this week`s daf parasha


this week`s daf parasha
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‫משחק פורים‬
‫ לוין קיפניס‬:‫מילים‬
‫ נחום נרדי‬:‫לחן‬
‫ צליל‬,‫ ציל‬,‫ציל‬
,‫מצנפת לי וגדיל‬
,‫אל יקום איש ממקומו‬
.‫משחק פורים מתחיל‬
...‫לה לה לה‬
8:15-9:00 PM
Women's Shiur: women in the tanach
with Ruti Mualem
After accepting the Torah and commanding the building of the Mishkan and
its vessels, Moses is going to accept the Torah from G-d. One of the most infamous events takes place in our Parasha – the sin of the golden calf that the people make
when, in their view, Moses is late in coming back : “When the people saw that Moses was
late in coming down from the mountain, the people gathered against Aaron". What made the
people react so hastily?
‫מלכה אסתר אני‬
,‫וזר זהב יש לי‬
?‫יודעים אתם מי דודי‬
.‫מרדכי היהודי‬
‫ לכולנו‬,‫לכולנו‬
,‫על ראשנו זר‬
‫כל אחת מאתנו‬
.‫היא מלכה אסתר‬
9:15-10:00 PM
Gemara Makot in Hebrew
With Rav Herman
,‫אני הוא מרדכי‬
.‫תכלת בגדי‬
‫אזני המן ורעשנים‬
.‫הבאתי לילדי‬
9:00-10:00 AM
Women's Beit Midrash
with Rav Eddie Shostak
...‫לה לה לה‬
ANSWERS: Left to right
Front row:
Naomi Cohn, Esther Akiva, Ahuva Neriya, Meytal Zviel, Shira Tauber, Racheli Gross (and Gilad!),
Rivka and Tziporah Novoseller
‫וגם אני אשיר‬
,‫הבאתי סוס אביר‬
‫את מרדכי היהודי‬
.‫ארכיב ברחוב העיר‬
8:15-9:00 PM
Chavrutot Learning
8:15-9:00 PM
Students Night
with Rav Mualem and KTM Staff
Parashat Hashavua
with Rav Herman
by Rav Amnon Herman, Rosh Kollel Torah MiTzion
‫ לכולנו‬,‫לכולנו‬
,‫כתר על הראש‬
‫כל אחד מאתנו‬
.‫הוא אחשוורוש‬
8:15-9:00 PM
The Kosher Kitchen: Topics in Kashrut
with Rav Herman
‫ שלוש‬,‫ שתיים‬,‫אחת‬
,‫אני אחשוורוש‬
‫שרביט זהב לי ביד‬
.‫וכתר על הראש‬
9:15-10:00 PM
Likutei Moharan
Chavrutot Learning
9:15-10:00 PM
Habayit Hayehudi
With Rav Amnon Herman
How many past shlichim can you name?
Back row:
Sander Wasser, Penina and Elly Miller, Rabbi Neriya, Jacques and Sylvia Picard, Emanuel Cohn,
Me (!), David Zviel, Sarit and Rav Yishai Lisner, Yaniv Akiva, Chani and Gabi Cohen, Aryeh Gross,
Rafi (!), Ido Tauber (behind Rafi), Gal and Tali Golan, Rivka and Joel Lion, Itsik and Smadar Amar,
Hadas and Nir Grosman, Rochelle and Jeff Rein, Barbara Mazer, Carol and David Novoseller,
Estie Novoseller, Sara (Novoseller) and Matityahu Sarafzadeh
8:20 AM Shacharit followed by
breakfast and shiur at 9:00 AM
We'll have you out of here by 9:30 AM!
Start your week off on the right foot!
...‫לה לה לה‬
Wednesday Morning
Rabbi Eddie Shostak
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The great sin of the golden calf is a mere result of the people losing their patience. They urged
Aaron saying “Come on! Make us gods”. As in the past, the desire for instant gratification is becoming an epidemic in our fast moving
technological world. People are on a constant quest to conquer their goals without even stopping to think for one moment if it is the right thing to do. Our Parasha comes to teach us the
dangers in following that way of thought, that can lead one to build a “golden calf”. The Gmara
in Yomah (38b) illustrates it in this manner. When a man sells both kerosene and perfume and
a buyer comes to purchase kerosene, the shopkeeper says to him: Measure it out for yourself.
