Willie Hamblen
Julia C. Floyd
The ECHOs, They Are A Changin'
Beginning with the Winter issue, the ECHO will be sent
to your email on record at Civitan International
To ensure you receive it, everyone should update their email at
International as needed!
For many of you, this is a move which you have been asking
October 2014
the District to make for years. You already appreciate the privilegInside this Issue
es of email communication – speed of delivery, color, ease of storChanges
Old to New…………...1
age, and very low cost.
From Governor Hamblen………2
For the District, it will mean the ability to send a FULL COLOR IC Cruise Group……..…………..2
ECHO inexpensively and quickly to members. This will free up thou- Ed’s Comments...….……..…..…3
Youth Leadership Report……...3
sands of dollars in print and mailing expenses to be used in other
areas of service and keep your dues the lowest in International! The District Convention Photos…...4
Tuscumbia Club…………...…....5
District leadership will be able to keep you better informed of ALL
Photos around the District……6
the activities around the District – on a moments notice.
Registration Form, Postcard....7
For those who do not have access to email, the Governor has Leadership Team Roster…..….7
Creed and Gadsden Club..…...8
provided a means for you to continue receiving the printed ECHO.
Just fill out and mail in the form located later in this issue confirming
Editor: Ruth Walker
your lack of email and your correct mailing address.
P O Box 417
Boaz, AL. 35957
Dear Alabama North Civitans,
[email protected]
Publisher: Oran Tyler
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! If you are sitting down – get up and start dancing. It is time
1506 Chestnut Grove Drive, SW
to do a “Happy Dance” because we are looking forward to the best year ever for
Decatur, AL 35603
Alabama District North.
[email protected]
We are continuing to stress the “HAPPY” acrostic with emphasis on club retenThanks to: Oran for all his
tion and growth, asking new members to join. Preparing and Planning are of utwork with publishing the
most importance if our clubs are to be interesting and attractive to new members. Of course, the
youth component is the future of Civitan.
As Civitans We Must:
Hold on to and grow existing clubs.
Ask new members to join and build new clubs.
Prepare to recommit to our flagship project, The Civitan International Research Center.
Plan for the future by creating and implementing a 5-year plan for the club, for the district.
Youth are the future of Civitan and we must embrace them.
I am so very proud of Happy Alabama District North. Let me know what you are doing and we will join you for your events and
celebrate your successes with you.
You have a very HAPPY Governor!
Julia C. Floyd, Governor Alabama District North Civitan
Page 2
News from your Governor
During the next several weeks, it will be important that club leaders from 2013-2014 be diligent to
fill out the applications for Honor Club. We have until
Dec. 31 to calculate and to supply the list of accomplishments of the clubs. Many clubs have done the
things necessary to be Honor Club, but do not submit
the application. The work is not completed until the
It was a wonderful year in so many ways. Thanks for allow- paperwork is done…..It’s not over yet. Be sure to
ing me to serve as governor of ALABAMA DISTRICT NORTH. It was submit those applications and if I can help, let me
fun, challenging, and (overall) ….rewarding. We did some things
know. Our district honors also depend on the clubs
right. We had some successes. There is room for growth and imhaving been successful and the honor club applicaprovement.
tions are the proof of those successes.
I was able to achieve the goal of visiting all clubs at least
You know I tend to “go on” but time is up. Now, go
once. I visited some clubs multiple times. In the end, almost all
on doing good, support Julia Floyd and her leaderclubs are healthy. A few need special help to grow. A team is in
ship as we move forward to accomplish all we can for
place to work to assist these who need help. I believed that person- the sake of others.
al attention to each club was important. Clubs seemed to agree as
Thanks again, it was (as they say) “A great ride”.
they welcomed the visits.
The goal to achieve a net increase of 350 members seemed
WHamblen, past Gov.
to be a bit ambitious. However, it does seem that we will ultimately
have gained about 117 (as per Ed Higdon) new members. That was
accomplished, in spite of losing one club that was desperate when
the year began. Near the end of the year, three new clubs were
born, off-setting what would have been a negative net growth.
Thanks to all who made those clubs come to being. There were
also four new Jr. Civitan clubs that were chartered in our district
during the year. One more almost occurred. Several prospective
clubs that we were working to develop at the end of the year may
yet come in our next year.
As for onions, we did not reach my goal of 3,000 more bags
sold than the previous year. However, we did sell near 1,600 more
than before and more clubs are selling than before, plus goals in the
individual clubs are increasing their orders this year.
Governor Willie and Betty at
I enjoyed our district convention and hope you did. It was a
International Convention
goal of mine to be sure that all district meetings were interesting,
lively, and worthwhile. I hope you found them to be so. Attendance
at all meetings was good and our board members were exemplary in
attending the meetings faithfully, especially. It was noted and appreciated. Good people, good work!
