AEVA Adelaide, South Australia
- Minutes of General Meeting
held in the Function Room
Vogue Theatre
25 Belair Rd, Kingswood, SA 5062
Date: May 20, 2015 - 7:30pm
Chairman: Edward Booth welcomed everyone to the meeting.
All mobile devices to be turned off or made silent.
Apologies: Richard Giles, Fe & Hans Schigulski
Minutes of the last meeting were published on the website for all to
read. Accepted: yes
 Ask for numbers (Eric to count number present)
o Number present: 47
o Arrived in Plug-in Vehicle: 9 (8 cars) Non Plugin Hybrid: 2
o New members since last meeting: 3
o Visitors: 9
 Edward to mention the visitors’ $4.00 donation.
Chairman’s report:
Edward spoke about the meeting with the Minister.
Treasurer’s report:
Richard is in China - full report at next meeting.
Secretary’s Report:
 Toilets, Renovations, Tea & Coffee available
 Anyone who would like to be notified of meetings etc to place their
name and email address on the “Email list”. Please print very
 Parking is available off road: Northern and Southern car parks
 Items for sale.
- Orange Insulation Tape – In stock now - $3.00 roll, see Eric.
 Library books - videos from laptop - See Chris Hickey
 New membership and renewals can be done any time.
Forms are available, please have the correct money. This can also
be done on-line.
 Adelaide Branch AGM will be held in July. Only financial
members can vote. Committee member nomination forms are
available on the website (Documents page).
 EV Meeting in Hobart tonight to for a "Hobart" branch - 17
Tonight’s Guest Speakers:
- Jan Minck - Batteries for your EV
- Mike Eisenblatter - Batteries for your home
EV’s in the news…
- Eric has videos/photos - including Mallala eFXC (electric
Formula eXtreme Championship)
Member EV Conversion reports:
Eric's Prius Plug-in conversion now complete!
Question Time:
Other business:
The next meeting of AEVA Adelaide to be on
Wednesday, 17th June, 2015
Guest Speaker:
Meeting closed : 9:58pm
Eric Rodda (Secretary)

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