Information for Applicants: KOMPAK LEAP


Information for Applicants: KOMPAK LEAP
Information for Applicants – KOMPAK LEAP
Information for Applicants: KOMPAK LEAP
Position Information
Position Title: Research Officer (two positions)
Reports To: Senior LEAP Officer, based in the same location
Position Location: One position will be based in Papua and one in either Kupang or
Surabaya, depending on location of the Senior LEAP Officer. Both positions will be expected
to travel within Indonesia
Contract Duration: Up to three years
Remuneration Level: Local Rate
Estimated Start Date: TBC
Application Closing Date: 4pm AEST Monday 25 May 2015
Thank you for your interest in the position of Research Officer with the KOMPAK program as
managed by Abt JTA.
This document includes information on the following:
Program overview;
Introduction to Abt JTA;
Application process;
Terms of Reference (Position Description); and
Key Selection Criteria.
Please read this document carefully as applications that vary from the specified requirements
may not be accepted.
KOMPAK Program Overview
KOMPAK (Governance for Growth) is a large and complex program that is uniquely placed to
add value to the Government of Indonesia’s own efforts to improve the social and economic
conditions of its citizens; it is aimed at economic expansion and poverty reduction in Indonesia.
Abt JTA is supporting frontline services—including health and education—while identifying
governance constraints. The work accompanies implementation of Village Law, new national
rules that empower local communities and increase the direct flow of money to village
governments and services. KOMPAK seeks to strengthen the capacity of all levels of
government to improve services, respond to citizen needs and contribute to stable prosperity.
KOMPAK recognizes the importance of learning, evaluation, analytics, and performance as
drivers of effective program strategy, design, implementation, and assurance of continuing
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Information for Applicants – KOMPAK LEAP
relevance and improvement. KOMPAK has combined these four functions into LEAP
(Learning, Evaluation, Analytics, and Performance), which has the overall responsibility for
promoting a culture of evidence-informed decision-making and practice within KOMPAK.
To achieve this, KOMPAK is guided by the LEAP Framework, which is a management tool to
assist with assessing performance, driving improvement, informing design, and promoting
ongoing learning and program adaptation.
LEAP has two work units:
The Evaluation and Performance (E&P) Team, led by the E&P Specialist
The Learning and Analytics (L&A) Team, led by the L&A Specialist
While each team has a specific area of focus, LEAP will operate as an integrated work unit.
The E&P Specialist and L&A Specialist hold joint responsibility for ensuring that the KOMPAK
LEAP Framework is implemented effectively and reviewed regularly so that it remains dynamic
and relevant throughout the life of KOMPAK.
Abt JTA – Who We Are
Abt JTA is a specialist international health and social sector consulting company that provides
services to public and private sector clients. Our domestic and international clients range from
donor agencies, national governments, mining operations and private enterprises, and our
services span across a number of speciality areas including project management, policy
development, service delivery, consulting and training. We are a company that has a personal
commitment to our staff and as such we value the long-term relationships that we build with
the people who work with us.
For more information about our company and what we do visit our website at
Our Values
We are united by our mission to improve the lives of people worldwide.
We are a global community, bringing diverse knowledge, expertise, and perspectives to the
many challenges faced by today's world.
Committed to Excellence.
We strive to meet and exceed the highest professional standards.
We know that working collaboratively produces excellence.
We take responsibility for what we do and how we do it.
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Information for Applicants – KOMPAK LEAP
We sustain the energy and commitment we bring to our roles by promoting a healthy balance
between our personal and professional lives.
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Information for Applicants – KOMPAK LEAP
Preparing Your Application
Please read the following information carefully as incomplete applications may not be
To submit an application:
Visit the Abt JTA website ( and navigate to the ‘Careers’ section.
Locate the position you are applying for and select ‘Job Details’.
Click on the ‘Apply Online’ button and follow the prompts.
It should take between 30-40 minutes for you to complete the online application. Before
submitting your application it is recommended that you have the following documentation
prepared so that these can be readily uploaded during the application process:
An electronic version of your CV (less than 3MB);
A statement addressing the key selection criteria (maximum three (3) pages). This
document should clearly describe how your skills, experience and qualifications will
enable you to meet the requirements of the position; and
Details of at least three (3) professional referees (preferably your current supervisor
and two (2) previous supervisors).
Other Points to Consider:
If you are successful in being short-listed or are selected for this position you may be
required to undertake a police check, psychometric test and/or a medical examination.
A performance assessment will be undertaken for all advisers at least annually and
upon completion of their appointment. By submitting your application for this role you
are consenting to Abt JTA undertaking this assessment and to providing a record of
this assessment to Australian Aid for inclusion in their adviser database.
Lodging Your Application:
All applications should be submitted online through our website at:
Should you experience any difficulties with the submission process, or have any questions
about this role then please contact:
Contact name: Stephen Kennedy
Email: [email protected]
Closing Date: 4pm, Monday 25 May 2015 Australian Eastern Standard Time.
