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Document 6567447
Position Description
Position Details
Position Scope
Resource Management Accountant
Ambulance Victoria (Management and Administrative Staff)
Enterprise Agreement 2010
Specialist Services
Operational Resourcing & Business
Authority Level:
(As per Delegations & Authorities Manual)
Key Internal / External Contacts
Reports to (role):
Performance & Governance Specialist
Direct Reports:
Manager Operational Resourcing & Business, Manager
Management Accounting & Reporting, Management Accountant,
Manager Rosters, Fleet & Equipment, Divisional
Managers/General Managers, Business Managers
Department of Health (DH), consultants, other Health
Organisations (e.g. Hospitals), contractors
Primary Objective
This position is primarily responsible for the management and direction of AV’s (Metro and Rural) Financial Resource Management tool. This position will
perform a key role in the design, build and maintenance of AV’s Resource Management tool, providing strong financial analytical support to the business by
understanding problematic or sensitive areas, enabling AV to make informed decisions and improve business practice.
Commuted Availability Allowance
N/A – Not required to be available outside of ordinary working hours
Ambulance Victoria
Date of Issue: October 2014
Position Number: 040259
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Minimum Behaviours to be demonstrated: This role typically operates within the Tactical Delivery work level
(Refer to AV’s Behavioural Capability Framework for full details)
Providing Safety
Proactively identifies conditions that might cause health or safety hazards and takes action to remove such hazards.
Understands all aspects of providing a safe environment for patient, self, and/or others in crisis and communicates safety
expectations of team members.
Planning and Organising
Establishes courses of action for self and others to ensure that work is completed efficiently
Decision Making
Providing Patient and
Customer Excellence
Identifies and understands issues and opportunities.
Compares data from different sources to draw conclusions.
Uses effective approaches for choosing a course of action or developing appropriate solutions.
Takes action that is consistent with available facts, constraints and probable consequences.
Ensures that the patient and customer perspective, both internal and external, is a driving force behind business decisions and
Designs and implements service practices that meet patient, customers’ and own organisation’s needs.
Building Work
Develops and uses collaborative relationships to facilitate the accomplishment of work goals.
Conveying Key Messages
Listens and conveys key messages effectively to direct reports and others
Building a Successful Team
Continuous Improvement
Self Awareness
Optimism and Resilience
Uses appropriate methods and a flexible interpersonal style to help build a cohesive team.
Improves team capabilities and facilitates the completion of team goals.
Initiates actions to improve existing conditions and processes
Identifies improvement opportunities, generates ideas, and implements solutions.
Adopts a principled and professional approach to work and in own dealing with patients, colleagues, teams and stakeholders
Makes decisions without favouritism or bias and encourages others to do the same.
Demonstrates an awareness of own strengths and development needs and the impact of own behaviour on others.
Is open to feedback and opportunities to develop new capabilities and skills.
Demonstrates an optimistic outlook and positive attitude in the face of difficult or challenging situations.
Shows persistence and resilience to achieve work goals.
Maintains calm in stressful situations and when dealing with difficult people.
Equal Employment Opportunity
Understand, support and adhere to the principles covered in the AV Workplace Respect Policy
Lead by example in the promotion and implementation of EEO principles
Occupational Health & Safety
Understand, observe and adhere to all safe working procedures and maintain safe work practices
Ambulance Victoria
Date of Issue: October 2014
Position Number: 040259
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Key Deliverables
(Achieving satisfactory
outcomes through delivering
high standards of customer
service and patient care)
(Improving efficiency or quality
of work processes or services)
Ambulance Victoria
Operate as a key contact for financial and operational aspects of the Resource Management project, providing stakeholders
with recommendations and commentary for areas that raise concerns due to a range of reasons including poor performance,
external scrutiny, strategic risk, forthcoming opportunities, or changes in the external or internal climate
Establish key working groups and conduct workshops and interviews with appropriate stakeholders, collating data for analysis
and providing recommendations to address underlying issues, including quantification of the costs and benefits associated
with each solution as appropriate
Provide formal and regular communication regarding the status of the project, progressively presenting findings to
stakeholders, being transparent about challenges faced and monitoring the completion of activities within agreed timelines
Liaise with stakeholders to provide technical advice regarding the mechanics of the model and contribute operational input to
priority discussions as required
Work with various areas of the business to ensure the Resource Model incorporates a greater focus on workforce planning
over a five year period
Assist with ad-hoc projects and reports as required
Assist in the development of technical business process maps and documentation of the full end to end Resource Model build
process with particular attention to operational processes
Develop a methodology and suite of tools to dissect, analyse and communicate underlying issues, providing a ‘diagnosis’ for
reported financial symptoms
Proactively identify areas that may need further analysis / investigation
Assist in the redesign and automation of the AV Resource Management tool, liaising with various areas of the business to
enable a more efficient and effective resource management tool that improves AV’s financial and operational decision making
Manage and maintain the structure and formula’s within the Automated AV Resource Model when developed including
collation and input of financial data, scenario modelling, performance of ad hoc checks to ensure calculations are correct and
presentation of results to stakeholders
Develop links with Financial, Payroll, Rostering and time sheet recording systems in order to streamline and improve
information needs
Maintain and Enhance reporting systems to allow actual data to be compared to budgeted information
Conduct robust analysis of results to ensure that the Resource Model built, manipulation and scenario modelling make
numerical sense, and investigate the accuracy of underlying calculations where results seem inconsistent or unusual
Actively participate in change and continuous improvement activities to enhance the quality and effectiveness of the Resource
Management tool or systems that it relies on
Perform data validation and build ongoing testing mechanisms to ensure that key data inputs are reliable and credible
Date of Issue: October 2014
Position Number: 040259
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(Driving value in areas such as
management or conservation of
resources. These include goals
that relate to effective
management of finances,
equipment, property, assets or
(Enhancing the ability of people
to perform their roles and
building a great place to work)
Ambulance Victoria
Working collaboratively with key stakeholders to identify and assist with the development of streamlined processes in the
development of the annual resource model
Key contact to assist in the lodgement of operational demand bids
Work with the business to plan and deliver the operational input for the AV forecast process
Represent the Resourcing function on working groups with a view to improving and collaborating for improved data
governance and reporting
Undertake self-education to continually improve technical and personal skills
Educate business areas in the inputs, functions and outputs of the Resource Management tool
Date of Issue: October 2014
Position Number: 040259
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Qualifications &
Skills &
Minimum Selection Criteria
Desirable selection criteria
Significant Accounting experience supported by a tertiary qualification in Accounting and
relevant professional membership
Previous Public Sector
Knowledge of payroll, accounting and costing systems
Previous management accounting experience
Interpersonal and influencing skills to gain the acceptance and support of ideas, cooperation of
others, and the ability to modify styles and techniques to accommodate tasks, situations and
Understanding of Project
Management tools
Attention to detail using appropriate checking processes to ensure information is recorded
Well developed conceptual, analytical and problem solving skills to enable the identification of
issues and the judgement to determine appropriate courses of action for achieving long-range
organisational goals
Strong financial analysis skills
High level of integrity to ensure professional standards are maintained at all times and that
confidential issues are handled sensitively
Manager: Operational Resourcing & Business
Ambulance Victoria
General Manager: Specialist Services
Date of Issue: October 2014
Position Number: 040259
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