OPPORTUNITY PROFILE Chief Financial Officer



OPPORTUNITY PROFILE Chief Financial Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Set in the centre of Alberta’s energy and agricultural heartland, Strathcona County is a young,
successful and inviting community of more than 92,000 residents. Strathcona County is made up of
the urban area of Sherwood Park and a large adjacent rural area of farms, acreages and smaller
hamlets. With a focus on social, environmental and economic sustainability, Strathcona County is
committed to balancing the unique needs of its diverse community.
Although referred to as a County, the region is classified as a “specialized municipality” by the
Government of Alberta. This classification provides for the unique needs of a municipality that
includes both a large urban centre and a significant rural territory and population. As a specialized
municipality, Strathcona County consists of the urban area of Sherwood Park and an extensive rural
area of eight hamlets that includes Antler Lake, Ardrossan, Collingwood Cove, Half Moon Lake,
Hastings Lake, Josephburg, North Cooking Lake and South Cooking Lake.
A thriving industrial base that boasts 75 percent of all petrochemical refining activity in Western
Canada contributes to Strathcona County being recognized as a growing economic force in Alberta.
This economic foundation supports innovative programming and a high quality of services and
infrastructure for its citizens.
As a community, Strathcona County is fortunate to have a high percentage of well-educated social
and economic movers and shakers and independent risk takers, who demonstrate leadership and
The County is home to many quality recreation facilities that offer swimming, skating, fitness and play
opportunities year-round. Multi-use trails link parks, playgrounds and community-gathering spaces
for everyone to enjoy. And nestled next to one of Canada’s premier national parks, spectacular
regional recreation areas, and provincial attractions makes Strathcona County an immensely
comfortable and enjoyable place to live.
With all that it has to offer, it is no wonder that in 2013 MoneySense Magazine rated Strathcona
County as the fourth best place to raise kids in Canada, and the fourth overall best place to live in
Canada. At $147,000 per year, Strathcona County residents were also reported by MoneySense to
have the third highest average household income in Canada.
Vision Statement
Strathcona County, located in the heart of Alberta, is an energetic and thriving community.
A leader in North America’s petroleum industry and a champion for advancing diverse agricultural
business, we use our energy to power our new tomorrow.
We are a specialized municipality, and work cooperatively with our urban and rural residents to
govern as a single municipality. Proud of our distinct governance model, we promote and
demonstrate our achievements.
We are a welcoming place to live and attract people of all ages, cultures and walks of life to join us.
Families thrive in our dynamic, caring and safe community.
We strive to be a model of ecological integrity, protecting our environment and preserving our
agricultural heritage. Investment in infrastructure, quality services, cultural and recreational
programs and facilities is a priority and sets us apart.
We are Canada’s most livable community.
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Strathcona County - Chief Financial Officer
Reports to:
Chief Commissioner
Position Summary
As a member of the Executive Team, this key senior leadership role is responsible for establishing
and managing the fiscal and financial framework for the County from a strategic and operational
perspective. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) establishes strategic direction and ensures alignment
to support Strathcona County’s Vision and Strategic Plan and its commitment to excellence in
municipal government and customer service.
The CFO oversees all fiscal and fiduciary responsibilities for the organization and advises, influences
and informs the Chief Commissioner and Council of the operations, affairs and direction of the
financial function within the organization. The CFO provides organization-wide leadership of the
financial function and guides the departments in this division to collaborate in providing excellence in
programs and services to support the organization. The Chief Financial Officer division includes
Financial Services and Assessment and Tax Departments and Procurement Services Branch.
(Organizational Chart)
Key Roles & Responsibilities
Provide senior leadership by establishing and maintaining a strong fiscal and financial
framework that supports the Corporate Strategic Plan and Corporate Business Plan.
 Provide expertise, guidance and recommendations to the Chief Commissioner, Council,
Executive Team and organizational leaders in all aspects of fiscal planning, management and
strategic financial services including design, implementation and evaluation of policies,
programs and services.
 Lead development and implementation of the organization’s long term financial sustainability
planning framework. Oversee long-term financial planning and cost management in alignment
with Strathcona County’s strategic plan.
 Ensure that risks related to the financial, tax or procurement systems of the County are
identified and strategies established to mitigate those risks.
 Ensure alignment of financial planning and operations within a priority based business
planning environment.
