Student Manual for Registration of Courses in CUOnline Fall 2014


Student Manual for Registration of Courses in CUOnline Fall 2014
Student Manual
Registration of Courses in CUOnline
Fall 2014
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
Wah Campus
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Registration Week: August 25th – August 29th , 2014
Students are required to register their courses from their logins from August 25th – August 29th, 2014.
(See Student Manual below)
Students must submit their Signed Forms to Class Counselors by 29th August, 2014.
(For List of Class Counselors click )
Computer Science Department
Electrical Engineering Department
Management Sciences Department
Civil Engineering Department
Contact Person
Ahmad Raza,
Coordination Officer, 0300-5319354.
Muhammad Shafique,
Coordination Officer, 0313-5610258.
K. Anjum Anees,
Asst Program Officer, 0321-5283008.
Kashif Ammar, 0333-5503448.
Registration of courses will be blocked after August 29th, 2014.
Student on DI Status or on Probation are required to contact their respective Class Counselors for
course registration.
After Deadline contact your respective DCOs
Assistant Registrar (Academics)
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Course Registration Through Website
1) Visit the campus website at URL:
2) Click on CUOnline (Main)
3) Click on Student Console and then follow steps through 1- 6
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Course Registration from Campus Labs
Step-1: Sign In
Visit the following link,
Enter your registration number and password
Click on Sign In
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Step-2: Selection of Courses
i. Select Course Registration from left menu bar
ii. Select the courses carefully under the table “Subjects That Can Be Selected”
iii. Click on the button “Register Selected Subjects”
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Step-3: Confirm Course Registration
i. See the selected courses carefully
ii. Click on the button “Confirm Course Registration” to confirm course registration
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Step-4: Select Registration Card
i. Select Registration Card option from left menu bar under Course Registration
ii. Click on the button “Registration Card”
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Step-5: Print Registration Card
i. Click on the link (right side) “Click Here For Print Version”
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Step-6: Print Registration Card
i. Take printout of the Registration Card
ii. Sign the result card
iii. Submit the whole page to DCO office of your respective department for HoD Signature
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