April 2016 - Morning Pointe



April 2016 - Morning Pointe
April 2016
711 Kings Lane • Tullahoma, TN 37388 • (931) 455-0860
Volunteer Appreciation
Brunch April 15th @ 10 a.m.
filled time. We are working hard
on the entertainment and we will
have a special gift for each of
our volunteers. Please RSVP by
Monday, April 11, so we have
enough seating and food.
Morning Pointe
Leadership Team
Executive Director
All Volunteers Invited
Donna Stephens
Please RSVP and Join Us
Business Office Manager
Anne Caldwell
Lantern Program Director
Stacey Nix
Life Enrichment Director
Marcia Massengill
Maintenance Director
Bruce Pendergraff
Resident Services Director
Donna Conner
Food Services Director
Patty Key
The week of April 10 through
17 is Volunteer Appreciation
Week. We are blessed with
remarkable volunteers in our
community and we want to take
this time to show you all how
much we truly appreciate you.
We invite all volunteers to join
us on Friday, April 15, at 10 a.m.
for brunch. Our volunteers give
so much of their time, talent,
energy, and most importantly,
their love to our residents and
community. Those of you that
have attended our volunteer
events in the past are
aware that we will have a fun-
We have a number of
excellent volunteers that call
Bingo at Morning Pointe. With
Bingo twice a week, there are
usually several times a month
that our scheduled caller has to
cancel due to travel or illness.
But Cyril Hall comes to the
rescue! Even with short notice he
is usually available to help. His
wife, Janet, resides at Morning
Pointe, and since he visits daily,
he is pleased to help us out.
4/1 Jerry Coleman
4/16 Joyce Massengill
4/20 Dean Coleman
Need a Bingo Caller?
Cy to the Rescue!!
April 1st @ 6 p.m.
Music at The Pointe
April 15th @ 10 a.m.
Volunteer Appreciation
April 21st @ 6 p.m.
Dementia & Communication
April 26th @ 4 p.m.
Caregiver Support Group Please RSVP
Donna's Desk
Tullahoma Mayor
that the best (or maybe worst) kept
secret is that Tullahoma will be
gaining an Aldi's and a Publix! We
suspect we will be taking outings to
those places as soon as they open.
The Easter Bunny Came!
"Ask the Doctor"
Lecture Series
Join us during the next
several months for our
"Ask the Doctor" series.
We will feature area
physicians and experts
on topics, such as
winning the battle
against depression, the
benefits of pulmonary
rehabilitation, and how
to treat and address
knee pain. We are
currently working with
local physicians to
coordinate these
presentations. In April
our Life Enrichment
Director, and former
Alzheimer's Association
CEO, Marcia Massengill,
will provide tips on how
to communicate with a
loved one with
dementia or Alzheimer’s.
Coffee and Donuts
with Mayor Curlee
Morning Pointe of Tullahoma
residents are always honored when
our Mayor stops in for coffee and a
crueller. He stops every few months to
chat with our residents. We learned
Music at The Pointe
Stepping Stone Preschoolers
Found All the Eggs
base fiddle while Larry Crabtree
tickled the ivories. We enjoyed some
well-known tunes, a little classical, and
some really radical jazz! We invite you
to join us for Music at the Pointe on
the first Friday of each month. If you
are interested in performing, please
contact Morning Pointe.
Jazz Music Anyone?
Monthly First Friday Night
Health Series
Our second monthly "First Friday
Music at the Pointe" featured four
local musicians that came together to
"jam" for us.
Scott Young on the saxophone,
John Cook kept the beat with the
drums, Charlie Dickerson played the
And a great time was had by all!
Especially the musicians!
At the Pointe
Joyce Kiley
Welcome to Morning Pointe
We Are So Glad You Are Here
When one hears Joyce Kiley
speak, her delightful accent makes it
clear that she was born and raised in
Wisconsin. She loved riding her
tricycle with other youngsters in front
of Rubens Grocery Store. Although
they were very young they were
serious about their tricycle races!
She met her future husband
William Daniel Kiley while he was on
leave from the Navy. They
corresponded through letters while
he was deployed and gradually fell in
love and married.
The couple made their home in
Wisconsin and were both employed
by the state of Minnesota at the State
Prison in Stillwater, MN. William was
the activity director and Joyce was
the X-ray technician. She would often
serve as the hostess when family
events were held at the prison. It was
after their two children, Paula and
Shawn, left home that the Kileys
began spending their winters in Fort
Mr. and Mrs. William Kiley
Kathy Brock of
She loved his sense of humor!
Myers, FL, and the summers in
Wisconsin. Eventually the long drive
became too much for them and they
decided to make their home closer to
They had been told Tullahoma
was near a military base and Joyce
was afraid it would be full of bars and
wild soldiers. However, she and her
husband visited Tullahoma a few
times and fell in love with the town
and the people. They bought the
Fresh Flowers
Adorn Our Tables
Kay Foote & Residents
Young Joyce
About 7 Years Old
home of current Morning Pointe
resident, Wilma Shasteen. Their paths
crossed again when they lived in the
same condominium and now again
at Morning Pointe. It is a small world!
John Marche with
Ms. Billie & Ms. Mahala
711 Kings Lane • Tullahoma, TN 37388
For Generations To Come®
Stuffing and hiding eggs, then watching the children find them. Companionship with our
friends, pets coming to visit. Morning Pointe of Tullahoma is the place to be.