But to a person who comes to purchase perfume, he says: Wait until I measure together with
you, so that both you and I may become infused with the perfume. From that Gmara, we can
learn that when one wants to get closer to Hashem and to find his way in this world, Hashem
tells him: Wait! Why? Because one needs to contemplate over the right path for himself and
Hashem wants to accompany him in that process. Doing so, one will be able to build a healthy
and balanced spiritual and physical life. Rabbi Moshe Chaim Lutzato in his composition Mesilat Yesharim, teaches that watchfulness
or vigilance is the first level in Divine service. This starting point enables one to watch over his
actions and accustomed ways to determine whether or not they are good. The Ramcha”l says
that it is destructive to follow one’s evil inclination by not leaving time to evaluate the action
and ways and as a result falling into evil without even noticing it.
Women's Beit Midrash
9:15-10:00 PM
Chevruta Learning
The Midrash teaches that 40 days after Moses went up the mountain, the people approached
Aaron because they were tricked by the Yetzer Hara to think that Moses would never come
back. The people were looking for fast solutions and when Chur, the son of Miriam, tried to
talk them out of their wishes, they killed him. Then they gathered against Aaron who tried
to stall them, as he asked them for their permission to build an altar by himself, hoping that
Moses would arrive by the time he finished. When Moses still did not arrive, Aaron said:
“Tomorrow shall be a festival to the Lord", trying to stop the events by buying some more
time. Aaron’s initiatives failed and on the following day the people woke up very early in the
morning eager to fulfill their desire to worship the golden calf as it says: “On the next day they
arose early”. But in a world of “Time is Money” the Yetzer Hara is able to fool us just like he fooled the
people who made the golden calf. The Gmara in Brachot (64a) teaches that the one who
pushes the hour will be pushed by his hour. This means that the individual who tries to force
his good fortune will be dogged by ill fortune. We can learn the same thing from the description of the calf in our Parasha that was made out of gold, in Hebrew – ‫בהז‬. The Zohar teaches
that this word comes from the combination of ‫הז‬-‫בה‬, literally, give me that! It is that tendency
to accomplish things in life instantaneously that can fail us if it isn't accompanied by a spiritual
process that takes a lot of patience. Shabbat Shalom.
Lieberman Beit Midrash of the
Hebrew Academy
5700 Kellert Ave. Cote St. Luc
Rosh Kollel: Rav Amnon Herman
President: Jason Lifson
Executive Director: Chaviva Lifson
514.486.5718 • • [email protected]
March 6-7, 2015/16 Adar 5775
Parashat Ki Tisa
Candle lighting: 5:29 PM • Havdalah: 6:34 PM
‫ליל יום חמישי ל' שבט‬
by Rav Roei Mualem, KTM Shaliach
Moreshet Krav
Lessons from Battle
All of the hardships Galit had gone through until she was 18 had seemed possible,
but then the real trouble began. “One day, my brother came to me and said ‘Galit,
we have no more home. Our parents got divorced.’ So for two years, I had to find
somewhere to sleep over Shabbat,” she said as she described the difficult period.
Bnei Akiva Snif for grade 1-6
SHABBAT Parshat Ki Tisa, March 7
by Shuki Sister
KTM Shaliach
Special Bnei Akiva colour war – extended Shabbat
Where? Hebrew Academy.
In our Parasha, Moshe Rabenu sacrifices for Am Yisrael. Am Yisrael sins with the
Golden Calf, and this leaves a dark mark on them that causes God to want to destroy
them. Moshe asks God to forgive Am Yisrael, and then even asks God to take his
name out of the Torah if He won’t forgive them. Moshe asks God to have mercy on Am
Yisrael, and thus he demonstrates his dedication to Am Yisrael.
Also in this week’s Haftorah, we see Eliyahu Hanavi sacrificing for Am Yisrael. Eliyahu
wants Am Yisrael to repent and to have better lives, so he asks God not to give any
rain, so that Am Yisrael will repent. After 3 years of drought, God tells Eliyahu that He
wants to bring rain, so Eliyahu must go to Achav, then the king of Israel. Although Achav
has been searching for Eliyahu throughout the drought, Eliyahu is not scared, and he
goes confidently to Achav because he knows God is with him. After the Mount Carmel
story, the people repent and God gives them rain.
5:15 P.M –
Pick-up: 7:30 P.M
MIFKAD /‫מפקד‬
ACTIVITY /‫פעולה‬
Havdalah /‫מעריב והבדלה‬
Special SNACKS /‫חטיף‬
- Snif ends
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Despite the difficulties, Galit began to grow stronger in her religious belief and she signed up to
study graphic design at the “Emunah” College in Jerusalem - a religious institution. She lived in
the dormitory. She relates: “One day I got to the apartment and my friends were sitting around
complaining and crying about their hard lives. I told them, ‘You guys are crazy, we are so welloff!’ Then I started telling them about why we were so lucky. None of the girls knew what was
going on in my home life, and a good friend of mine said to me – “Be quiet, you rich snob. It is
no wonder that YOU’RE happy.’ I swallowed and went into my room.”
