How to Submit Images for Inter-Club PDI Competitions


How to Submit Images for Inter-Club PDI Competitions
The Federation of South London Photographic Societies
How to Submit Images for Inter-Club PDI Competitions
Images for Projected Digital Image (PDI) competitions must be submitted in a particular
format to enable the host club to load them into DiCentra.
To submit your PDIs:
Make sure that each image (including the tie-break image) is:
Correctly sized to be no more than 1024 pixels wide x no more than 768
pixels high.
In RGB format in the sRGB colour space (even if it is monochrome).
Named in the format: Showing Order Title_Author.jpg
eg: 1 Sunset at the OK Corral_Fred Smith ARPS.jpg
Note: The file must be saved in jpeg format.
The title & author must be separated by an underscore (and
underscores must not be used within titles).
Photographic distinctions should be entered after the Author’s name.
Titles and authors should be in ‘Title Case’ ie where each word begins
with a capital letter and continues in lower case.
The tie-break image must be image number 9.
Put your 9 images into a folder that is your club name e.g. Bromley Camera Club
Copy the folder containing your images onto a CD or memory stick.
Post (or hand deliver) the CD or memory stick to the host club organiser to arrive at
least 2 weeks before the competition. There is no need to provide an additional entry
form, but it is helpful to include your name, phone no. and email address with the CD
or memory stick.
CDs or memory sticks will be returned on the evening of the competition.
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Prepared by: Gill Peachey & Steve Wilbur 24/08/2013

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