New Pool Hose & Handover Kit Packaging
Our range of continuous pool hose, sectional automatic pool cleaner hose and handover kits
all have a fresh new look.
Premier Swimming Pool Hose
Autometre Hose (24 Pack)
Product Code:
CHA809 - 9 metre hose
CHA811 - 11 metre hose
CHA813 - 13 metre hose
CHA815 - 15 metre hose
Product Code:
CHQ081 - Type A white hose
CHQ085 - Type B white hose
CHQ087 - Type B grey hose
CHQ089 - Type B pearl blue hose
Life Spa Step
This new Life Spa Step incorporates a unique design allowing
the step to fit up against either rounded or straight sided spa
or hot tub. The spa step is easily assembled in seconds
and provides a solid, stable entry to the
spa. A textured rugged tread ensures
an extremely stable footing
platform. Maintenance free,
the step will last for years with
colour fast pigmenting and
UV stabilization.
Product Code: MSS050
Ultegra Dispenser
Digital Wireless Floating Thermometer
Indestructible and collapsible with a unique hidden push
button child proof cap. Clear viewing lid chamber
for easy inspection and a chlorine
output dosing dial with ratchet
mechanism that holds up to
6 x 3” chlorine tablets or
70 x 1” tablets in its
refillable chlorine basket.
The probe monitors and displays water temperatures
with an outdoor-to-indoor range of 23 meters.
Both the base station and floating
probe feature a large user friendly
digital temperature display.
The Digital Wireless Floating
Thermometer is water, UV and
chemical resistant, with a probe
length designed to prevent it from
being sucked into the skimmer.
Product Code: MDG464
Product Code: MTH825
Paradise Spa Vac
Highly engineered to ensure strength, performance and
quality at a very competitive price. Teflon-coated silicon
seals mean that they require no lubrication for maintenancefree performance and optimum seal. The 2 and 3 way handle
has been reinforced and it features field-adjustable stop
setting tabs for perfect control, and the non return valve
features a clear plastic lid and threaded locking ring.
This self-contained Paradise Spa Vacuum
requires no batteries, pumping or
water hook-up and comes complete
with aluminum telescopic pole that
extends to over 2 metres. The Paradise
Spa Vacuum picks up debris and
sand often trapped on the
spa floor or seat area.
Product Code:
ΠFVA142 - 40mm 2-way valve
 FVA143 - 40mm 3-way valve
Ž FVA152 - 50mm 2-way valve
 FVA153 - 50mm 3-way valve
 FRV040 - 40mm non return valve
‘ FRV050 - 50mm non return valve
Product Code:
ΠCSV506 - Display of 6
 CSV505 - Single
Poolrite S2500 2 Hole
Vac Plate
Poolrite S2500 2 Hole Vacuum
Pate with three lock down
Product Code: PVP796
Poolrite MK2 Auto Control Valve
Poolrite MK2 Auto Control pressure valve
to suit the Poolrite MK2, 2 hole
skimmer vacuum plate.
Product Code: PVP798
High Pressure Nozzle Spray
The Nozzle pushes into a standard hose fitting,
and allows all waterflow to be directed in
between the pleats to remove built up
debris at a higher pressure with less mess.
Product Code: MHN100
Filter, Vacuum Hose Adapter,
Connectors and Conversion Kit
Product Code:
CPB157 - Filter Hose Conversion Kit
Converts 40mm hose to 1 ¼” or 1 ½” standard hose.
CPB158 - Vacuum Hose Adaptor
Allows for use of manual vacuum with 1 ¼” hose, pool
accessories with 1 ½”hose and automatic pool cleaners.
CPB164 - Hose Connectors
Connects 1.5” hose fitting port to 32mm hoses, adaptor for
40mm hoses, 2” PVC pipe for hard plumb option.
Sandpro™ 550 Pump & Filter
Liquid Stabiliser
Ultra quiet sand filter system that cleans up to 10 times faster
than a standard cartridge filter system and requires less
maintenance. This economical sand filter system is great
for smaller, soft-sided or above ground pools up to 15,000
litres. The motor features a high flow rate with a lower ½
horsepower pump for efficient use of electricity. Includes
adaptors for Intex pools and conventional 32mm,
1¼” and 1½” hose fittings.
Lo Chlor’s Liquid Stabiliser has been relaunched with a slight
adjustment to the formula to ensure that it is the
most effective liquid stabiliser on the market.
Your customers will love the convenience
and not having to spend hours slowly
adding traditional stabilisers to the
pool’s skimmer box. The instant
application means your stabiliser
goes straight to work in your
customer’s pool, meaning less
down time in the swimming season.
Just 5 litres will increase the stabiliser
level in a 50,000 litres pool by 35 ppm.
Product Code: MPC550
Product Code: ALS006
Solar Shield
Lo-Chlor Glass & Chrome Cleaner is back
and has been modified so that the formulation
has increased calcium removal capabilities.
It not only cleans glass and chrome but will
also remove the unsightly Calcium staining
we see on so many glass pool fences today.
There is nothing like it on the market and
will be much in demand – as are the
growing number of glass fences for pools!
Product Code: ACC075
Dosing: 250mls per 50,000 litres pool water
per month
Product Code: ASS001
Scale Defence
The 2 Part Mix has been specially formulated
to assist in removing the strongest scale from
your pool surfaces. Lo-Chlor Nail the Scale has
been replaced with Scale Attack - 2 Part Pack.
Scale Defence formula has been
specially developed to control scale
and other deposits caused by calcium,
magnesium, aluminium, iron and
organic elements. It helps to reduce
scale formulation, iron staining,
corrosion of pool heating equipment,
scum deposits and clogging of filters.
Regular application as a part of the total
swimming pool maintenance program.
Product Code: AME202
Product Code: AME205
Scale Attack - 2 Part Pack
Part 1 - Proprietary Acidic Polymer
Part 2 - Tri Sodium EDTA Salts
Phone: 1300 366 020 Email: [email protected]
Fax: 1300 366 025
Glass & Chrome Cleaner
Lo-Chlor Solar Shield is an ultra-thin, invisible barrier that
helps to minimize evaporation and heat loss. The same highly
effective formulation as the SolarPill, now in a 1 litre
bottle provides up to 4 months of protection.
Effective – reduces heat loss & evaporation.
Family-Friendly – safe alternative to traditional
covers, because there is no risk of entrapment
by a physical cover. Long-Lasting – provides
30 days of protection/dose.

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