At 22, after lots of persuading, Galit met Gad (Gadi) Ezra, who soon became her fiancé. “We met
once and I was already amazed by him- his character and his personality. He told me about his
mother in the midst of everything. I thought - who else would talk about his mother on dates?”
Galit and Gadi decided to get married very quickly. It was at the same time, seven years ago,
that Operation “Chomat Magen” (Defensive Shield) began, and Gadi was sent to Jenin. Galit
had just returned from clothes shopping for the Henna (china) and the Sheva Brachot when her
mother and brothers were waiting at home to tell her the terrible news.
Gadi had left Galit this letter, in a drawer at his parents’ house.
Just a few years after the establishment of the State of Israel, there was a soldier in
the IDF named Natan Elbaz. Natan was born in Morocco. He moved to Israel at age 17
and he joined the IDF as part of the Givati Brigade. On the 8th of Adar (Alef), February
11th, 1954, during his service, Natan received a simple order to sit in a tent and to
dismantle hand grenades. While he was dismantling the grenades, he heard a click of
release, and he understood that one of the safety catches of one of the grenades had
accidentally been released. He immediately located the grenade, grabbed it and ran
outside of the tent to warn his fellow soldiers that the grenade was going to explode so
everyone should find cover. As he began to run, he realized that he could not throw the
grenade far enough to save everyone’s lives. So Natan lay on the ground on top of the
grenade, thus blocking all of the fragments of the grenade and saving the lives of his
friends. This was a real act of sacrifice for Am Yisrael. After his death, Natan received
the Distinguished Service Medal from the IDF.
My Dear Galiti, If this letter reaches you, it means that something has happened to me.
My beloved, on one hand I feel that there is nothing more that I want in this world
than to be with you - to love you and to establish a home and a family with you.
But on the other hand, there isn't anything that I want more than to be a part of this
military operation and strike those terrorists a blow so strong that they will never again even
consider carrying out a terrorist attack.
My beautiful one, I love you so much and the only grief of mine is the fact that you will have sorrow and I will not be the one who will be privileged to make you happy.
You deserve all the happiness in the world. I will always watch over you from wherever I am and I will see to it that you will meet someone who
will make you even happier than I could have made you.
My sweet one, don't forget - all that happens is for the best and if this is what the Almighty chose,
then this is what has to be. What is left for us is to accept it with love.
I promise you that where I am now is the most wonderful place that exists. I am not suffering and
I have no regrets. My only sorrow is for the grief of those left behind - you, my family and my
friends. Spread the message, dearest one - "There's no despair - always be joyful."
This is what I ask of you, even if it is difficult.
I know that I can request this from you, because I know the natural happiness and joy that always
shines from within you and that is what I fell in love with, and that is what drew me to you the
very first time I saw you.
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I love you forever, for all eternity, and I am always with you.
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‫ ע‬ ‫ ס‬ ‫ ז‬ ‫ ש‬ ‫ נ‬ ‫ ס‬ ‫ ד‬ ‫ א‬ ‫ נ‬ ‫ ק‬ ‫ י‬ ‫ מ‬ ‫ ש‬ ‫ ש‬ ‫ ב‬ ‫ ת‬ ‫ נ‬ ‫ ד‬ ‫ כ‬ ‫ ת‬ ‫ ה‬ ‫ ל‬ ‫ י‬ ‫ א‬ ‫ ק‬ ‫ י‬ ‫ל‬
‫ ת‬ ‫ ס‬ ‫ ב‬ ‫ ר‬ ‫ כ‬ ‫ מ‬ ‫ צ‬ ‫ ר‬ ‫ ו‬ ‫ ט‬ ‫ מ‬ ‫ ס‬ ‫ כ‬ ‫ ה‬ ‫ ש‬ ,‫ מסוה‬,‫ גדי‬,‫ הר סיני‬,‫ לוחות‬,‫ עגל‬,‫ כי תשא‬,‫ מסכה‬,‫שבת‬
Why did I choose to bring this story this Shabbat? Because, in my opinion, this is the essence of the Purim story. Galit’s story doesn’t end with “Venahafoch hu”, with the trial being overturned, thus making it more difficult than the Megillah story. But Gadi’s will, whose
life is embodied in the sentence “Spread the message, dearest one- ‘There’s no despair- always be joyful,’” is a message for all of us, especially on Purim. There will always be enemies who wish to destroy us, and our main weapon is our joy. We will not let them destroy us- physically or mentally. We must stay alive and joyous against the evil of Amalek!
Happy Purim!
Kollel Torah Mitzion has a core faculty of graduates from Hesder Yeshivot in Israel
who come here to serve as teachers and role models in our community, bringing a
taste of Israel to Montreal. KTM’s Beit Midrash program features a full schedule of
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