Computer Maintenance and Repair I Course Syllabus


Computer Maintenance and Repair I Course Syllabus
Computer Maintenance and Repair I
Course Syllabus
A+ Guide to Managing and Maintaining Your PC
Mr. Pelletier
Dept Phone
[email protected]
(603) 893-7073 Ext. 5337
Office Hours
7:30 to 3:30
Students who successfully complete the course will receive a fully licensed copy of Windows 7 Server Edition to take home and
install on their home computer. The software is distributed under the Microsoft Dreamspark program to encourage students to
pursue careers in Networking and Servers utilizing Microsoft products.
Course Objectives:
This course maps fully to CompTIA’s A+ Exam objectives. The course is designed to be a complete, step-by-step approach for
learning the fundamentals of supporting and troubleshooting computer hardware and software.
Specific topic coverage includes:
 Introducing Hardware
 Introducing Operating Systems
 PC Repair Fundamentals
 Form Factors and Power Supplies
 Processors and Chipsets
 Motherboards
 Hard Drives
Installing and Supporting I/O Devices
Installing Windows
Maintaining Windows
PCs on a Network
Securing your PC and LAN
Notebooks, Tablet PCs, and PDAs
Supporting Printers and Scanners
Catalog Description:
This course prepares students for the CompTIA IT Essentials certification exam and provides students with the basic skills to
properly install, build, upgrade, repair, configure, troubleshoot, optimize, and diagnose problems with PC hardware and operating
systems. A great deal of time will be spent with simulation software that lets students get hands-on practice with computer
hardware and operating systems. This rich, full-scale software allows users to move freely through a safe, simulated environment
to accomplish computer maintenance tasks in a variety of ways.
Supplementary information for the course is available at The website contains the
course syllabus, course outline, project details, and other information for the course. A mobile app is available at
All students are required to obtain an e-mail account. The e-mail account name must be school appropriate and the student’s full
name must be included in the e-mail name field. If you have any questions about the course or need assistance, please contact the
instructor in person or by e-mail at any time. Assignments must be submitted by e-mail on or before 3:00 P.M. on the due date.
Common Microsoft formats are to be used for e-mail attachments.
Students are expected to be present and punctual for all scheduled classes and labs.
Grading Rationale:
In this class, students will be evaluated according to performance in the following categories:
 Assignments, labs and performance tests
 Exams, quizzes, research and presentation
 Final Exam
Grades can be accessed on Infinite Campus using the portal at On your smart
phone you can download the Infinite Campus Mobile Portal App. Launch the Campus App and enter your District ID in settings.
The District ID is: GFHWMN
Special Accommodations:
If you have a special learning need or issue, please notify your instructor immediately. Students are required to provide
documentation of disability to Disability Support Services prior to receiving accommodations.
Classroom Etiquette:
Pagers and cell phones will be turned off or set to vibrate mode during class. Please show courtesy to the class by restricting
conversation to in-class topics, and raise your hand to gain attention when asking a question or raising a point of discussion.
Lab Equipment:
Students are expected to respect the equipment in the lab and make the learning environment relaxed and comfortable for all.
Much of the equipment in the lab is in for servicing and does not belong to the school. Students are not to use or work on any
equipment without first checking with the instructor.
Academic Honesty:
The high school experience is founded on the concepts of honesty and integrity. Dishonesty, cheating, plagiarism, or knowingly
furnishing false information to the school are regarded as particularly serious offenses. Cases of dishonesty will be handled by
levying heavy penalties. In flagrant cases the penalty may be dismissal from school after proper due process proceedings.
Turning in Work:
In order to help reduce printing and paper costs, all documents need to be submitted via e-mail. Be sure your e-mail account includes
your full name and the assignment topic is in the subject field.
Late Coursework:
All assignments are to be turned in on the due date.
Late work will be accepted at the instructor’s discretion for partial credit.
Research and Communication:
Communication skills, both oral and written, are a widely recognized issue in need of improvement in the field of information
technology. Many proficient technicians have limited skills communicating with co-workers and end-users. Our goal is to address
this issue by having students perform research and present findings as part of the class.
College Credit: 6 college credits are available through Manchester Community College’s Running Start program for students
successfully completing both Computer Maintenance I and Computer Maintenance II.