The Episcopal Church of Our Saviour Holy Eucharist


The Episcopal Church of Our Saviour Holy Eucharist
Holy Eucharist
The Episcopal Church of Our Saviour
A Congregation of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington
and the Anglican Communion
1700 Powder Mill Road - Silver Spring, MD 20903 301-439-5900 [email protected]
“ A Home for all God’s People”
The First Sunday
After Christmas
December 28, 2014
Welcome to the Episcopal Church of Our Saviour.
We are glad that you are here with us today.
Everyone is welcome to receive
Liturgy of the Word
Book of Common Prayer, p. 323
10 He provides food for flocks and herds *
and for the young ravens when they cry.
Collect of the Day
Almighty God, you have poured upon us the new light of
your incarnate Word: Grant that this light, enkindled in
our hearts, may shine forth in our lives; through Jesus
Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.
11 He is not impressed by the might of a horse; *
he has no pleasure in the strength of a man;
First Reading Isaiah 61:10-62:3
Pew Bible, Old Testament, p. 536
Psalm 147
Laudate Dominum
1 Hallelujah!
How good it is to sing praises to our God! *
how pleasant it is to honor him with praise!
2 The LORD rebuilds Jerusalem; *
he gathers the exiles of Israel.
3 He heals the brokenhearted *
and binds up their wounds.
4 He counts the number of the stars *
and calls them all by their names.
5 Great is our LORD and mighty in power; *
there is no limit to his wisdom.
6 The LORD lifts up the lowly, *
but casts the wicked to the ground.
12 But the LORD has pleasure in those who fear him, *
in those who await his gracious favor.
13 Worship the LORD, O Jerusalem; *
praise your God, O Zion;
14 For he has strengthened the bars of your gates; *
he has blessed your children within you.
15 He has established peace on your borders; *
he satisfies you with the finest wheat.
16 He sends out his command to the earth, *
and his word runs very swiftly.
17 He gives snow like wool; *
he scatters hoarfrost like ashes.
18 He scatters his hail like bread crumbs; *
who can stand against his cold?
19 He sends forth his word and melts them; *
he blows with his wind, and the waters flow.
20 He declares his word to Jacob, *
his statutes and his judgments to Israel.
7 Sing to the LORD with thanksgiving; *
make music to our God upon the harp.
21 He has not done so to any other nation; *
to them he has not revealed his judgments.
8 He covers the heavens with clouds *
and prepares rain for the earth;
Second Reading
Galatians 3:23-25; 4:4-7
Pew Bible, New Testament, p. 145
9 He makes grass to grow upon the mountains *
and green plants to serve mankind.
Gospel John 1:1-18
Pew Bible, New Testament, p. 71
The Rev. Virginia Brown-Nolan
Nicene Creed
Book of Common Prayer, p. 358
Prayers of the People
Brothers and sisters in the faith, God has called us into
the family of the church. In the Spirit of Christ, we
call out, “Abba, Father,” asking our creator to hear the
prayers we offer, saying: Lord, in your mercy, hear our
Let us pray for the human family:
Eternal Father, you entrusted to Mary and Joseph the
life of your child, Jesus. Strengthen all parents and
children in the bonds of love, peace, and faith. Lord,
in your mercy,
Hear our prayer.
Let us pray for the household of the church:
Creator of life, make your church a fruitful vine to all
who are reborn in the living waters of baptism. May we
find ourselves continually nourished and refreshed at
the table of Christ’s body and blood. Lord, in your
Hear our prayer.
Let us pray for those who suffer:
Consoler of the afflicted, sustain the homeless and the
abandoned. Protect the widow, the widower, the orphan. Comfort those who mourn the dead. Lord, in
your mercy,
Hear our prayer.
Let us pray for the families of this community:
God of love, like a mother you nourish us with your
grace. Quicken in us the seed of Christ’s word, that we
might reveal his life to the whole human family. Lord,
in your mercy,
Hear our prayer.
Gracious God, may your favor and blessing rest upon
the family which you have gathered in the name of
your child Jesus. Accept the prayers we offer in his
name. So may your love embrace us, now and forever.
Confession of Sin and The Peace
Book of Common Prayer, p. 360
Holy Eucharist: Eucharistic Prayer B
Book of Common Prayer, p. 367
This Week’s Calendar
Holy Eucharist Rite II (Sanctuary)
First Service Fellowship Time (Undercroft; until 10:30am)
Choir Practice (Choir Chancel)
Holy Eucharist Rite II (Sanctuary)
Second Service Fellowship Time (Undercroft; until 1:30pm)
Children’s Handchime & Steel Pan Rehearsal (Choir Room)
Spanish Children’s Sunday School (Upstairs Classroom)
Counters (Commons Room)
Misa en Español (Sanctuary)
Tiempo de Compañerismo (Undercroft; until 4:00pm)
MONDAY, DECEMBER 29 - Church Office Closed through the Week
Many thanks to the following who have pledged their
financial commitments to the church for 2015.
