TV SOAP caught up with the stars on the set of the long


TV SOAP caught up with the stars on the set of the long
TV SOAP caught up
with the stars on the set
of the long-running series
as it marks a milestone
44 years on air
LINDSAY "I love Eric, he is amazing'"
ERIC "There was recently a picture of me in a US
soap magazine called a 'hot shot' where I was in a
tank top. I teased Lindsay because next to the picture
it said, 'Eric is a good person and has a good sense
of humour and dependable'. My joke to her is, 'Isn't
this what you say to somebody when they are not
that cute?' You know what? She spoke about the
inside of me and. in retrospect, I appreciate it much
more and it was very sweet. As for Lindsay, I think
she is pretty hot, and she has come a long way from
her Passionc: days when she started as a girl. She has
now become a woman. She has got all the confidence
ERIC 'We created our relationship over at
Passions and now we are both at Days, and it's
continuing ... with drugs'"
LINDSAY "I think in the past Arianna was into the
drugs and she is now coming out of it to bust the
bad guys. It would be great if the two of them
started getting hooked and he spiralled down."
ERIC "You can expect some tension in our
relationship because of a certain blonde. Brady isn't
only addicted to cocaine but apparently, according to
Arianna, I am addicted to Nicole (Arianne Zuker)."
MOLLY (far left) "I didn't get booed this year! And I like that
I get to play the comedy. Sometimes soap operas are so
serious. I like when my character comes in and people at
home go, 'Alright, we are going to laugh'."
SUZANNE (left) "It had been really nice to be taken out of
mothballs. I was hoping it would be nice to have something to do,
and I just thank God and thank the writers for giving Maggie new life.
I love working with Molly. I just clicked with her. I get better when
I am working with people who have new ideas and new energy."
MOLLY "Maybe! She has the most amazing storyline at the
beginning of the year."
SUZANNE "Wait 'till the first of the year for both of us. There
is a shock, and it's a brand new story. So coming up is all the
loveliness of the holidays and then after that. .. it hits the fan!"
DEC 9 - DEC 23, 2009