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Special Lag
Ba’Omer Issue
The Cheder Bulletin
‫ "ואולך אתכם קוממיות" תשס"ט – הקהל‬,"‫ "ונתתי גשמיכם בעיתם‬,‫ שבת חזק‬,‫ פרשת בהר – בחוקותי‬,‫יום שישי כ"א אייר‬
(6) – 74 # ‫גליון‬
Words will not do justice to describe the exciting day
which the Cheder boys experienced on Lag Ba’Omer. We
hope the pictures will. Our pre-school children went to
Centre St. Park and enjoyed time with their Morahs and
the amazing Mr. Jay. We thank our entire dedicated staff
for getting out there and playing with their
talmidim/children and giving them a memorable day.
Our BBQ specialists at work
Grade four musicians entertained in the park
Parent Campaign Update
From The Desk of:
Rabbi Yona Shur, Executive Director
This is the second of five weekly updates
bringing you news about the Parent’s Campaign
for our 20th Dinner and Draw to be held on June
16, 24 Sivan.
We would like to thank the following families who
have already purchased (at least) their 2 tickets
from the office (as of May 14):
Mr. & Mrs. Dovid Moshe Ackermann
Mr. & Mrs. Yosef Adler
Mr. & Mrs. Mikhail Bulman
Rabbi & Mrs. Dovid Chaikin
Rabbi & Mrs. Nechemia Deitsch
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Eidelman
Rabbi & Mrs. Daniel Halperin
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Harrouch
Rabbi & Mrs. Chaim Hildeshaim
Rabbi & Mrs. Levi Jacobson
Rabbi & Mrs. Aron Kamman
Mr. & Mrs. Yehoshua Lavner
Rabbi & Mrs. Shmuli Nachlas
Rabbi & Mrs. Zalman Oster
Mr. & Mrs. Nachman Perl
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Plax
Mr. & Mrs. Alex Rodov
Rabbi & Mrs. Dov Schochet
Rabbi & Mrs.Yona Shur
Rabbi & Mrs. Yitzchok Slavin
Rabbi & Mrs. Akiva Wagner
Rabbi & Mrs. Meir Wagner
Rabbi & Mrs. Yoseph Zaltzman
With just over 4 weeks to go, the parents
campaign, with over 25% of families
participating, has already raised over $20,000,
well on our way to our goal of $150,000. Keep
up the great work and remember, everything can
be done online this year at or by calling
the office at 416-663-1972.
Thanks again and lets work on growing this
number on a daily basis.
Grade 8 playing volleyball
Shema – Shabbos Morning
For your convenience we bring you the very latest
time to recite the shema for this Shabbos morning:
Shiur Chassidus
Please join the chassidus shiur Shabbos morning from
9:30 until 10:00. Donuts and chocolate milk will be
served to the boys who arrive within the first 10
‫תניא בעל פה חודש אייר‬
Kita alef getting ready to launch a powered kite
Amazing! Thanks to the Halperins for bringing it to the
Helping bring the sodas and just enjoying the beautiful
The boys who have so far memorized the Iyar part of
'‫כתה ה‬
'‫כתה א‬
‫אהרן דוד רפפורט‬
‫זלמן אייזנבאך‬
‫מ''מ יעקבסאהן‬
‫מ''מ הלפרין‬
‫ישראל ווייסבערג‬
‫יהושע סלאווין‬
‫חיים מאיר אייזנבאך‬
‫נתנאל כהן‬
‫יעקב לנדא‬
‫שלום רפפורט‬
‫שלמה ליפטאן‬
‫אברמל נחלס‬
‫יוסעלע מרקר‬
‫לוי וואראוויטש‬
‫אבי קורטאש‬
‫שמולי בערנשטיין‬
‫לייבל קפלן‬
‫מנחם פורר‬
‫מ''מ קושאנסקי‬
'‫כתה ב‬
‫יודי מטוסב‬
‫שלום דובער מאן‬
‫ברוך ליפווענקא‬
'‫כתה ג‬
‫אברהם פורר‬
‫שלום דובער פלאטקין‬
‫חנן מאן‬
'‫כתה ד‬
‫יוסי אסטפלד‬
‫יצחק שור‬
'‫כתה ו‬
‫יוסף פרמן‬
‫מ''מ ערלענוויין‬
‫שמואל זלצמן‬
‫ברוך חייקין‬
‫שלום לבנר‬
‫ישראל שור‬
‫מרדכי זירקינד‬
‫קלמן שוחאט‬
‫שמואל קפלן‬
‫לוי יצחק מאן‬
‫לוי ביסק‬
‫שמואל קארף‬
‫נחום גארמן‬
‫מ''מ פלאטקין‬
‫ חייקין‬.‫מ‬
‫הערשל גיטלין‬
‫ישראל וגנר‬
‫מנחם וגנר‬
‫משה סערעבריאנסקי‬
‫חיים שובאב‬
‫ חיימפור‬.‫מ‬
‫ גולדברג‬.‫משה ד‬
Sunday Summer Clock Schedule
This schedule remains till the end of the school year.
Minyan at 8:00 drop off begins at 7:50.
Grades 1-4 drop off begins at 9:00
9:10 to 9:15 grace period, doors close at 9:15 and reopen at 9:30.
Friday dismissal is at 12:10.
General Studies dismissal is at 1:30.
Thank you to
and Mrs. Zirkind
for helping the
boys craft such a
beautiful art in
honour of
Grade 6 having a fun game of kickball
Who would imagine that a rebbi also knows how to ride a
Rabbi Schochet in a game of baseball with his boys
Rabbi Ceitlin joins a game of capture the flag
Upon returning to Cheder grades 5-8 joined in a Lag
Ba’Omer game show – Thank you Rabbi Marmulszteyn
Grade 1-4 joined for a special video presentation of a Lag
Ba’Omer Parade with the Rebbe
Rabbi Berkowitz is running the game between grade 2 and
grade 5
Washing for the BBQ and getting ready for the
We thank Gary Gladstone for getting this wonderful video