Newsletter - Morning Pointe



Newsletter - Morning Pointe
January 2015
233 Ruccio Way • Lexington, KY 40503 • (859) 554-0060
Chautauqua Series
Continues in January
we are all excited to see what
the New Year will bring for us. Lots
of fun programs will be offered,
new outings will be scheduled
and many new memories will be
Morning Pointe of
Lexington Team
Executive Director
Liz Chappell, MSW
Business Officer Manager
Linda Windburn
Resident Services Director
Shauna Sanford, LPN
Life Enrichment Director
Amanda Patrick, MSW
Food Services Director
Billy Summerlin
Shelia Sprinkles
Community Relations Director
Amber Lakin
Lives of famous Kentuckians
Upcoming events in next 3 months
The Kentucky Humanaties
Council will continue its
Chautauqua historical series for
the next three months.
Information will be provided for
further presetations including
famous Kentuckians Adolf Rupp,
Grampa Jones and Henry Clay.
Morning Pointe of Lexington is
excited to continue to provide
this program to the residents and
community. It's quite an honor to
be reminded of the contributions
great Kentuckians have made to
this country and its history.
We've had a great year at
Morning Pointe of Lexington and
Clarence Kinnett
Elizabeth Halow
Tom Deblossi
Lilly Long
Mary Hume
Virginia Campbell
Clarence Kinnett
Winter landscape for company card
Clarence Kinnett, in-house
artist, painted a beautiful winter
landscape that was picked by his
peers in several other Morning
Pointe buildings to be used as this
year's Christmas card. Clarence
was excited his painting was
selected and even used it as his
personal greeting.
Clarence has a studio at
Morning Pointe of Lexington
where he paints and leaves his
artwork out for all to enjoy.
Do Si Do's Dancing
Dale Cole Sings
Book Club
Heart and Soul Sings
AGLOW Bible Study
Dr. Jicha Program
Singing Saints Perform
Biz with Liz
2014 Award Recipient
Dr. Jicha to Speak
Morning Pointe of Lexington will host
Dr. Jicha on January 28 beginning at
6:00pm. Dr. Jicha will share his
knowledge of Alzheimer's Disease and
advancements to treatment and
Liz Chappell
Executive Director
Happy New Year to
our Morning Pointe
friends and family! I know
we will have a great year
with lots of fun to make
lasting memories!
I am so proud of my
Lexington team for
winning an award at our
annual Christmas Party
and Executive Director
meeting. This year we
were recognized for
outstanding operational
acheivement and I'm so
proud of the effort made
by everyone!
We will continue to
work hard serving our
residents. We are truly
blessed and I look
forward to all that 2015
will bring to us.
Morning Pointe of Lexington
Outstanding Operational Acheivement
Morning Pointe of Lexington was
awarded for Outstanding Operational
Acheivement for 2014. Liz Chappell,
Executive Director, accepted the
award at the annual Christmas Party in
Ooltewah, TN.
2014 Winners
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
6pm - Morning Pointe of Lexington
Bluegrass region. LuAnn Hanchett, Life
Enrichment Director for Morning Pointe
of Clinton, TN won for the Smokey
Mountain area. And RSD Tommie
Westfield of the Lantern at
Collegedale, TN won in the Lookout
region. Congrats to everyone!
Exceeding Expectations
Top Three Corporate Winners
Happy New Year!
Morning Pointe Senior Living
recognized three of the best associates
in the field at its annual holiday party
for 2014. Cody Beatty, a CNA at
Morning Pointe Ridge, Kentucky won
for the
Morning Pointe Recognizes
the best in the field!
Our Visitors
Mary Montgomery
Mary Montgomery
Hard at work.
Moved to Morning Pointe
in January 2014.
Mary Montgomery was born in a
small coal mining town, Dugger,
Indiana. She graduated from Linton
High School and then attended a
business school where she learned
standard type, shorthand and how to
use a calculator machine.
Mary grew up during the Great
Depression and worked for food and
shelter as a "hard girl" after her parents
divorced when she was 10 years old.
Mary's first job, at age 18, was at the
Real Silk Hosiery Factory where she
remembers earning $0.10 an hour;
there she worked 10 hour days. After
she got married, Mary had three
children, a daughter and two
adopted children.
After working at the factory, Mary
got a job in Indianapolis at the Eli LIlly
Pharmacy where she worked as a
secretary. The company asked Mary if
she would be willing to move to Cuba
to assist with opening a branch. Mary
remembers ordering there
and was shocked when the waiter
placed in front of her a bowl of soup
with two chicken feet sticking out.
Mary decided that she would not
move to Cuba for several reasons,
including the food and the political
Mary lived in New Orleans, working
at a department store decorating
shop and then in Florida where she
worked for Tropicana. After her
husband passed away she and her
daughter moved to Kentucky where
she worked until she was 90 years old.
The 4 Elders
Gospel songs
Girl Scout Troop 1085
Songs of cheer
Music Therapy
Making music
A professional, wife,
mother and friend.
Mary moved to Morning Pointe of
Lexington in January 2014 with her
dog Abby who goes everywhere with
her. Mary has 3 grandchildren. Cory
lives in town and visist her often.
Janie and Butch
Bluegrass favorites
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233 Ruccio Way • Lexington, KY 40503
For Generations To Come®
Happy New Year!

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