Principal’s Report



Principal’s Report
Principal’s Report
19th Nov 2014
2015 Staffing
I am pleaed to announce that our new Deputy rincipal from 2015 to 2020 i Ryan Hanan
+ther ,nown poion at thi point areYear 1/2 Cla – Tania (06) and Heather Yate (04)
Week 7
Fri 28/11
R-5 RE Seminar
Year 2/ Cla – Elie Graymore (06) and Belinda McGilvray (04)
Year 4/5 Cla – Anita Bealehole
Week 8
Middle School Science / HASS – Anita Kelin
Thurs 4/12
oion ll to :e ;nalied –
R- reentaon 100
Fri 5/12
Middle / Senior School Art / Enlih
reentaon Niht
VET Coordinator
Week 9
Aitant rincipal rimary
Wed 10/12
Rec Excurion
Year 4/5 Cla
Thurs 11/12
May:e another teachin poion to :ac, ;ll leaderhip
Lat day of School
ngratuans r ngdn
It wa reat to hear that the contri:uon that Andrew ha made to the
development of our youn people’ foot:all ,ill wa ac,nowleded on the
wee,end He a>ended a ala preentaon in Adelaide to receive the A?L School
Am:aador Award Many of our teacher contri:ute to our tudent outide of
chool hour and it’ reat when that i reconied
Well done Andrew!
Bus Trave Access
Acce to chool :ue i a priority for chool tudent and children oin to Kindy can travel on
the :ue if there are eat availa:le ?or afety reaonB children who a>end +ccaional CareB
Rural Care or other type of ervice offered at the Kindy other than rechool are not elii:le to :e on the :u
and will not :e iven acce It ha come to our a>enon that ome youner children have :een on :ue thi
year and thi i now to top Apoloie to any familie that thi may inconvenience
Parent Surveys
Than, you to thoe 15 parent who have reponded to our urvey on Survey Mon,ey If you haven’t yet done oB
pleae do it :efore ?riday next wee, – 28th Novem:er Your opinion are valued and we do ue thi informaon
in our forward plannin The lin, i on our ?ace:oo, pae and we:ite The urvey can :e found at
h>p-//wwwurveymon,eycom//CW5GB2N or a hard copy can :e collected from the front office leae let
Fune or Kerri ,now if you would li,e a hard copy ent home
Adut Ficn
usic amp
Lat wee, mem:er of our chool :and travelled to Melroe to
parcipate in a camp and larer :and with tudent from Roe
ar, and Sturt Street rimary School in Adelaide They all met
at the Willochra Camp ite on Tueday and reheared piece
that they had all :een pracin in their individual chool for
ome me The com:ined ound of o many youn people
playin percuionB woodwindB ,ey:oard and vocal wa
fantac The tudent travelled to +rroroo Area School on
Wedneday and performed there Hue than, you to Mr
Davidon for inially eKn the rant to ma,e thi poi:le and
then to oranie the whole camp Alo to Mr Lana Shadwell
and Mr Ellie Lam:ell for helpin with uperviion and :u
drivin I wa reminded of the power of muic to :uild ,illB
con;dence and networ, for our tudent and wa privileed to
:e part of thi
‘Leavin Time’ :y Fodi icoult
‘Gray Mountain’ :y Fohn Griham
‘The Ecape’ :y David Baldacci
‘The Silent Sea’ :y Clive Culer
‘Spartan Gold’ :y Clive Culer
‘The Wrec,er’ :y Clive Culer
‘Blood Maic,’ :y Nora Ro:ert
‘+ur Kind of Love’ :y Victoria urman
‘Meant to Be’ :y ?iona McCallum
hidren$s Ficn
‘The Brilliant World of Tom Gate’ :y Liz ichon
‘Smiley Shar, & the Great Bi Hiccup’ :y Ruth Galloway
‘Killer Specie’ :y Michael Spradlin
‘Caear the War Do’ :y Stephen Dando-Collin
‘Space Mice Alien Ecape’ :y Geronimo Slton
CheerB Ro:yn
‘Gooe:ump Mot Wanted’ :y R L Sne
‘+ne Niht’ :y enny Ma>hew
Bus Driver – Wicherry Bus Run
Frm the cmmencement f the 2015 sch year.
