newsletter 3.3.15 (pdf 2 MB)


newsletter 3.3.15 (pdf 2 MB)
The Bunya - Newsletter
Issue No 1
Thursday 5th March, 2015
Term 1 week 6
Principal’s Message
Melbourne visit
Last week Mrs Beath and I visited Melbourne to attend
the MindBrain conference. The highlight of which was
listening to John Hattie. We always use the effect size
research that John has presented in his book “Visible
Learning.” This allows us to make decisions based upon
knowing what works. If the effect size is not substantial,
we do not waste time with that particular strategy.
We also visited two schools and spent half a day in each
one. Silverton and Wooranna Park Public Schools are
leading the way in their teaching students to be
collaborative, critical thinkers. We returned with many
great ideas.
Ian Jukes and Nikky Mohan, Canadian education experts,
visited our school last Tuesday. They spoke to students,
staff and parents to audit where our school is
This Saturday, our teachers as well as teachers from
Hinchinbrook and Glenwood Public Schools, will be
learning together. This Staff Development Day replaces
the one on 17th December 2015. Ian Jukes will be
presenting his research around Disruptive Innovation.
Our teachers will begin to develop their skills in planning
to teach for different literacies. There will be much more
on this in every newsletter as we take small steps along
the Future Schools path. Parents will be invited to a
session with Ian Jukes to listen and interact, ask
questions and find out what direction all schools should
be heading, to best prepare our students for a highly
successful future.
The P&C will be having a BBQ, the coffee van will be
here, as well as other treats for sale.
Please see the advert in the newsletter for details.
Traffic changes in Pacific Palms Circuit
This week saw the pick-up areas and the bus zone
change. It is early days, but there seems to be a better
flow of traffic. I do ask the community to follow the road
rules and in particular, no u-turns over double yellow
lines. Otherwise it will only be matter of time until there
is a serious accident.
The Rocks Walking Tour
How wonderful it is to hear fabulous feedback from
excursion providers about our students. Both year 3 and
year 4 received “great reviews” from the staff at The
Rocks Walking Tours. Not only was the students’
behaviour superb, but they asked brilliant questions.
Great job stage 2!
P&C news
The first disco of the year is next Wednesday.
There will be two sessions:
K-2 @ 11.20-12.15pm
3-6 @ 12.20 -1.20pm
Cost: $5 entry
Glowsticks will be sold at the door for $1, $2 or $3.
Help support this P&C fundraising event.
Gold Grass Cinema – Friday 27th March
This year our Gold Grass Cinema is on a little earlier in
the year, when hopefully, it will not be as cold as 2014!
Everyone is welcome. It is a great family night. The
tickets have remained the same price for this year.
The next P&C meeting and AGM will he held on
Wednesday 18th March @ 6.30pm. All future P&C
meetings will be held on the third Wednesday of the
Have a great fortnight.
Kylie Donovan
Up Coming events – Term 1
Week 6
Mar 6
PSSA Round 3
Week 7
Mar 10
Mar 11
Mar 12
Mar 12
Mar 12
Mar 13
Skipping – Stage 1
P&C Disco
Selective High School Test
K-2 Assembly @ 2.10pm (1 Oberon)
PSSA Round 4
Week 8
Mar 17
Mar 18
Mar 18
Mar 19
Mar 19
Mar 20
Skipping – Stage 1
Harmony Day
P&C meeting and AGM @ 6.30pm
3-6 Assembly @ 2.10pm (3/4 Density)
PSSA Round 5
Good number sense
Reading with your child at home
Maths is a numbers game but for some students - and
When your kids see you reading and writing in everyday
parents - the figures don't add up. Here are some
life – whether reading for pleasure, sharing a story with
strategies to help kids to work out sums in their heads in
them or making a shopping list – it teaches them that they
a way that makes sense to them.
are useful skills. Here are some things you can do at
home to help your kids with reading.
