Drasko Boljevic


Drasko Boljevic
Dra sk o B o l j e v i c
Ringišpil: Collaging realities
And I, what have I to do with this story, La Ronde? Am I the author? The
compère? A passer-by? I am you, anyone of you, the incarnation of your desire...
your desire to know everything. People never grasp reality in its entirety. Why?
Because they see only one aspect of things, I see them all because I see in the
round. This enables me to be everywhere at once. Everywhere. But where are we
now? On the stage? In the studio? Who can tell? In the street...
Max Ophüls, La Ronde opening seen, 1950
Ringišpil: Collaging realities depicts the middle place between leaving and
arriving, long lost memories (real or imagined), and recently acquired ones.
Replica socialist architecture buildings from Zagreb, former Yugoslavia, project
reinvented childhood memories from a disappeared country. The buildings act as
a link between my personal past and present and represent a portal to a possible
different reality.
This installation is thought of as homage to a new era, celebrating possibilities and
the constant search for new discoveries within our technological world. The work
can be better viewed with one eye closed, inciting to set on a journey through the
eye of a camera, thus questioning what is real.
Drasko Boljevic, 2015.
Drasko Boljevic studied at the Academy of Fine Art in his native home of Zagreb,
Croatia (formerly Yugoslavia) before immigrating to Melbourne in the early ‘90s.
He went on to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the VCA (1997) majoring
in Sculpture, a Post-graduate Diploma in Visual Arts (2011) and completed his
Masters of Contemporary Art at the VCA in 2012. Professionally, he has been a
prop and puppet maker for several theatre companies, and co-owned an artist-run
gallery space in St Kilda from 1997 - 2001.
Drasko has exhibited widely, both in Croatia and in Melbourne, and has been
included in renowned exhibitions including the Not Art Fair (to coincide with
the Melbourne Art Fair) in 2014, the Innovators Exhibition at Linden Centre for
Contemporary Arts, (2014) and in the Melbourne Fringe Festival (2004.) He has
also been the winner of the City of Stonnington Art Prize (2014), as well as being
highly commended (2013, 2012) and was a finalist in the Sulman Prize (2009.)
He has recently been featured as one of the top Australian Undiscovered Artists
of 2015 by Art Collector Magazine.
Kino 2014
(foreground) exhibition view.
Mixed media sculpture (Wood, acrylic,
glue, sand) and 3-D anamorphic video
190 x 40 x 45cm

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