- The Outer Circle


- The Outer Circle
Hive Studio
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P.O. Box 298
East Kew, VIC 3102
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Monday 30th March 2015
Melbourne’s Forgotten Railway:
a TV documentary about the Outer Circle Line
Introduction & Table of Contents
Interest Categories: Melbourne – Public Transport – History – Urban Development
What? We’ve made a television documentary about the ill-fated Outer Circle Line – a steam-era railway
that ran through Melbourne’s eastern suburbs in the late 19 th century and early 20th century.
Who? Shack West and Evolving Communications Partners is a collaboration of digital media creators based
in Melbourne. We specialise in online media, online brand and product marketing, social media and
Why? We think it’s a great story. There are many parallels that can be drawn between the failure of this
railway and what’s happening in Melbourne today; for example, the construction of the East/West Tunnel,
the proposed Doncaster Rail Link and the proposed Metropolitan Rail Tunnel.
When? The documentary was released in December 2014.
Where? The documentary was filmed entirely on location in Melbourne.
How? The project was privately funded by Shack West and Evolving Communications Partners. We ran a
crowd-funding campaign on Pozible for financial support.
Table of Contents
01 – This introduction & T.O.C.
05 – Company Background
02 – Press Release
06 – Images
03 – Past Press Coverage
07 – Videos – links to online promotional content
04 – Fact Sheet

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