High Purity Water Hose


High Purity Water Hose
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High Purity Water Hose
CIA&D offers an exceptional sanitary hose product for use in dispensing, circulating, and transferring potable water for
commercial aircraft. This specially constructed, FDA approved hose is an ideal product for use with flight line potable
water stations and trucks.
This CIA&D water hose is specifically developed to combat the microbial growth that can occur in standard vinyl and
rubber hose products. All vinyl (PVC) and rubber hoses utilize epoxidized soybean oil (ESO) as a stabilizer. These ESOs
are a favorite food for microbes and promote bacterial growth. Even water that has been purified to 99.9% will eventually allow growth in these types of hose.
As a solution to this problem, we have developed a water hose product that does not contribute to
microbial or bacterial growth. Our hose is lined with Hytrel®, a product that does not contain
anything that supports microbe growth. This results in a water hose that maintains the purest
transfer of potable water.
Our High Quality Water Hose Features:
A Hytrel® lining that doesn’t promote microbial or bacterial growth
Seamless mirror finish on inner liner
Abrasion resistant cover.
The smooth
exterior allows for easy handling.
Light weight-to-strength ratio
Sturdy construction to guard
against Collapse
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ID: 0.75 in. (19,05 mm) OD: 1.095 in. (27,813mm)
Working Pressure at 70°F: 200 psi
Burst pressure at 70°F:
650 psi
Temperature Range:
-20°F to +130°F
(Other colors available, minimums apply)
Inner Liner:
FDA White compliant formulation. Hytrel® finish will not contribute to bacterial or microbial
growth and meets or exceeds NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for Drinking Water System Components.
The hose wall is comprised of a high performance, melt-processable rubber compound
reinforced with polyester
Certified Repair Station
FAA OI0R891N; EASA.145.5897; CAAC F00100406
For details and additional information
on the advantages CIA&D can offer you,
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Manager Contracts Administration
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