Continue to be ‘Hometown
Heros’ by being a
’HAPPY’ Civitan!
Page 3
Thanks to the district and to all individuals who
encouraged, donated and voted for my candidacy for President Elect of Civitan. We lost in
what we hope was a close vote but we lost regardless. We ran a campaign on character, dependability and determination. The opposition
had the voters and got them there to vote. We
wish her the best and will support her when she
is installed. Let's get behind Jay and his team
grow Civitan. We are growing Internationally
but not at home. The membership looks good
but it will eventually impact our finances, if we
do not get serious about North American membership. Our leadership is aware of the needs
of North America to grow. Let's finish with a
Below is Dr. Bob Walden installing officers at
Cherokee County Civitan September 15th.
Ed Higdon
C # 256-565-5207
At the N. AL District for Civitans Convention, Frankie Trammell along with one of the students who attended the 56 thAnnualNationalLeadership Forum at Harding University
in Searcy, ARK reported on the 2014 trip in June.
The student, Keturah Lovejoy who attends Sparkman High
School and sponsored by South Huntsville Civitans spoke to the
Convention about what a learning experience it is for students to
attend the NLF and thanked everyone for allowing her to attend.
The largest number of students attended this year, 45 students
along with chaperones Cameron Kay from Tuscumbia Civitans
and Frankie Trammell from Cherokee County Civitans, the chair
for NLF.
There were 27 Civitan Clubs across North Alabama who participated this year with 6 clubs sponsoring students from other areas.
The total cost of the trip this year (2014) was $11,350 but the
income was also $11,350 from the $250 per student so the trip
did not cost the District.
Frankie asked clubs to budget the $250 for them to sponsor
students to attend in 2015. The trip is always the first Sunday in
June through that Friday.
Her contact for any questions is:
Frankie Trammell
675 County Road 449
Centre, AL 35960
256-490-7652 (cell)
Gov. Willie installing Community
of Boaz officers for
2014-2015 at the
annual picnic at the
home of Reba
Community of Boaz Civitan’s President, Tom Westmoreland and Firefighter of the Year, Blake Willett,
along with Captain Garmany of the Boaz Fire Department shown at annual picnic in Sept. This is an
annual honor for Firefighter and Policeman who are
chosen by their co-workers.
Page 4
District Convention 2014
Left: Past Governor
Right: Top Coin
Box Collectors,
Jeannie and
Lower right: The
Civitan Club of the
Randy Harvell is sharing how our new ECHO will be in the
near future. He needs email addresses for each member. This will
allow the district to save printing
and postage. All emails have been
submitted for the Florence Civitan
Club. How about your club?
Our ‘Onion Project’ Chair, C K Nolen is shown as he shares the
information on our last Onion Order. We were just a little below
our goal for 2013-14 but this remains the most profitable revenue
for our District.
Get your clubs ready to sell more
onions for
and our
‘$$$$$$’ will
be better
for clubs
and district.
Upper: New President’s Council members.
Saturday morning business session and the
‘Fruitcake’ awards for last year.
Below: Friday night ‘Faster than a bullet’, Lt. Col. R.
Edward Yeilding, Ret.. And Neal White of the new
Birdie Thornton Club, singing the National Anthem.
Page 5
Sept. 4– Betty Hamblen
reported on International
Gov. Willie Hamblen and
Cameron Kay with members
of the Young Professional
Civitan Club
Willie Hamblen
presided over the
Installation ceremony
for new officers
and new members
at the banquet on
September 25th
September 2014
Harold Lewis, President
Daniel Rosser and Sam
On Sept. 11, Mr. Lewis and
Mr. Brentnall challenged us
to support the good work of
Shoals Scholar Dollars.
This club makes a
donation to
Meals On Wheels
Regina Wright, Civitan of The Year
Daniel Rosser passes the
gavel to our new president , Fred Joly.
New Members and Officers for new year.
Page 6
Hodge Podge
Kathy Blades and the Junior Officers.
If you want to know
about any of the photos, call one of the Civitans and chat with
them to learn what they
do to help their clubs
and our district. Be a
Hometown Hero.
Frankie Trammell and Keturah Lovejoy
Another reCI
minder that
Bob RobinChanging.
Randy had a
sharing info
display of
copies thru
the years to
let us see
(Look at the
how the
patches on
has changed
for each issue.
2014-2015 Officer Training in Huntsville
International President Bob Robinson with
wife, Wendy at District Convention.
2014-2015 Officer Training in Decatur
Saturday night
installation of
officers and
Gov. Willie
with Past Intl.
President , Dr.
Bobbie Walden
and International President, Bob Robinson.
Area 3, trip to CIRC
on 9-5-15
Far left: Dr. Ian Kimbrough
with Stanley and Kathy.