‘Go to Sleep Feie’ :y Li::y Gleeon
‘Mix it up’ :y Herve Tullet
‘Li>le Do and the Chritma Wih’ :y Corinne ?enton
Applicaon are called for thi poion in wrin directed to the
rincipalB Mr Ro:yn Wohlin
‘Santa’ Buy Reindeer’ :y Ed Allen
‘There wa an +ld Blo,e who Swallowed a reent’ :y Crum:le
‘+nce Jpon a Chritma’ :y BeaKe Alvarez
+ne pae applicaon tan previou drivin experience with
:ue or lare vehicle and / or any role wor,in or
volunteerin with youn people
leae provide copie of driver’ licence includin Driver
Accreditaon and DCSI Criminal Hitory Chec, Cer;caon +R
tated intenon to have thee in place :efore commencement of
‘The Twelve Day of Chritma’ :y Alion Fay
‘Tea and Suar Chritma’ :y Fane Folly
%n Ficn
‘Lat Woman Haned’ :y Caroline +verinton
‘9 Thin-A :ac, to Baic Guide to Calm arenn’ :y Maie Dent
‘Top Do-A cele:raon of reat Autralian wor,in do’ :y Anela Goode
‘Iniht Guide – Vietnam’
‘1000 Aweomely Gro & Diun ?act’ :y Grace Harvey
?urther detail availa:le from Ro:ynB Fune or Kerri 862M20M4
‘Autralia’ Mot Deadly’ :y Karen McGhee
‘Ancient Eypt’ :y Finny Fohnon
Library Report
‘Explorer lanet Earth’ :y Daniel Gilpin
‘Lonely lanet’ – Bet in Travel 2015’
‘uhin the Limit’ :y Kurt ?earnley
Reading Group
‘22 Fump Street’ with Channin Tatum & Fonah Hill
The Reading Group met on Monday 17th November to discuss the
book ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ by Erich Maria Remarque.
The book was a stark reminder this year is the 100 year anniversary
of the beginning of WW1. book.
‘Safe Haven’ with Foh Duhamel & Fulianne Houh
‘ALer Earth’ with Will Smith & Faden Smith
‘eppa i – Cold Winter Day’
2015 School Fees
The reading group will start reading books that have been
nominated from the People’s Choice Awards, beginning with ‘The
First Week’ by Margaret Merrilees. They will then be able to vote The school’s Finance Committee and Governing Council would like
on their favourite The next meeting will be held on the 8th to set 2015 School Fees at the following amounts.
December and will be the last one for the year.
R – 5 students to be charged $295, and Year 6 – 12 students $345.
Baby Bounce and Rhyme Time
DECD has approved and watermarked the notice of charge for
th Reception – Year 5 and Year 6 – Year 12. Copies of these notices are
Baby Bounce and Rhyme Time will be held on Thursday 20
November at 10:30. All welcome. Reading, talking, singing and included in this newsletter.
playing with children helps their developing brains make the
necessary connections for future learning and wellbeing and also The Kimba Area School Governing Council will be approving these
helps develop skills, imagination and creativity that will build a charges at its next meeting on Monday 8 December. Parents are
strong foundation for future development. Love to see lots of welcome to put any concerns in writing to the Council Chairman
parents, grandparents and children attend the last Baby Bounce for Scott Francis, or to attend the meeting and have a say in this decision.
Janine Inglis, on behalf of the Finance Committee
School Holiday Opening Times
Closed between Christmas and New Year
Library will open Tuesday, January 7th 2015
Tuesday – Friday 10.15am – 12.30pm
1.00pm – 4.30pm
Therese, Katrin, Lisa and Jodi
50th Celebrations Booklet
The second and final order for the booklets
have arrived. If you reserved your copy
please come and visit us and collect.
Thursday 27th November
1.30pm (new time)
In Library
Please come along and consider membership
of this important committee for our school.
P&F primary role is a fundraising organisation
for the benefit of the school. We also have
committee members representing the group
on various school committees, an important
way to have a parental voice.
There are a number of committee members
retiring this year and we really need fresh
Look forward to seeing you
1M/11 Ryan Andrew
18/11 Fac,on Foyce
Career Road Show, Tues 9th December
18/11 Lu,e Willmo>
(An initiative from our recent business information evening)
18/11 Lucy Lehmann
22/11 Nathan ?ranci
We are looking for interested businesses to host a visit by our Yr 9
students to provide details of what your business does in regards to
the actual work and any other positions within your business
involved with the running and management.
