Winter 2014 - Pacolet Area Conservancy


Winter 2014 - Pacolet Area Conservancy
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December 2014
“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in,
where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” - John Muir
PAC Ends 2014 with Two Additional Land Protection Projects
PAC is proud to announce that two more properties
have been forever preserved.
Manfred and Christel Walter are no strangers
to PAC. They both have been involved ever since moving to the Mill Spring area in 2002. Christel has served on
committees and the PAC board. The two, originally from
Germany, have a strong land ethic. To say they know every
square inch of their land is to put it mildly. They walk their
ninety acres frequently looking for plants, mushrooms, and
new discoveries. Manfred is quite a good carpenter and
has built benches and footbridges in many places.
The couple first developed a Forest Stewardship Plan, with the help of the Polk County Stewardship
Committee. Then, earlier this year, they called PAC about
protecting their land with a conservation easement. “Preserving the land through a conservation easement was
simply the next step to make sure that our wishes will be
adhered to and that our role as caretakers will continue as
our legacy for future generations,” says Christel.
The property is composed of a maturing hardwood
forest mixed with pine. The property straddles the Green
River and protects both sides of the River for approximately
1,200 feet.
“We knew that writing a conservation easement
is a process that should not be taken lightly and requires
that all parties work together diligently. We found that Pam
PAC’s Pam Torlina, left, with Manfred and Christel Walter,
signing the conservation easement documents.
Ann Allen tends some plants on her property in Columbus,
where she recently protected it through a conservation
easement with PAC.
Torlina, PAC’s Director of Stewardship and Land Protection, was always responsive to our questions and wishes,
offered suggestions to help clarify our thoughts and helped
us come up with solutions. It was a pleasure working with
PAC because its goal ‘saving the places you love’ is evident
in the staff’s professionalism and true commitment to go out
and get it done.”
Ann S. Allen donated a conservation easement on
8.18 acres of her farm on Collinsville Road in Columbus.
The parcel is located near five other properties already protected by PAC, which makes the preservation project even
more significant.
Located in the North Pacolet River watershed,
the property is a maturing forest along Hooper Creek and
Meeks Creek. Protection of this area will provide and insure
a riparian buffer to both of these waterways forever – nearly
1500 feet along Hooper Creek and about 400 feet on
Meeks Creek. The property has a nice diversity of native
plants, providing a natural greenway, habitat for terrestrial
and aquatic wildlife, and enhancing the natural experience
for users of an equestrian trail system.
As with all of the conservation easements that the
land trust holds, PAC will follow up with the Walters and Ms.
Allen on an annual basis to monitor the land and ensure its
long-term protection.
PAC Officers and
Board of Directors
Elizabeth “Dibbit” Lamb, President
Renée McDermott, Vice-President
Babs Strickland, Secretary
Jay H. Davies, Treasurer
Carole Bartol, Immediate Past President
Steve King
Alan Leonard
Gerald Pack
Janet Peterson
Ford Smith PAC Staff
Mary Arrington Walter,
Executive Director
Pam Torlina, Director of Stewardship
and Land Protection
Debra Hansborough, Office Assistant
Susan Kelley, Office Volunteer
Gretchen Verbonic, Office Volunteer
The mission of the Pacolet Area
Conservancy is to protect and
conserve natural resources with
emphasis on the lands and
waterways with scenic,
ecological and agricultural
significance in the North Pacolet
and Green River watersheds.
PAC has helped protect over
8,530 acres of our area’s
valuable natural resources.
PAC holds conservation
easements on 54 protected
properties and owns 25 properties.
PAC is responsible for
monitoring 66 easements annually,
7 of which are held by the state of
North Carolina and one which is
held by The Nature Conservancy.
Dear PAC members and supporters,
It is with sadness that I rotate off the
Board of Directors, and step down as
President of PAC at the end of December.
And it is with a clear feeling that PAC has
accomplished a lot in my two years as
president; not all or even mostly due to
me, but due to the hard work and dedication of many people, especially the office
staff and volunteers.
I will not be leaving PAC altogether; I
will stay on as a member of several committees, and will be active volunteering
and assisting at activities.
I would like to take this opportunity
to thank you all for your support of PAC,
and hope that you will look for ways to
increase your help, whether financially,
with hours volunteered or with activities
Please keep reminding your friends
and neighbors of PAC, since without PAC,
there would be fewer of ‘the places we
love’, and the rural character that drew
many of us to the area would disappear.