Left to right: Allison Appleby, Wilda McCrutcheon, Cathy Muir, Megan
Gibson, Faye Gibson,
Kathy Clark, Angie Dubois
and Stanley Clark.
Page 7
Leadership Team for 2014-2015
Julia C. Floyd
Governor Elect
Walt Floyd
Immediate Past Governor
Willie Hamblen
Past Governor Director
Ric Moore
Junior Civitan Governor
Shelbie Runions
Junior Civitan Deputy Gov.
Leah Gunderman
Judge Advocate
Dr. Bob Walden
JoAnne Walls
Warren Blades
Randy Baker
Sergeant -At -Arms
Bob Bright
Area 1 Director
Halie Sherer
Area 2 Director
Barbara Burhans
Area 3 Director
Dr. Kathy Clark
Area 4 Director
Billy Boyd
Area 5 Director
Paul Emerson
Area 6 Director
Rita Shaw
Area 7 Director
Judy Boike
Area 8 Director
Cameron Kay
Area 9 Director
Kala Grice
Area 10 Director
Janice Moebes
Area 11 Director
Randy Baker
Ed Higdon
Elizabeth McDowell
Leadership Development
Randy Harvell
Policies & Procedure Chair
Jim McKemy
Policies & Procedure Committee Charles Lawson & Randy Harvell
Civitan Intl. Liaison
Willie Hamblen
Junior Civitan Chair
Kathy Blades
Essay Contest Chair
Dr. Nancy Horton
Awards Chair
Donna Grice
Revenue Chair (Fruitcake,Candy & Coin Boxes)
Ann Edwards
Revenue-Onions Sales
CK Nolen
Youth Leadership
Frankie Trammell
YP/Campus Civitan Chair
Amy Higdon
Dr. Bobbie Walden
District Directory
Dr. Lynn Jetton
ECHO Editor
Ruth Walker
ECHO Publisher
Walt Floyd
PR Coordinator/Webmaster
O. E. ‘Cruiser’ Small
Training Coordinator
Fran Bright
Convention Coordinator
Frances Moore
I do NOT have access to email
To receive the Color Civitan
Please send me the printed
Randy Harvell
5712 Tannahill Circle
Huntsville, AL 35802
Fill out name and address above.
Place this form in an envelope.
Use the address on the right ans
Mail before Nov. 31, 2014.
Save the Dates!
District Board Meeting: Nov. 1, 2014, Gur Hunt Library in
Holly Pond.
District Wide Meeting: Jan. 24, 2015, Rainbow City Community Center, 3704 Rainbow Drive, Rainbow City, AL 35906.
District Wide Meeting: April 18, 2015, Cullman Church of
Christ, 4345 AL Hwy 157, Cullman, AL 35055.
District Convention: Friday Aug. 21-Saturday Aug. 22, 2015
Holiday Inn at Research Park, 5903 University Drive in
Huntsville, AL 35806
Please add dates to your calendar for the new year!
January 24, 2015 District Wide Meeting
Rainbow City Community Center
3704 Rainbow Drive
Rainbow City, AL 35906
Reservation Form
Club Representative Name: _____________________________
*please bring at least one door prize
Other Attendee names:
Reservations and Payment are expected by
send this form and a check made to Alabama District North
to the District treasurer:
Warren Blades
122 Waterchase Drive
Huntsville, AL 35806
Each club will be billed for one or two attendees according to membership if not paid upon
Registration. Plan to be at this meeting, I hear the food will be great.
Governors: Willie Hamblen
433 North Wood Avenue
Florence, AL 35630
The Civitan Creed
I AM CIVITAN: as old as life, as young as the rainbow, as
endless as time.
MY HANDS do the work of the world and reach out in service to others.
MY EARS hear the cry of children and the call throughout
the world for peace, guidance, progress, and unity.
MY EYES search for others to join in the fellowship and
service of Civitan.
MY MOUTH utters the call to daily duty and speaks prayers in every tongue.
MY MIND teaches me respect for law and the flag
of my country.
MY HEART beats for every friend, bleeds for every injury
to humanity and throbs with joy at every triumph of truth.
MY SOUL knows no fear but its own unworthiness.
MY HOPE is for a better world through Civitan.
MY MOTTO: builders of good citizenship.
MY BELIEF: do unto others as you would have them
do unto you.
MY PLEDGE: to practice the Golden Rule
and to build upon it a better and nobler citizenship.
New officers: Secretary Ray Hutchison;
Treasurer Jannette
McGriff; President Jim
Prucnal; Sgt. At Arms
E.L. Longshore; not
pictured, PresidentElect Kent Henslee.
Dr. Bob Walden receiving the
Civitan of The Year
From left to right: Bob
Walden, Dr. Bobbie
Walden, Past Gov.
Willie Hamblen, Tom

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