Description of the Medication: Delivery System Medication Fact Sheet


Description of the Medication: Delivery System Medication Fact Sheet
(5fu 2%, Sal Acid 17%) in Remediumâ„¢
Delivery System Medication Fact Sheet
Description of the Medication:
This medication contains Salicylic Acid and
5-Fluorouracil in a proprietary base that is used to
treat warts.
How to use this medication:
1. Apply medication at bedtime.
2. Apply a very small amount of medication to the
enclosed pick. Use the pick to apply a thin layer
directly onto the wart. Use care to avoid applying the
medicine to healthy skin. The medicine will break
down healthy skin as well as the wart.
3. Occlude the wart with a piece of the enclosed tape.
4. Put the cap back tightly on the syringe.
5. Wash hands after applying the medicine. NEVER
put the WartPEEL® in the mouth, nose, or eyes.
6. Remove the occlusion in the morning and wash the
area thoroughly.
7. In case of accidental ingestion or contact with eye,
nose, or mouth, contact your physician or the local
poison control center.
To order, please contact:
1150 5th Street, Suite 140 Coralville, IA 52241
ph: 877.268.2272 toll-free fax: 866.354.6381
What to Expect:
During the first few days of application, the skin
around the wart may swell and become white. This
will slough off with continued applications.
Normal Dosage:
The medication is applied once daily for a time
determined by your physician.
Storage Requirements:
Store this medicaiton at room temperature. Keep out
of reach of children. PROTECT FROM LIGHT.
Expiration Date:
The medication is good four months from the date
made. Do not keep outdated medication.
Side Effects:
Rash and irritation, if medication is applied to
healthy skin.
How to Order:
1. Call or fax a NuCara Pharmacy for a prescription form.
See contact info on the reverse side.
2. A NuCara Pharmacist will contact the patient for
medication counseling and payment.
3. The patient is supplied a Universal Claim Form for a
compounded medication to submit to their insurance
company for reimbursement.
First WartPEEL application
October 15, 2008
Began Receding in 3 Weeks.
December 1, 2008
6 Weeks After First Application
Wart Completely Gone.
w w w. m e d c a r a . c o m
MedCara Pharmaceuticals, LLC exclusively licenses NuCara Management Group, and its
subsidiary pharmacies to compound WartPEEL U.S. Patent No. 7,655,668.