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Information for Applicants – KOMPAK LEAP
Terms of Reference (Position Description)
The two Research Officers form part of the L&A Team but receive their day-to-day direction
from the Senior LEAP Officer based in the same location. They support the implementation of
the LEAP Framework. The main role of the two Research Officers is to assist the Senior LEAP
Officers to support program staff to identify analytical needs, and where part of a program
initiative, help program staff design and manage analytical studies. In particular, the L&A Team
will provide technical guidance and assistance in methodologies to ensure they are technically
sound, relevant, and offer value for money.
In addition to studies undertaken through the program teams, the L&A Team will be
responsible itself for the conduct of studies (either directly or through outsourced contracts).
An analytics agenda will be set annually with key stakeholders. Within the work plan, time and
resources will be allocated for rapid response analytics of emerging issues. The Research
Officers will participate in studies, including providing administrative and logistical support.
The Research Officers will input to the management of effective mechanisms for the sharing
of learning and knowledge across KOMPAK and amongst stakeholders at the subnational
A key responsibility of the L&A Team will be to support the development and implementation
of a ‘doing development differently’ approach1, particularly development and implementation
of multi-stakeholder problem-solving approaches (for example, PDIA, action learning).
KOMPAK will support these approaches at subnational level as a means of helping local
governments work with their multi stakeholders to identify systemic issues and trial local
solutions. As part of the L&A Team, the Research Officers will assist the Senior LEAP Officers
to provide technical guidance and assistance to local evaluators who will help local
implementing teams evaluate, assess, and adapt the local experiments. They will work with
program staff and their local counterparts to ensure evidence from these iterative local
evaluations is fed back into not only the local initiative but also more broadly across districts,
provinces, and up to national levels. The intention is to have timely evidence inform adaptation
of initiatives as well as possible diffusion, replication, and scale-up.
Role Responsibilities:
Support implementation of the LEAP Framework
1. Assist Senior LEAP Officers to support program staff and partners to design and
implement (where appropriate) analytical studies relevant to their program area
2. Assist Senior LEAP Officers to provide technical guidance and assistance in areas of
research and analytics
Doing development differently’ approach is one that a) works in a problem-driven and politically informed way;
b) promotes adaptation and entrepreneurship; and c) supports change that reflects local realities and is locally
led. The approach is outlined in: Wild et al. (2015). Adapting Development: Improving Services to the Poor. ODI.
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Information for Applicants – KOMPAK LEAP
3. Implement monitoring activities to ensure that analytics processes are implemented as
agreed by program staff and partners
4. Provide administrative follow-up actions to support the work of the subnational LEAP
Support Learning and Analytics Systems Development
1. Provide on-the-job training and coaching of program staff in the use of the LEAP
system(s) as part of any program related studies
2. Assist with quality assurance (QA) and help to implement needed refinements of the
KOMPAK management information system(s) that pertain to analytical studies
3. Assist with the coordination, collation, and dissemination of findings from analytics
Strengthening learning and analytics capacity
At the subnational level and under the guidance of senior research staff:
1. Provide technical guidance and assistance to local evaluators who assess and provide
rapid feedback of evidence of the initiatives undertaken by the multi-stakeholder
problem-solving approach at subnational levels
2. Provide on-the-job training and coaching for KOMPAK program staff to strengthen their
ability to design and manage program-related analytic studies
Participate in studies
1. Input to the design and implementation of studies conducted by the L&A Team
Provide effective reporting
1. Support data, information, and analysis inputs to the analytical process and the writing
of LEAP reports and other KOMPAK reports, as required
2. Support preparation of relevant information for LEAP to provide to the KOMPAK Senior
Management Team and other data for distribution to key stakeholders
Contribute to the LEAP Team
1. Be a productive and supportive member of the LEAP Team
2. Develop an individual work plan and meet personal goals on time and to a high
3. Ensure compliance with AbtJTA’s code of conduct and personnel policies
Key Selection Criteria
For your application to be considered by the panel, interested applicants must submit a
response to each of the following Key Selection Criteria:
1. Appropriate university qualifications in research or other relevant field;
2. Practical
experience supporting research or evaluation design, conduct, and
management including analysis and interpretation of qualitative and quantitative data;
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Information for Applicants – KOMPAK LEAP
3. Ability to support learning from findings with implementation teams and other relevant
4. Ability to develop and deliver research and analytics capacity development activities for
implementation teams;
5. Excellent communication skills, both written and oral, in Bahasa Indonesia. Fluency and
strong capacity to read and write reports in English;
6. Ability to work effectively as part of a cross-cultural team;
7. Ability to meet deadlines and deliver high quality work;
8. Ability to use a range of computer applications; and
9. Ability to travel across Indonesia, including to the remote parts of the country in Papua.
Demonstrated experience in delivery of international development projects in Indonesia,
particularly within the Australian aid system and environment;
Experience in working with the complexity of Indonesian government settings, public
sectors, and civil society organizations at the national and subnational levels, preferable
in district arenas;
Deep understanding of safeguards issues such as social inclusion, gender equality, and
child protection; and
Experience in sectors relevant to KOMPAK such as regional economic development,
governance, decentralisation and community development.
If no response to the above Key Selection Criteria is made, applications will not be
considered further.
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