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Performer Series 450 - 1000W Page 1 of 2
Performer Series
450 - 1000W
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Available in 1000W Metal Halide, 750 & 1000W & High
Pressure Sodium; 450 to 1000W Pulse Start Metal Halide
• SG Ballast Housing is constructed of die-cast aluminum
which features “Tilt 2” design for maximum heat
dissipation, and drip lip construction. Standard finish is
Duraplex II White Electrostatic Powder coat. Optional
colours available.
Standard Painted Model Suitable For 55°C Ambient
'HT' High Temperature Option suitable for 65°C ambient.
• High Intensity Discharge ballast, class H insulation, high
power factor, centered in housing for level orientation.
• Four computer designed reflector shapes. Each
reflector shape stamped with an “N”-narrow, “M”medium, “W”-wide, or “V”-very wide detail, to identify
light distribution pattern. Chemically brightened finish
for high reflectivity and clear anodized coating for
industrial durability or Straps with “Strap Lock” design
have stamped in position marking for precise positioning
of reflector in relation to the lamp, to accommodate
a variety of spacing criteria. Enclosed models (EG/EC/
ET) are not field adjustable, and are wattage & source
• Clear tempered Glass,Teflon, or Corning 73 lens options. Sealed to reflector in a removable lens assembly with a
gasket. Three tool less latches for easy lens installation
and removal.
• Porcelain, 4 kV pulse rated, Mogul base socket
lampholder with copper alloy nickel-plated screwshell. 5 kV pulse rated for 1000W HPS.
• Standard mounting with hook and cord or threaded
¼ turn hub for ¾” NPT mount. Available with a Low
Profile bracket where the ballast is mounted beside
optical assembly for unusual applications; Wall Mount
Arm available to allow mounting to virtually any vertical
• 'HT' High Temperature option includes mandatory
painted ballast housing (white standard, other finishes
available), plus a combination of insulation sheets, ballast
heat wedge & thermal compound spread on contacting
surfaces, and larger ballast housing depending on
wattage and source to meet the 65°C ambient.
• CSA Certified for Damp Locations
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Specifications are subject to change without notice.
SD0605 05/13 HEIGHT
Open Model
985 Narrow
25.8" - 29.5" [655-749mm]
20.9" [531mm]
986 Medium
26.2" - 29.3" [665-744mm]
20.9" [531mm]
987 Wide
26.6" - 29.2" [675-742mm]
20.9" [531mm]
988 Very Wide
26.0" - 27.5" [660-699mm]
20.9" [531mm]
Job Information
Job Name:
Cat. No.:
Performer Series
450 - 1000W
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Ordering inflormation
Explanation of catalog number: Example: 986P1000LXLFS-TG
98: Performer
Reflector Type:
5P= Narrow
6P = Medium
7P = Wide
8P= Very Wide
Lamp Wattage1:
450 = 450W
750 = 750W
875 = 875W
1000 = 1000W
Light Source:
MA= Metal Halide
PS = Pulse Start MH3
LX = High Pressure
Lamp Included:
L = Yes
Blank = No
1 MA (1000W); LX (750, 1000W); PS (450, 750, 875, 1000W)
2 For other housing finishes, consult factory for available colours & colour code.
3 600V not available in 1000W HPS (LX) – or any pulse start (PS) source.
4 Enclosed models are wattage & source dependant, and are not field adjustable.
5 Teflon lens is not a suitable lamp containment barrier, therefore open rated lamp must be used.
Blank = White
B = Black
G = Grey
Job Information
© 2013 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
SD0605 05/13 Voltage:
1 = 120V
2 = 208V
3 = 240V
4 = 277V
5 = 480V
6 = 347V
7 = 600V8
T = Tri-Tap
3C = 3’ Pre-wired 16/3 ST Cabtire w/
715 Open Hook
3CP= 3’ Pre-wired 16/3 ST cabtire w/715
Open Hook & 20A Twist-lock plug,
specify volts
AM = Automatic Quartz Socket & Relay
(Lamp Not Supplied)
EM = Auxiliary Quartz Socket Only; Dbl.
contact bayonet base, 150W Max.
FS = Single Line Fusing (120,277,347V)
QB = Quiet Ballast; Core & Coil encased
In Polyester Resin compound
HL = HiLo Switching System
WM= Wall Mount Arm
LP = Low Profile Mounting
DG = Duroglass Protective Lining on
EG = Clear Tempered Glass Lens Assy. 3
EC = Corning 73 Diffused Glass Lens
Assy. 3
ET = Teflon Lens Assy. 3, 4
LB = Less Ballast – Core/Coil Removed,
Housing Included
HT = High Ambient Temperature (65°C)
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