28/11 Heath Wood
Please contact Andrew Congdon for more information
22/11 Georia Lienert
On the 3rd of September my Dad and I headed down to Adelaide
for SAPSASA Golf for my third year in a row. We headed out to
Highercombe Golf Club and I had a lesson with Shannon Scott.
After that we headed into
Adelaide and went to the place
we were staying with two people
we knew from Pinnaroo in a unit
in North Plympton.
The next day we headed to
Drummond golf driving range
and hit a few balls. Then we
went to the Executive par 66
course and I played in the
qualifying round to get into the
championship round on the main
course. I shot 70 off the stick and
qualified about middle of the field. We went to The Watermark
for tea with the people we were staying with and stuffed ourselves
with food!
The next morning we had our team excursion and we went to
Bowland in Marion, Bella won the girls and Dustin won the boys.
On Tuesday afternoon we played against Lower Eyre Peninsula
which we had a lot of close games but lost 13-5.
On Wednesday morning we played Onkaparinga South and got
smashed 17-1. We played Lower South East and were beaten 15-3.
That night Mitchell and Thomas were lucky enough to go to the
T20 cricket – Australia vs South Africa at Adelaide Oval.
Thursday morning we played Southern Yorke Peninsula and again
were thrashed 17-1. In the afternoon we played North Eastern and
won 14-4! We were very happy with this result and it meant that
we couldn’t win the wooden spoon!
On Friday morning we played Southern and had a good game but
lost 12-6. We all improved heaps during the week and all of the
kids would like to thank Di Eatts for being our coach for the week,
also our parents for taking us.
Thomas Klingberg
The next morning we went to the Adelaide Shores Golf Course’s
driving range before we teed off. On the first 9 holes I had had 49
which is fairly good. Coming in to the 18th hole I was on 43, I had
a really good drive but my second shot found the bunker. It took
me 5 shots to get out of the bunker and I ended up with a 9 on that
hole. It gave me 101 for the day which I was happy with, but I
was disappointed with how my last hole had ended.
I would like to thank Dad for taking me to Adelaide and Tom
Kenny and E.P. Golf for organising the Eyre Peninsula qualifying
down in Port Lincoln.
By Thomas Klingberg
Bac, Row- Dun +:ornB Thoma Klin:erB
Alya CantB Ellie William
?ront- Mitchell YateB Georia Lienert
This year there were 6 students from Kimba (Thomas Klingberg,
Dustin Osborn, Mitchell Yates, Alyssa Cant, Georgia Lienert and
Ellie Williams) who went to SAPSASA Tennis from Monday the
3rd of November until Friday the 7th of November at the Seacliff
Tennis Courts.
On Monday morning we played Riverland and were annihilated
17-1, this was a real realisation of how things might go for the rest
of the week. In the afternoon we played Murraylands and lost
respectively 11-7.
MERIT AWARDS awarded on 7th November 2014
Tahlia Curnow
+uttandin recount in Story Wrin
+llie Woolford
Exceponal :oo,wor, preentaon
Luca Ea>
+uttandin improvement in Story Wrin and Readin
Ia:el Redden
Yr 1
Good improvement with Natural Math fact
Heidi Murdoc,
Yr 1
Good improvement with learnin Natural Math fact
De,ota Woolford
Yr 1
Great calculaon and pro:lem olvin in Math
Brodee Zi:ell
Yr 1
?or extendin himelf with pro:lem olvin in Math
Sienna Yate
Yr 2
?or reat thin,in in Mulplicaon
Mac,lin +:orn
Yr 2
?or reat thin,in in ?racon
Dylan ?ranci
Yr 2
?or uin hi reilience to ,eep on ta,
William Rodda
Yr Foinin in with more people and acvie
Breeana Wood
Yr Wor,in hard in all area
Kayne Wethoff
Yr 4
Showin compaion and an improved focu acro learnin area
Delaney William
Yr 4
?or havin a never ive up mindet and perin with all ta,
El,e Moe:y-Read
Yr 4
?antac oetry unit
Charlie owell
Yr 4
?antac oetry unit
Kyal Cham:er
Yr 4
