Instructions for how to fundraise for MPAN for Run Melbourne 2015
Go to and click on
STEP 1: Create an account
Sign up as an individual (not an organisation)
Fill in your dets
Accept Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
You’ll get an email with instructions about how to confirm your account in a few secs.
Confirm by clicking on the link in the email, then login.
STEP 2: Join the MPAN for Run Melbourne 2015 team
Search for MPAN in the search bar in the top right hand corner of the website
Results will show links for a fundraiser as well as a charity; click on the fundraiser
(Run Melbourne for MPAN 2015)
Click on Join the team
STEP 3: Fundraise
You are now a total champion, fundraising for an unconventional charity that uses
innovation to tackle a topic that has long been taboo. Congrats!
Brag about it to your friends on Facebook and/or your followers on Twitter:
Ask family, colleagues, the lady at the milkbar etc to sponsor you for Run Melbourne
2015 (and cash is fine – just deposit it yourself!)
Put this link in your email signature: Be fantastic. Help us Run Melbourne.
STEP 4: Make sure you’re registered to participate in the actual event
If you haven’t already, sign up to walk or run in Run Melbourne on Sunday 26 July 2015.
We have made instructions for how to do that too (and they should be in the same
place you found these instructions!)

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