Information for Applicants: Central Queensland Sunshine Coast


Information for Applicants: Central Queensland Sunshine Coast
Information for Applicants – CQSC Primary Health Network
Information for Applicants: Central Queensland Sunshine Coast Primary
Health Network
Position Information
Position Title: Population Health Planner
Position Location: Brisbane
Contract Duration: Up to 2 years
Estimated Start Date: June 2015
Application Closing Date: 4pm, Monday 18 may 2015.
Thank you for your interest in the position of Population Health Planner with the Central
Queensland Sunshine Coast Primary Health Network (CQSC PHN) as managed by Abt JTA.
This document includes information on the following:
Program overview;
Introduction to Abt JTA;
Application process;
Position Description; and
Key Selection Criteria.
Please read this document carefully as applications that vary from the specified
requirements may not be accepted.
Program Overview
Abt JTA, in partnership with the Sunshine Coast Health Network, has been successful in
being awarded the implementation of the Central Queensland and Sunshine Cost Primary
Health Network (CQSC PHN). From July 1, 2015 a Population Health Planning Unit will be
established to provide services to the PHN in order for evidence based decisions to be made
to enable planning and implementation initiatives to meet the health needs of the population
within the PHN region. It will be important that extensive consultation with the community,
the General Practice workforce and the hospital and health services in the region take place.
Additionally, a needs analysis will support research initiatives and provide a baseline for
evaluating impact and effectiveness measures across the spectrum of activities supported
by the PHN.
Abt JTA is seeking qualified and experienced people to contribute to this exciting new work
which will be based in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Successful applicants will be
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Information for Applicants – CQSC Primary Health Network
working with a strong and committed team across a variety of disciplines contributing to
improving the health status of the population living in the CQSC PHN region.
Abt JTA – Who We Are
Abt JTA is a specialist international health and social sector consulting company that
provides services to public and private sector clients. Our domestic and international clients
range from donor agencies, national governments, mining operations and private
enterprises, and our services span across a number of speciality areas including project
management, policy development, service delivery, consulting and training. We are a
company that has a personal commitment to our staff and as such we value the long-term
relationships that we build with the people who work with us.
For more information about our company and what we do visit our website at
Our Values
We are united by our mission to improve the lives of people worldwide.
We are a global community, bringing diverse knowledge, expertise, and perspectives to the
many challenges faced by today's world.
Committed to Excellence.
We strive to meet and exceed the highest professional standards.
We know that working collaboratively produces excellence.
We take responsibility for what we do and how we do it.
We sustain the energy and commitment we bring to our roles by promoting a healthy
balance between our personal and professional lives.
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Information for Applicants – CQSC Primary Health Network
Preparing Your Application
Please read the following information carefully as incomplete applications may not be
To submit an application:
Visit the Abt JTA website ( and navigate to the ‘Careers’ section.
Locate the position you are applying for and select ‘Job Details’.
Click on the ‘Apply Online’ button and follow the prompts.
It should take between 10-15 minutes for you to complete the online application. Before
submitting your application it is recommended that you have the following documentation
prepared so that these can be readily uploaded during the application process:
An electronic version of your CV (less than 3MB);
A statement addressing the key selection criteria (maximum three (3) pages). This
document should clearly describe how your skills, experience and qualifications will
enable you to meet the requirements of the position; and
Details of at least three (3) professional referees (preferably your current supervisor
and two (2) previous supervisors).
Other Points to Consider:
If you are successful in being short-listed or are selected for this position you may be
required to undertake a police check, psychometric test and/or a medical
Lodging Your Application:
All applications should be submitted online through our website at:
Should you experience any difficulties with the submission process, or have any questions
about this role then please contact:
Contact name: Stephen Kennedy
Email: [email protected]
Closing Date: 4pm, Monday 18 May 2015
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Information for Applicants – CQSC Primary Health Network
Position Description
The Population Health Planner, under guidance from the CEO CQSC PHN, and reporting to
the Abt JTA GM Australian Programs, plans, analyses and evaluates current or proposed
health programs for the purpose of program development; assists in the development of
recommendations to improve existing health programs or substantiate the need for
additional programs; assists in the development and finalisation of a PHN-wide strategic plan
to support the identified health needs of the target populations, of health services and/or
plans mandated by outside agencies.
The Population Health Planner works as part of the wider CQSC PHN Team and is located
as a member of the Health Services Planning Unit which provides an integral role to the
Central Queensland and Sunshine Coast Primary Health Network by:
Formulating and supporting the development, implementation and evaluation of
organisational and service strategies.
