April 2015 Dear Friends, It has been years since we have distributed


April 2015 Dear Friends, It has been years since we have distributed
April 2015
Dear Friends,
It has been years since we have distributed our department newsletter. Many
of you have stayed in touch with us: contributing to our endeavors,
participating in our trainings, attending our events and informing us of your
At this time, as we face new kinds of growth and change, and as we offer a
diverse set of engagement opportunities, I want to reach out to each of you.
We are thrilled to announce that we are on the brink of announcing potential
new full time and part time department positions for next year. Stay tuned for
Our current full time faculty and staff have extraordinary talents, energies and
commitments that continue to shape art therapy training, service and
Paige Asawa continues to carry a full teaching load and expertly manage the extraordinary service projects
of the Helen B. Landgarten Art Therapy Clinic. You can learn more about the clinic by viewing the videos
that are posted on the clinic’s website:
Anthony Bodlovic also carries a full teaching load and in addition to completing his doctorate at UCLA this
semester, has folded his investigations with artistic exhibition and performance into our identity. This
summer he is directing our Art Therapy in Mexico program.
Kathleen Fogel-Richmond manages a complex network of practicum opportunities and advocates for our
program, our students and our field in the community. In large part thanks to her, 16 of our graduating
students are State and/or County stipend recipients this year.
Lori Gloyd continues to be an administrative anchor in the department and has helped us streamline a
complex application and admission process that now includes online virtual interviews.
Einat Metzl is on sabbatical this semester as she prepares to apply for her advancement to tenure next
year. She is excited about a contract she has recently negotiated for a book about art therapy and sex
I am currently celebrating my twentieth year directing the program and continue to have new ideas and projects.
This year I am particularly interested in strengthening our newly re-named Institute for Art Therapy Inquiry.
The intention of this endeavor is to support the scholarly investigations of students, faculty and alumni and deepen
the inquiry processes with collaborations and consultations across the university and with other institutions.
We all hope that you will consider joining us in the opportunities we are making available to alumni this semester.
They are listed below with registration information.
April 10:
10am -1 p.m A Practical Introduction to the DSM-5 3 c.e.u.s $60.00
Join instructor Dr. Diane Gehart in this overview of the implementation of changes in clinical
practice. Email Lori for registration link: [email protected] .
April 18:
9 am - 12 pm Supervisor’s meeting
3 ceus
Current contracted supervisors’ regular meeting.
April 18:
1 pm – 4 pm Alumni Art Workshop
3 ceus
Join facilitator Eliza Pfister in an exploration of identity and collage. rsvp: [email protected]
April 18:
4:15 – 6 pm Alumni Cultural Consultation Discussion
Join facilitators Anthony Bodlovic and Kelle Kemp in a discussion regarding the formation of a
departmental cultural consultation committee. rsvp: [email protected]
May 16:
9:30 am – 3 pm Research Symposium
5 ceus
Join faculty, alumni and students for the keynote by Dr. Linda Gantt, lunch, a panel of alumni
researchers & student research posters.
by invitation
3:00 p.m. – 5 p.m. Closing Reception in the art therapy suite, celebrating the installation of alumni
art and a display of the projects of the Helen B. Landgarten Art Therapy Clinic. Registration
materials will be emailed in the near future.
Please let us know if there are any other kinds of involvement you would suggest.
We hope that your careers are growing and gratifying and that you remain committed to the centrality of the art
process in whatever you are doing.
Debra Linesch