Tryin really hard in oetry Jnit
Auhiarn Challi
Yr 4
Improvement in all learnin area
Nathan Butcher
Yr 4
?or demontran independence and oraniaon on camp
Nathan ?ranci
Yr 4
?or a reat effort on camp
Mac,enzie Lam:ell
Yr 5
?antac oetry unit
Re:ecca Clifford
Yr 5
?or a reat effort on camp
Declan Zi:ell
Yr M
Dilient wor,er in the veeta:le arden
Mac,enley Harradine
Yr M
Dilient wor,er in the veeta:le arden
A::ey Hampel
Yr 8
Kaey Andrew
Yr 8
AO for acid and Bae Tet in Science and a reat Po: ain with food preparaon
durin the Local Hitory
Great Po: ain with food preparaon durin the Local Hitory preentaon
Darcy Henderon
Yr 8
Great Po: ain with food preparaon durin the Local Hitory preentaon
Nathan Ryan
Yr 9
Detailed meline of the ‘Napoleonic War’ in Hitory
Bonnie ?ranci
Yr 9
Excellent applicaon in the ‘Diital oetry Antholoy’ unit
Ahlee ?ranci
Yr 10
Fame Schu:ert
Yr 10
Excellent parcipaon and prompt u:miion of all aement in Science
Well contructed inihQul piece on Vietnamee overnment
Well contructed inihQul piece on Chinee overnment
Hayley Tree
Yr 10
Well contructed inihQul piece on Thai overnment
Lateiha Ramey
Yr 12
An excellent text producon component of Enlih Communicaon
Dariu Kin
Yr 12
An excellent text producon component of Enlih Communicaon
Courtney Fohnon
Yr 12
Excellent applicaon in Enlih Communicaon thi year
Ethan Inli
Yr 12
Excellent applicaon in Enlih Communicaon thi year
Community News
Tuesdays, 3.30 – 5.00 pm
In the Kids room – 61 High Street
All children 5 years and over welcome
Any queries to Kate Ryan – 86278052
Term 4
2014 Concert
MpmB Sat 29th Novem:er
Kim:a Soldier Memorial Hall
Tic,et from rinle A lu Kim:a
Refrehment Availa:le
November 25th
Sunday 23rd November 2014
8am at the Cummins Courts
Kim:a Country Educaon ?oundaon
Entries to be in by
5pm Thursday 20th November
The foundaon wihe to advie reident of the
Kim:a ditrict that it cholarhip
Cost $4.00 per event
(limit of 3 events per player)
AGES (on 31st December)
10/U Boys and Girls Singles and Doubles
12/U Boys and Girls Singles and Doubles
14/U Boys and Girls Singles and Doubles
16/U Boys and Girls Singles and Doubles
Please leave details including date of birth and contact
number with
Kate Murnane on 0429 795 443 or
[email protected] OR
Anna Richardson on 0427 824 311 or [email protected]
Sponsored by Cummins District Community Bank
applicaon for ;nancial aitance for
JniverityB TA?E and
apprencehip coure opened on
Monday rd Novem:erB 2014
The applicaon proce will cloe
500pm ThurdayB 2Mth Novem:er 2014
Applicaon form are availa:le from the ?ront
+ffice & Li:rary of Kim:a Area School and the Ditrict Council of Kim:a
Any querie pleae contact Anne Moyle on
Community News
Tennis Coaching
with Danie Jacobs
Sunday 0 Novem:er
?irt inB :et dreed
leae contact
Rachel Yate 0428 2M8 06
:efore Monday 24th Novem:er
Contact ?lea for more detail
0459 1 80
Junir Basketba arniva Wudinna Sunday 30th %vember
Conratulaon to the followin player on :ein elected to
parcipate for the Kim:a Ba,et:all Aociaon in the Le Hunte
Funior Ba,et:all Carnival on Novem:er 0th at Wudinna
17 & Under Girs
Am:er enelley
Ellen Harradine
Taya Lehmann
Samantha Shadwell
Ahlee ?ranci
Maddi Foyce
14 & Under Girs
Bonnie ?ranci
A::ey Hampel
Darcy Henderon
Foanna Nield
Rhianna ae
Feica Hodin
17 & Under Bys
Cooper Henderon
Mitchell Foyce
Ko:y No>le
Nic, enelley
Mathew Ramey
Nathan Ryan
Marcu Thompon
14 & Under Bys
Trent Lam:ell
Mac,enzie Inli
Mac,enzie Cheter
Caidy William
Lu,e Willmo>
Dun +:orn
*Ae a of carnival date
If you are unavaila:le to play pleae contact Ryan Hanan or Clare William
ASA o replacement can :e no;ed More detail reardin tarn me
etc will follow once con;rmed We are desperatey seeking umpires and
caches for each rade leae let Ryan or Clare ,now if you are willin to
help o we are a:le to parcipate on the day

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