Find out more:
Find out more:
Hoxton Park Public School Merit Winners
Term 1
Weeks 4 & 5
K Draco
2 Hubble
4 Triton
Caitlyn Grebenshikoff
Shyla Singh
Christian Tran
Isaac Pierson
George Youkhana
Jacques Hoang
Indiana Naidoo
Christina Cespedes
Shreya Kamath
Maddison Jones
Gabriel Mazloum
Dylan Chohaili
K Earth
2 Nebula
5 Stellar
Nathan Pham
Damian Dimitrieski
Olivia Jovanovic
Bianca Chadwick
Fetiniai Havea
Filip Pismanovski
Stuart Busiko
Seumalo Leilua
Renaldo Ionita
Chantelle Cachia
Celestine Nwuka
Simet Faleh
K Halo
3 Eclipse
5 Telesto
Veronica La Spada
Aceiyah Kumar
Ismail Khan
Isabella Carmona
Susan Sharifi
Leilani Weatherby
Ashneel Kumar
Tara McHugh
Jirae Afoa
Jeremy Pye
Alyssa Oudshoorn
K Horizon
Georgia Hele
Stavro Hana
Shaelyn Allison
Dilara Harm
Leilana Kaukura Grey
Jayden Mansour
Louisiana Rodriguez Carrillo
Keira King
Malik Azmal
Areej Hussaini
5/6 Sputnik
3/4 Density
6 Ozone
Ethan Liu
Nicholas Herrera Saez
Ameera Hussein
Anthony Khay
K Pegasus
Jone Livanisiga
Sophia Luxa
1 Martian
Tomasz Durka
Wesley Dimanche
Alicia Wu
Angelina Sayes
1 Oberon
Rihanna Daly
Kevin Bintulan
Poulis Poutros
Emilia Mazloum
3 Rhea
Krishneel Naidu
Amrit Sharma
Damanjot Kaur
Gabi Roco
4 Comet
Jayden Ly
Zayne Ibrahim
Rachel Jabur
Jonathan Prada Yepes
2 Galaxy
Lucas Todini
Liliana Arruzza
Hiba Osman
Zac Cricri
Edward Kivarkis
Aleksandar Aleksic
Ashton Eyke
Tyler Conrades
Aryan Chand
Sumaira Ali
Orlando Huynh
Selvin Swamy
Emily Milios
Kaizen Morgan-Pritchard
Vanshika Bondili
Tatiana Carmona
Emily Mellish
Zaine Merhi
Sherwin Singh
Saniya Nizamuddin Serene Merhi
Bella Clarke
Gabrielle Fortaleza
Emaan Ghafoor
Max Roussel-Kefalianos
Nikeel Maharaj
Caitlin Steinbruckner
Massimo Todini
Emily Merry
Jessie Le
Oriana Thepsourinthone
Milisa Aleksic
John Kivarkis
Alessia Caputo
Nancy Volkman
6 Maia
Nadia Saboune
James Overell
Dion Sayaloune
Jasmine Veljanovski
Braith Leatham
Jordon Coluccio
Rushil Patel
Nancy Al-Salihi
6 Saturn
Joshua Jabur
Jireh Ieremia
Anna Nguyen
Courageous Afoa
Darell Weatherby
Hannah Falefata
Maria Castro
Keira King
Makayla Birtles
Ashneel Maharaj
Madelaine Borg
Braith Leatham
Jayton Wakeford
Tyde Matenga
Jessica Beavan
Daniel Pye
Joshua Azar
Daniel Falefata
Tyrese Weatherby
Valentina Dinkha
Aavah Rivera
Delilah Demir
Mikayla Mellish
Shannon Griffith
Jacinta Jones
Dominic Clarke
Sayan Prasad
Anthony Son
Corey Kilmartin
Alisha Hutchinson
Samantha Vorn
Asah Ghafoor
Parri Nath
Jo-Hanna Ieremia
Angelina Lay
Cristiano Nouna
Thu Nguyen
Braxton Sayaloune
Benji Catania
Dylan Wu

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