Olawale & Elizabeth Adegboyega-Panox ~ Seyi & Sade Adegoroye ~ Yvonne & Michael Agostini
Nancy Ahmed ~ Bernard Alfred ~ Chukwudulue & Florence Amaikwu ~ Elsy Amaya
Joshua & Estella Anderson ~ Odette Anderson ~ Perry Anderson ~ Naett Asgill ~ Audrey Austin
Margarita & Benaldo Baez ~ Alexander & Yata Bazzie ~ Gene & Evelyn Bean ~ Norma Beaton
J. Wah-Doe Bedell ~ Maize Blackman ~ Ernestine Blango ~ Carolyn Blauvelt ~ Martin & Geraldine Boadu
Victor Bondzie ~ Eyatunde Bowen-Wright ~ Stephen Brushett & Refiloe Bam ~ Johnathan & Carole Broadnax
Kate Bryant ~ Mary Bryant ~ Elizabeth Buck ~ Bev Byron ~ Harriet Campbell ~ Malena Campos
Nora Campos & Martin Maya ~ Robert & Beth Carlson ~ Sumner Clarren ~ Modupeh Cleeve
Durosemi & Blanche Cleeve ~ Rosaline Coker ~ Victoria Coker ~ Bud Cole ~ Christy Cole
Derek & Fatmata Cole ~ Kathryn Cole ~ Ebenezer & Avril Collier ~ Abubakarr Conteh ~ Rufus Conteh
Xiomara & Jaime Contreras ~ Sarah Crooke ~ Addo & Roseline Davies ~ Bernadette Denis & Jean Davis
Wunika Dimka ~ Stephen Doe ~ Kenneth Egbuna ~ Daniel & Dorothy Epps ~ Alex Forde
Quarshie Sam & Carnell Frederick ~ Enid Freeman ~ Juan & Maria Garcia ~ Marilin Garcia ~ Ted Gaskin
Virginia Gonzales ~ Amorette Gooding ~ Olivette Guy-Williams ~ Sylvia Hamilton-Reubens
Robert & Anne Harvey ~ Dolores & Ray Henderson ~ Nancy Maisto Hewett ~ Alyson & Wilfred Heyliger
Theodora Hosten-Payne ~ Kenrick & Claire Hunte ~ Chinasa & Lawrence Ifeajekwu ~ Nnaemeka Ifeajekwu
JoJo Isaac ~ Dorothy Jarrett ~ Frank & Sally Jarrett ~ Wilbur & Lois Jenkins ~ Aarona Johnson
Omoyemi Johnson ~ Vivian Johnson & Fatmata Sawi ~ Angela Jones ~ Lauretta Jones ~ Amri Joyner
Ethel Kalitsi ~ Jonathan Kamkwalala ~ Thomas & Cheryl Kavanagh ~ John & Nancy Knotts ~ Audrey Leslie
Ernesto & Carmen Luna ~ Norma Luna ~ Gloria Lyn-Burnett ~ Nancy MacCormack ~ Desireé Marshall
Josepa Martinez ~ Max & Maria Martinez ~ Theresa Mason ~ Pauline & Adrian Maynard ~ Javier Maynard
Fatmata & Geoffrey McCormack ~ Prince McCormack ~ Denise McGarrell ~ Yossa & Nazario Membreño
Erica Mitchell ~ Mathias & Gladys Mogekwu ~ Nkechi Mogekwu ~ Marva Moxey-Mims ~ Norman Nicholson
Caleb Nicol ~ Patricia & Godwin Nwami ~ Catherine & Emmanuel Nwokolo ~ Quintin Okon-Thomas
Bertha Ordoñez ~ Maria Luisa Orozo ~ Flordemaria Ortiz & Julio Flores ~ Evelyn & Samuel Owusu
Olanike Oyefeso ~ Clara Palmer ~ Patrick Palmer ~ Sandra Pang ~ Varney & Beatrice Perry
Katuma Pettiquoi ~ Gary & Roseann Pinkney ~ James Porter ~ Una Prescott ~ Gladys Pyne-Caulker
Rosa Ramos ~ Philip & Joan Repetto ~ Arnold & Lena Robinson ~ Cordelia Robinson & Obidiah Moore
Ella Robinson ~ Gertrude & Lee Rose ~ Simeona & Alejandro Salmerón ~ Martha Sango
Malphina & Blyden Scale ~ Gladys Scott ~ James & Bernice Shook ~ Carlos Sierra & Carla Menjivar
Victor Silva & Lucia Casso-Silva ~ Joyce Simpkins ~ Abdullah & Jackqueline Skerritt ~ Phyllis Barson Solomon
Don Spicer & Nthakoana Peko ~ Kathy & Louis Staudt ~ Samuel & Sally Stokes ~ Donald & Cynthia Sutton
Eva Taylor ~ Eglah Thomas ~ Glenroy & Erma Thomas ~ Jacqueline Threatte ~ Andy Umanzór
Liduvina Umanzór ~ Elvia Valencia ~ Jesse Velasquez & Yanira del Carmen Servano
Victor & Monica Robinson ~ Bruce Wallace ~ Rose Washington-Bright ~ Jacqueline & Rudolph Weithers
Eldora Whitehead ~ Emerica Williams ~ I Rimisa Williams ~ Nellie Williams ~ Sam Williams
Akitoye & Sarian Wilson ~ Victoria Wleh
If you have turned in a pledge card but do not see your name here, please contact the church office at
[email protected] or 301-439-5900 or see our Givings Recorder, Kathy Staudt.