Developing and overarching Monitoring and Evaluation Framework and supporting
the development of M&E KPIs for discrete projects and programs of commissioned
health services.
Participating in developing research proposals and conducting research to develop
and evidence base of good practice in primary health care;
Leading and supporting health service and population planning functions (including
health needs assessments).
Delivering well researched and presented strategic and technical advice.
The Population Health Planner will support the Manager, Population Health Planner,
Evaluation and Research Unit of the CQSC PHN (in the event that this position is not
appointed as the Unit Manager) and ensure effective coordination, development,
implementation and evaluation of PHN-wide service strategies and health service planning
and functions undertaken by the CQSC PHN Team.
Specifically, the position will provide professional planning expertise and high level technical
advice which ensures that the CQSC PHN strategy development, planning and business
processes and outcomes are:
Informed by robust evidence from analyses of the relevant data (using routine health
data collections and projection tools), as well as critical appraisal of the relevant
Aligned with relevant Commonwealth, State and Local Health District strategic and
policy directions and priorities.
The position holder is also responsible for developing, managing and coordinating
the preparation of briefings, reports, strategies, plans and contributing to the
development of business cases and research proposals.
Provides technical assistance to management personnel and community advisory
boards, councils or agencies to coordinate and implement program development.
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Information for Applicants – CQSC Primary Health Network
May have responsibility for liaison work with one or more community groups relating
to planning efforts.
Key Role Responsibilities will include (but are not limited t o):
Driving the CQSC PHN Comprehensive Needs Assessment activity, utilising the
most appropriate models and methodologies for the target communities, structure
and organisational capacity.
Researching population health status for all CQSC PHN communities, vulnerable
groups and areas of emerging needs. The position will seek advice and guidance
from the spectrum of Advisory groups established in the PHN.
Working with the Population Health, Evaluation and Research Unit Team and
collaborating with the wider CQSC PHN Team, develop the strategic framework for
all health promotion activities with CQSC PHN.
Developing strategies, processes and tools to support Team Leaders managing the
deliverables of Health Promotion Officers across the region
Planning for the delivery of sustainable, accessible and culturally appropriate
Training and mentoring staff in Health Promotion theory and practice
Key Selection Criteria
For your application to be considered by the panel, interested applicants must submit a
response to each of the following Key Selection Criteria:
KSC 1:
Relevant Bachelor or Master’s degree in Health Promotion, Public Health or
in a field related to the position description and/ or equivalent industry
experience in health services and strategy development and planning.
KSC 2:
Extensive high level experience in leading, managing and coordinating the
development, implementation and evaluation of organisational and service
strategies, as well as associated population health and clinical services
planning and reporting activities in a health care setting.
KSC 3:
Highly developed technical skills in the analysis, reporting and presentation of
data and information related to health services need/demand and
capacity/supply, using routine health data collection and planning tools.
KSC 4:
Sound and up-to-date understanding of Commonwealth and state-wide
directions in health services reform, policy, planning, funding and delivery.
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Information for Applicants – CQSC Primary Health Network
KSC 5:
Demonstrable knowledge of health planning and systems theory; public and
mental health programs and trends; developing and evaluating health
program plans; statistical research techniques and applications; fundamentals
of data processing; methods of preparing reports; populations, social,
economic and staffing trends affecting health services; structure and
operation of public administrations.
KSC 6:
Demonstrable knowledge, understanding and experience in the application of
contemporary public health/health promotion and primary health care
research, theory and practice with an emphasis on community development
and population health planning within rural and remote communities.
KSC 7:
Proven experience in human resources management and leadership
including sound achievement in leading, managing and coordinating teams to
produce deliverables within specified timeframes.
KSC 8:
Extensive experience and demonstrable high level skills in project
management; the ability to work collaboratively across the organisation with
skills in change management, project management and group facilitation is
KSC 9:
Excellent interpersonal, communication, conflict resolution and organisational
skills, with an ability to analyse complex issues, to prepare clear,
comprehensive and complex documents, and to influence and negotiate
Other Requirements
The Population Health Planner will have experience in community engagement and
an awareness of local health issues and the ability to work with people from diverse
cultural backgrounds.
It is essential that you have high level oral, written and interpersonal communication
skills. Your high level communication skills will enable you to effectively influence
others, and manage complex stakeholder relationships. Importantly, you'll need to
be able to hit the ground running as there are some immediate deliverables and
deadlines which will need to be addressed.
The ability to: gather, analyse, organize, interpret and report data related to health
program planning; speak and write effectively; work cooperatively with local, State
and Federal agencies and community groups is required.
Applicants must provide evidence of a current Australian drivers’ licence.
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