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Rabbi Yosef Sonnenschein
Parshas Vaeira/January 17, 2015/26 Teves 5775
Shabbos Schedule
Parshas Vaeira
January 17:
Likras Shabbos
4:10 pm
4:30 pm
8:00/9:00 am
Latest Shema
9:03/9:39 am
Ladies’ Shiur – See opposite page.
Navi Shiur
3:40 pm
Mincha/Shalosh Seudos
4:10 pm
5:39 pm
Avos Uvanim (yeshiva)
6:50 pm
followed by milchig melave malka.
Rosh Chodesh falls on Wednesday.
Weekday Schedule
January 18-23:
Sunday Shacharis:
8:00/9:00 am
Mon-Friday Shacharis
7:00 am
Mincha times advance from 4:35 on
Sunday to 4:40 on Thursday.
Additional Maariv at 8:00 and 9:30
Wednesday Ladies’ Shiur 8:30 pm
‫בעקבות הפרשה‬
,‫"דרך שלשת ימים נלך במדבר" (ח‬
:‫ כתב הגרא"א דסלר זצוק"ל‬.)‫כ"ג‬
‫אין דברים אלה אמורים כדי‬
‫ אלא נאמרו כלפי‬,‫לרמות את פרעה‬
‫ שירגישו כאילו נשארה להם‬,‫יצרם‬
.‫דרך פתוחה לשוב למצרים‬
‫והכוונה – כדי להקטין את הנסיון‬
‫ כך‬.‫הקשה של ההליכה במדבר‬
,‫היא הדרך במלחמת היצר‬
‫ וכשבא לעכב‬,‫להשתמש בטכסיסיו‬
‫ "אך‬:‫ לומר לו‬,‫עשיית מצוה‬
.‫הפעם" או "אך מעט" וכדומה‬
.)392 '‫(מכתב מאליהו ח"ג עמ‬
Musings from the Rav
“Go to Pharoh in the morning,” Hashem instructed Moshe. “Behold he will
go out to the water.” Rashi explains that Pharoh wanted to give the appearance
that he was a god and that he did not need to attend to his bodily needs. He
therefore frequented the Nile early in the morning to take care of his needs in
secret. It was during this visit to the Nile that Moshe would demand the
emancipation of Klal Yisroel.
Every single fragment of information that the Torah shares with us is
relevant. Why is it important that we know that Pharoh would go to relieve
himself specifically at the Nile River?
The pesukim in Parshas Eikev inform us that Eretz Yisrael is different from
Mitzrayim. In Mitzrayim, water is always readily available through the Nile,
which flows through it. Eretz Yisrael, on the other hand, is completely reliant
on rain for its survival. On the surface, it would seem that its secure water
supply makes the land of Mitzrayim a superior place to live. However, with a
deeper perspective, we can understand that through living in Eretz Yisrael,
with its dependency upon rain and constant need for tefillah, we are
encouraged to build a constant and real relationship with Hashem. It is so
much easier to connect with Hashem when one is completely reliant on his
The Nile, therefore, represents man’s ability to delude himself into thinking
that he is control of his own destiny. All he needs is right there at his feet in
the rushing waters of the Nile. He has no real need to cry out to Hashem, to
beg for His kindness, and to await His divine assistance.
Only someone whose water comes from the readily available Nile can be so
misguided as to mislead people into believing that he is a god. His apparent
lack of reliance on Hashem allows him to start claiming, and perhaps
believing, that he is all-powerful. For this reason, the Torah informs us that
the place of Pharoh’s deception was the Nile River itself.
Sometimes Hashem reminds us that even the Nile is in His control…like
when He turned the waters of the Nile into blood…or when any of us
experience the unforeseen surprises that sometimes make our lives
unpredictable. At such a time, we must remind ourselves that we were never
really in control of our destiny to begin with. The “Niles” of this world are
only a mirage. Forgetting that, we may end up using it to fuel our delusions
and false sense of security, as Pharoh did when he headed out to the Nile early
every morning.
Deep under the pulsating, bubbling waters of the Nile, rested the coffin of
Yosef – the same Yosef who reminded Pharoh, "‫"האלקים יענה את שלום פרעה‬,
“[only] Hashem will provide the answers that will be for Pharoh’s welfare.”
Unfortunately for Pharoh, the plentiful waters distracted him from this
timeless message.
!‫למטר השמים תשתה מים‬
Shul News
We welcome the Rosh Kollel and his
Rabbi and Mrs. Jeremy Bekritsky invite the
community to a Shalom Zachar tonight at 71 Tower family to Waterbury for Shabbos. Rav Cohen
will speak at Shalosh Seudos at Bnai Shalom.
Rd. ‫!תזכו לגדלו לתורה לחופה ולמעשים טובים‬
The “8:00” Kiddush is sponsored by R’ Shimmy
Handelsman in honor of the CTC. Thank you to all
who helped make the inaugural night a great
This Shabbos is the yahrtzeit of Abraham Yitzchak
Folman (ben Shmuel David and Ziporah), observed by
The “9:00” Kiddush is sponsored by Mr. and
Mrs. Sruly Kolodny.
The Shalosh Seudos is sponsored by Rabbi and
Mrs. Raphael Nemetsky.
The Ladies’ Shabbos Shiur will be given by
Rebbetzin M. Cohen at the Merenstein’s at 2:30.
Save the date!
The Annual Bnai Shalom Melave Malka
Rabbi & Mrs. Menachem Chaifetz
Mr. & Mrs. Doniel Wisnicki
And paying tribute to the memory of
HaRav Moshe Don Scheinkopf ztz’l
Rav of the Waterbury Kehillah (1927-1941)
February 28, 2015
his daughter Noa Miller.
Sunday is the yahrtzeit of Becky Bertha Gensberg
(Breina), observed by Barbara Dallin.
Monday is the yahrtzeit of Rabbi Seymour Gewirtz
(Abba Zalka ben Yonah and Chaya Rivka), rabbi of
Waterbury from 1943 to 1968.
Tuesday is the yahrtzeit of Lena Levine (Lyuba),
observed by her granddaughters Saralie Pennington and
Andrea Tuber; and of Lena Sachs (Yenta Leah bas
Yitzchak Yaakov), mother of gabbai Reuben Sachs,
observed by her grandson Jeremy Sachs; and of Anna
Marcus Peshkin Trauner (Chana Zelda bas
Yitzchak), observed by her grandson Dr. Emil Friedman;
and of Taube Gittel Udelowitz (Taube Gitl bas
Kadosh), observed by her great-grandson Jeremy Sachs.
Wednesday is the yahrtzeit of Pauline Freedman,
observed by her niece Gloria Lynch of Marco Island,
Fla.; and of Jules Schick, brother of Evelyn Karpel;
and of Aranka G. Zelinger (Golda bas Chaim
Mordechai), observed by her children Susan Wise and
Robert Zelinger.
Thursday is the yahrtzeit of Steven Bogen (Stas
Kacenelenbogen), husband of Gloria E. Bogen, observed
by his daughter Leslie Bogen; and of Gary Friedman
(Gavriel), observed by his daughter Sharon Friedman;
and of Rose Harris, observed by her son, our former
Rabbi Judah J. Harris; and of Harry A. Solomon
(Aharon ben Zelig Mordechai), whose name is inscribed
in the Potoff Sanctuary rotunda.
Friday is the yahrtzeit of Arlene Dolores London
(Devora bas Mordechai Hirsch and Mikla), observed by
her husband Sherman London.
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