Elizabeth “Dibbit” Lamb
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regrettably, occur. We apologize and ask you to bring it to our attention by calling our office, 828-859-5060 or writing
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Memberships and Donations January through December 15, 2014
Watershed Society
David and Sue Mullen
Bailey and Elizabeth Nager
$5000 and above
Nature’s Storehouse
Dr. Gillian Newberry
The Estate of Margaret M. Bennett
Ron and Mary Ostheim
Janet Chapman
Owen’s Pharmacy
Pacolet Milliken Enterprises
Gary and Jean Snipes
Polk County Community Foundation
Guy and Lisa Spriggs
Bob and Barbara Strickland
Stott’s Ford
Mary Walker, Haskell Fund
Timken Steel
Fred and Belynda Veser
River Society
Manfred and Christel Walter
Mary Arrington Walter
Robert and Lisa Bezzeg
David and Daryl Nelms
Tributary Society
Lake Society
Bonnie Brae Veterinary Hospital
Roger Clifton
Steve and Marie King
James F. Matthews
James and Renee McDermott
Bob Tobey and Donna Martin
Laurence Wassong
Wells Fargo Advisors, Tryon
Creek Society
John and Cindy Boyle
Maude Carr
Jeff and Sherry Carter
Jay and Zora Davies
Duke Energy-Shelby
First Citizen’s Bank
Hertha Flack
Delores Lastinger
Lee and Connie Lomax
Walt and Jo Myers
Norcross Wildlife Foundation
Vic Bailey Imports, Inc.
Stream Society
Chris and Carole Bartol
Tim and Lucy Brannon
Thomas R. Cadier
Donna Cart
William and Tammy Coleman
Elizabeth Dicey
Iain Fitch
William and Kathy Gruhn
Harmony Motors
Dale and Patricia Holl
Nancy Holmes
Jim Hostetter
Nancy Hudson
Edward Jones, Columbus office
Lisa Krolak
Dibbit Lamb
W J and Elizabeth Laughridge
Alan and Susan Leonard
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Dalon and Ann Bass
Susan Bennett
Joe and Denise Boals
Larry and Gretchen Boyd
Mrs. Robert Bundy
Peggy Burke
Janet Connell
Eleanor Cox
Marion Crounse
Camilla Dick
Bernard G. Drummond Fund
Gillian Drummond
Mark and Jane Eden
Donald and Phyllis Eifert
Patricia Gass
Rosemary Gerstenberger
Paul and Sidney Gooding
Larry Greenspon
Marta Hanson
Molly Harrison
Brevard Henry
J W and Frances Hillhouse
Susan I. Hunt
Ron and Jill Katalinich
Elaine Jenkins and Bruce Fritz
Rick and Susan Kelley
Jim Kelly
Rebecca P. Kennedy
Ruediger and Ehrengard Koch
Joyce Lamb
Laura Ledford
Donald and Jean Lessig
Shirley Lovely
George and Wanda May
J. Mark and Carol McCall
Janet Peterson
Jean Pettigrew
Norm Powers
Joseph C. and Alberta Phayer
Field Russell
Frank and Iva Rymer
Robert Seller
Hank and Sandy Sibley
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Smythe
R. Paul Spanjer
St. Luke’s Hospital
Ivey and Jim Sumrell
Randy and Suzy Thrasher
Gloria Underwood
Peter and Kim Weinheimer
Brad Whitney
Bonnie Wood
Brook Society
Wayne and Phyllis Ackerman
Jay and Cornelia Alexander
Jeanne Brittingham
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Phil and Marcia Burrus
Mark and Linda Byington
Isabel Child
John and Alice Claggett
Lee and Jeaneen Cobourn
David and Sky Conard
Shelley Dayton and Michael Gron
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Joni Fielding & John Scales
Shields and Frances Flynn
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Clyde and Doris Kaericher
Patrick Kennedy
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Harry and Martha Love
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Jon and Judy Matheis
Fred Matthews
Jack and Barbara McEwan
Bob and Nancy McKinstry
Marion and JoAnn McMillan
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Saving the places you love
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It’s not too late
to make a tax
donation to PAC
PAC’s hikes were very popular this year and Pam is
planning our Spring Hikes now. The first one will be
in late February, so watch for those dates and places!
Please let us know if you are not receiving our e-blasts
by calling the office and giving us your e-mail address.
A tax-deductible contribution to PAC can be
a wonderful way to honor or remember your
friends and loved ones. To make an honorarium
or memorial gift, or a holiday gift, just give
us a call at 828-859-5060. PAC will notify the
person(s) of your gift with a lovely card.
Nature Education Programs return again!
Anne Elizabeth Suratt Nature Center
at Walnut Creek Preserve
Cynthia Terwilliger will present a program Saturday, Jan.
10th at 10:30, highlighting her spectacular photography.
She says, “When the temperatures are below freezing
for a few nights and the daytime temperatures hover
nearby — magic happens. “Carpe diem” is an imperative
when searching out winter waterfalls. Here in Western
North Carolina our days below freezing can come and go
quickly. Seize the moment. What you see will melt away
and that special moment will never come again in exactly
the same way.”
PAC and Foothills Humane Society partnered for a 7-mile hike
along the Green River Cove Trail recently. It was enjoyed by
the dogs AND the people walking them. We will definitely plan
another pooch/person outing!