Those for Whom We Pray
Gracious God, watch over these your children. Send your healing power upon those who are sick, protect
those travelling or in danger, and guide those who have decisions to make. Make known your love to all.
We ask all this in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen.
In Continuing Prayer
Elizabeth Adegboyega-Panox ~ Patricia Alexander ~ Christina Bedell ~ Julia Bauer ~ Gene & Evelyn Bean
Clifton Braithwaite ~ Ken Brothers ~ Bev Byron ~ David Byron ~ Rose Byron ~ Louie & Carol Caccitore ~ Laura Carbone
Jim Clark ~ Bud Cole ~ Jonathan and Irene Cole ~ Al Coley ~ Kathleen Collins ~ Sandy Pang ~ Beverly Collins and Family
Lee DeMulder ~ Barbara Dougherty ~ Chioma Ekechi and Family ~ Leslie Forder ~ Linda Francis ~ Cindy Fryer ~ Gloria Gaskill
Deborah Goosby ~ Frances Grimes ~ Bob Hacker ~ Carl Hammond ~ James Hammond ~ Robert Hammond ~ Chickey Henderson
Margaret Hinkle ~ Alisha Johnson ~ Richard Johnston ~ Reesa Jones ~ Nancy Knotts ~ J. & M. Kent
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Lardner & Family ~ Jenny Lay ~ Carolyn & Moncure Logan ~ Virginia Mahsman
Bob Mann ~ Prince McCormack ~ Thelma McDowell ~ Kimberly Mott ~ Dorothy Murphy ~ Gagriela Navarro
Sandra Nylen ~ Dibike (DC) Ogwu ~ Olanike Oyefeso ~ Jessica Rehn ~ Bianca Rodriguez ~ Cecilia Rodriguez
Patricia Rodriguez ~ Lee Rose ~ Joyce Simpkins ~ Fay Simpson ~ David L. Stratmon, 3rd, Teddy Jackson
Karen Tang ~ Elizabeth Taylor ~ Evelyn Taylor ~ Chelsea & Brandon Valentine ~ Quentin Walker ~ Karen Washington
Nathalie White ~ Anne Willemann ~ I. Rimisa Williams, Sr. ~ Rhodel L. Williams ~James and Ruby Young ~ Maeve Nguyen
Anna Heflin ~ Jack Roof ~ Momolu Cooper ~ Janet Hunte ~ Harry Solomos ~ Valerie Franklin ~ Dylan & Lauren Moffett
Christine Dawson ~ Paul Thompson ~ Michael Hicks ~ Alexis Privitiera ~ Martha Sango ~ Jane Steel ~ Bill Goodwin
Ludmila (Lee) Noonan ~ Francisco Luis Gotay ~ Rosa Colon ~ Teddy Jackson ~ The unemployed and their families
Important Note:
In an effort to keep the “Short Term Needs” list as current as possible, we will
purge and renew this list every thirty days. Persons who have need for prayer
longer than thirty days should be submitted to the “In Continuing Prayer” list.
If you find that someone has been removed from the short term list who should
instead be placed on the Continuing Prayer list, please call or email the church
office at 301-439-5900 or [email protected]
Short Term Needs
Jeremiah Davis ~ Jaylin Jones ~ Jacob Walker ~ Harry Johnston-Taylor ~ The Senior Widows Club
Raymond Vaughn ~ Terry Hunte ~ Margaret Dowding ~ Alan Benjamin ~ The Simmons Family
Marcie Burroughs ~ Hermina McCalla & Family ~ Jane Boyd ~ Harrison Dyrample ~ Michael Smith
Bernita Smith ~ GB Galyon ~ Katy Tzamaras ~ Alexi Tzamaras ~ Lynne Siegel ~ Freda Gwynn
Janet Goree & Family ~ Mary Rigney ~ Edward Thomas ~ Byron Simms ~
Doris Parker ~ Betty Nelson ~ Joan Lynn
Those Traveling
Bev Byron
The Deceased
Dibike (DC) Ogwu ~ The Rev. Jonathan Currier ~ Grace Siwajuola
Members of the Armed Forces
Jake Barr ~ Jason Durkaj ~ Harrison Grimes ~ Mary Q. Jackson ~ Christopher Shy ~ Keith Foster ~ Brittany Thomas
Donald D. Valentine ~ Adam Walker ~ Mason Walker ~ Dellion Sitladin, Sr. ~ Mason Walker ~ And All Those Who Serve
For pastoral emergencies (someone has gone into the hospital or has died) after office hours, please call the Pastoral Care Line at 301-602
-6570. Be sure to leave the name of the hospital. Your call will be returned as quickly as possible. Please send all announcements or
schedule changes to the church office by email at: [email protected] or by phone at 301-439-5900. To be included in the
Sunday bulletin, all announcements must be received by noon on Wednesday, unless otherwise noted.