SecureOTP is an advanced secure ... chip based One-Time-Password (OTP) token that


SecureOTP is an advanced secure ... chip based One-Time-Password (OTP) token that
SecureOTP is an advanced secure microprocessor
chip based One-Time-Password (OTP) token that offers strong Dynamic Password with 2-Factor
Authentication (2FA) as to eliminate risks presented
by static, shared, stolen or easily guessed passwords.
No need to memorize neither any password nor the
hassle to think of difficult-to-guess passwords, simply
click on the device’s button and the passwords will
be generated automatically.
The OTP platform is developed based on OATH (Open Authentication Technique - an industry-wide
collaboration on OTP standard) with the design aim for Maximum Security yet Easy to Deploy and Use. It
can be seamlessly integrated with any other 3rd party Authentication Server that supports OATH standard. As
a Non-Connected security device thus no software or device driver installation is needed, completely portable
and can be used at anywhere in anytime.
SecureOTP designed to support strong crypto algorithms where the algorithms computation is done completely
on hardware and isolated to computing environment for better security. SecureOTP is Tamper Prove as the
data is self-destructed once the token is physically broken.
Why SecureOTP
SecureOTP Feature Highlights
Strong Security
Eliminates the use of unsafe static passwords and
replace it with secure dynamic passwords.
Cost Effective
SecureOTP offer as the most competitive OTP option
in the market, pricing is always our advantage. Why
pay more!
Easy to Deploy and Use
SecureOTP can be rapidly integrated into any 3rd
party system and it offers ultimate user friendly usage,
just simply click and OTP is generated.
SecureOTP can securely integrate with more than one
application, allowing support for many concurrent
OTP authentications in different applications.
Highly Portable
No software installation needed and small in size, can
carry and use it anywhere in anytime.
8-bit Microprocessor Smart Chip based
Trendy hard model plastic with one line 8 digits
LCD screen
Globally Unique ID
Compliance to OATH (HOTP Algorithm)
Seamless integration to 3rd party HOTP
authentication system
Onboard OTP generation
Event-based synchronous
Support Zero footprint authentication
RoHS compliant
Water Resistance with IP54 certified
Tamper Prove case
How to get started
What you need now is to get a set of SecureOTP Developer Kit which will facilitate all you needs to start
integrating SecureOTP 2FA into your software application.
The contents inside the Developer Kit are listed as below:•
2 SecureOTP DEMO Tokens
A software/utilities CD-ROM
Developer Kit
Contents inside the CD-ROM
Developer Guide
Configuration Guide
DEMO Server and Agent
White Paper for DEMO Server and Agent
Web-based and Win32-based Manager Tool
User Guide on Manager Tool
DEMO Authentication Program
User Guide on DEMO Authentication Program
API Samples (C/C++, C#, Java, ASP, PHP, Perl)
Packages for Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD
SecureOTP Technical Specifications
Hardware Platform
OTP Platform
Secure 8-bit microprocessor chip based.
Compliance to OATH (HOTP Algorithm)
Seamless integration with other HOTP based Authentication System
Event-based synchronous
Onboard OTP generation
Token Casing
Hard Molded Plastic
1 line 8 characters LCD Display
1 plastic button
White & Blue color
Water Resistance (IP54 certified)
Tamper Prove
Customized Logo (Optional)
55.9 x 26 x 20 mm Dimension
12.3g Weight
Standard Lithium Battery
14,000 clicks or 3 to 5 years
Working Environment Operating Temperature between -0 C to 50 C
Storage Temperature between -20 C to 70 C
Humidity Rating of 0 to 100% without condensation
OATH compliant
CE and FCC Conformity
RoHS compliant
IP54 certified
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