Radha Kund Seva


Radha Kund Seva
Radha Kund Seva
July 2012
This month celebrates the auspicious day of
Sanatana Goswami’s disappearance known as Guru
Purnima. Millions of people from all the surrounding
areas including Delhi, Gujarat, etc stream in to
honor Santana Goswami on this special day. Well
actually, most are in Govardhana to worship all
gurus at once in a jumble of big Guru Seva! But we’ll
give them credit for honoring Santana Goswami!
The bottom line is anyone who comes to
Govardhana and Radha Kunda is to be honored as
Sri Sri Radha’s and Krsna’s guests.
We were able to do two services that day, cleaning up after
the guests, and offer them water to drink. We had our water
supply set up to give drinking water for 17 hours of the hot
Our little water connection setup was greatly appreciated by
at least 10,000 people out of the several million that did
parikrama that day.
Next we visit Lalita Kund area. It is such a great relief when the rubbish is piled for cleaning, and then taken away.
Real stress relief! We don’t need pills!
Another little pile to the left. Lalita kund is again safe for
swimming and resting. (see turtle below)
Lalita Kund being cleaned by a wonderful devotee.
Working as a Radha Kund cleaner is life changing.
When we first took on this local boy as a cleaner, (right) we
were warned by some of the locals that we should not work
with him since he was rowdy and ill mannered. For the first
few weeks it was true, and we considered that going our
separate ways would be inevitable. But as time went on, he
gradually became gentle, polite, and cheerful. He has
become a genuine pleasure to be around.
Working hard and taking pride in cleaning for Srimati Radhika
is very rewarding!
Samadhis near Lalita Kund (top)
Path leading to Gaya Ghat (left)
You can see Gopi Kupa in the back ground.
The more we do, the more we can do! Once we get
an area fully cleaned and are able to do a little bit of
restoration, it is easy to keep on improving in small
ways that make a big difference.
The walk area here was just painted. (right)
Once an area is fully cleaned and painted, people are much less
likely to throw trash there.
A before shot (above)
The walls here next to the garden we maintain
were just painted. (right) and (below)
Please encourage your friends to join us in our service. There is so much more we can do!
We hope this update gives everyone some happiness!
Your servants,
Radha Kund Seva Walas!