How to sell OvoControl P OvoControl programs provide recurring service revenue ®


How to sell OvoControl P OvoControl programs provide recurring service revenue ®
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How to sell OvoControl® P
OvoControl programs provide recurring service revenue
 Establish contraceptive program and then provide monthly service
 Consistent with all other methods of bird control
 Safe and effective, economical, scaleable program
 Step 1 - Find the right customers
 Larger-scale customers where “population management” provides the best
solution for long-term bird control.
 Step 2 – Identify the right sites
 Think BIG – wide area sites including stadiums, train stations, manufacturing
plants, malls, prisons, zoos, hospitals, power plants, bridges, oil refineries and
larger areas typically represent the best candidates.
 Step 3 – Introduce the solution
 Address concerns and objections;
 Outline the strategy(s) – begin with OvoControl and augment with short-term
tactics (trapping) if necessary for the site and customer;
 Add structural solutions where appropriate and cost effective;
 Provide literature and testimonials;
 Innolytics can help in proposal writing and costing/pricing.
 Step 4 – Implement
 Install feeder and pre-bait;
 Condition pigeons and transition to OvoControl
 Step 5 – Follow up
 Count birds; assess results
 Population declines at a rate of 50%, annually
******* OvoControl P is EASY ********
Nothing ever dies and mistakes are easy to correct;
Train birds to a baiting site;
Set automatic feeder to dispense bait daily;
Fill automatic feeder monthly
Long-term program
Ready-to-use bait
Contraceptive action
Automatic feeder
Digital camera system
Residual income
No mixing
No dead birds
Unwinds population – no new birds
Monthly service interval
Observation by computer
OvoControl® is a registered trademark of Innolytics, LLC, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

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