the Prefect’s social
projects such as “gotong-royong” to clean up the mosque nearby,
collecting funds for and “gotong-royong” at an orphanage in Sg
Buloh, as well the Prefect’s retreat to Cameron Highlands.
Alhamdulillah, this year, both teachers and students had become
more familiar with the Cambridge syllabus and therefore able to
cope with it better in general. This can be seen in the overall results achieved across the board. Well done!
Now that we are done with the final exams, it is time for everyone
to relax and enjoy themselves as they prepare for their Khatam
Quran and Ihtifal. There is a buzz of excitement as they busy
themselves practicing for their performances, assisting the teachers with preparations, etc. It is also time to reap the rewards of
their hard work and efforts, with the prize-giving ceremony just
round the corner.
Being Positive in Making
Do’a to Allah
The prophet (peace be upon him) related to us that Allah
says: “I am as my servant thinks of me. I am with him
when he remembers me. If he mentions me within himself,
I mention him within myself. If he mentions me in an assembly, I mention him in a better assembly. If he comes
near to me a handspan, I come near to him the distance of
a cubit. If he comes near to me the distance of a cubit, I
come near to him the distance of two outspread arms. If
he comes to me walking, I come to him running.” [Sahih
Bukhari (6856) and Sahih Muslim (4832)]
Think about these words. The first thing Allah calls us towards is to have a positive outlook about him under all
circumstances, since he will be as his servant thinks of
him. Allah will relate to the person the way the person expects him to. When the servant assumes the best about
his Lord and pins his hopes on his Lord’s providence, his
Lord will not disappoint him. Allah will never let his good
deeds go unrewarded. When the servant beseeches Allah,
he believes that his prayer will be answered. When he
sincerely repents for a sin, he trusts that Allah will forgive
him. When he performs a virtuous deed, he assumes that
Allah will accept it from him and reward him for it. All of
this is part of assuming the best about Allah.
This is why Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “When you
beseech Allah in supplication, be convinced that he will
answer you.” [Sunan al-Tirmidhi (3401)]
Our annual Iftar Jama’i has always been a special event for us as
it fosters close “ukhuwah” between parents, all Itqan staff and
students of both Itqan Montessori Preschool as well Itqan Integrated school. It is then that we break fast together, pray together and
celebrate together.
Last but not least, we wish you a blessed Ramadhan and pray
that Allah swt accepts our ibadah, grants us and our loved ones
forgiveness, mercy and guidance. May He raise us in our ranks,
keep us close to Him and be in His protection always. May He
grant us iman and taqwa in playing our roles as his Khalifahs as
well as His slaves. Ameen, ya Rabb.
May Allah s.w.t. bless our children and Itqan.
Sharifah Shaheerah H. Alhabshi
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