 Assess the organizational performance against the corporate business plan, the annual
budget and Strathcona County’s long-term strategy. Develop tools and systems to provide
critical financial and operational information to the Chief Commissioner and Council,
Executive Team and Council and make actionable recommendations on both strategy and
Provide excellence in personal leadership that establishes and maintains a highly engaged
and effective team across the Division and the County.
 Participate in and lead the development and implementation of strategies that build
organizational capacity, provide excellence in customer service and optimize the well-being
and morale of the division and the organization (including talent management, leadership
Strathcona County - Chief Financial Officer
development and succession planning, total compensation, performance planning, employee
communication and employee support programs).
 Mentor and encourage successors. Provide clear expectations, coaching and evaluation to
direct reports to advance performance.
 Provide senior leadership in health and safety to ensure that organizational risks are
identified and addressed and that a culture of safety is maintained.
 Foster effective relationships with Council, Executive Team, Division staff, other County
departments and stakeholders.
 Identify and maintain awareness of emerging portfolio specific topics, issues and
opportunities that warrant consideration by the Departments, Division or the Corporation.
Proactively contribute analysis, recommendations and advocacy to address the same.
 Ensure widespread consultation, collaboration and partnerships with all Departments to
provide frameworks and policies which effectively meet the organization’s needs.
 Represent the County and/or Division in various capacities for the purposes of ensuring the
County’s interests and relationships are enhanced.
 Participate in the County’s senior leadership team to promote and implement the strategic
direction of the corporation.
Provide effective leadership in delivering the vision, programs and services within the
 Provide the vision and clarification of current and future projects that provide greater stability
and continued financial success to the Council, Leadership and the team.
 Integrate and direct several major and diverse functions of the Chief Financial Officer
Division; determine strategic priorities, program objectives and policy recommendations.
 Oversee the financial leadership and guidance required to support the financial function
across the organization in a hybrid model.
 Ensure the Division and respective departments deliver effective and efficient customer
services within their mandates for program delivery.
 Accomplish special project results by identifying and clarifying issues and priorities;
communicating, coordinating requirements and evaluating options for courses of action.
 Oversee sensitive or high impact organizational issues.
 Collaborate with stakeholders to identify, implement, maintain and update financial systems
to meet the County’s current and future business needs.
Ensure the effective operation of the Division.
 Guide, direct and integrate the operations of the Chief Financial Officer Division.
 Manage the Division’s financial resources in accordance with approved operating and capital
budgets, and account for the fiscal costs, resources and revenues used in providing portfolio
programs and services.
 Establish appropriate organizational structures, roles, responsibilities, systems and processes
to support employees in the Division and County. Ensure a qualified workforce to provide
quality services.
Strathcona County - Chief Financial Officer
 Manage and/or oversee relationships with outside providers to ensure value for the County’s
 Identify and pursue strategies to obtain the resources needed to reach the goals set for the
 Establish mechanisms to measure, monitor and report performance outcomes in the delivery
of Chief Financial Officer Division services (quality, financial, productivity, continuous
improvement, employee engagement).
 Oversee the Division’s financial resources in accordance with approved operating and capital
Key contacts
The CFO will establish and maintain effective and productive relationships with the following:
 Executive Team
 Council and Council Committees
 Daily/weekly contact with Department Directors
 Local Boards and Community Groups
 External Agencies – Strathcona County Library, Heartland Housing Foundation, Information
and Volunteer Centre
 Capital Region Board and provincial authorities
 Director, Assessment and Tax
 Director, Financial Services
 Manager, Procurement Services
 Executive Assistant
Education & Experi ence
 A related university degree is required, as well as a CMA, CA, CGA or CPA designation.
 An extensive, positive and successful career track record of progressively more senior positions
in a municipal organization.
 Proven ability to provide leadership and focus, and to adapt and integrate complex policy and
program initiatives.
 Experience in working effectively with elected officials, community volunteers, boards and
committees and public participation processes.
Extensive experience in strategic planning, organization and team development.
 Significant exposure to implementing development plans, capital works and infrastructure
improvement programs.
Strathcona County - Chief Financial Officer
 Proven strategic leadership in fiscal and financial management, planning, policies and systems.
Knowledge, Skills & Attributes
Considerable breadth and in-depth knowledge of planning and reporting processes, business
planning, fiscal frameworks and human resources best practices. The ideal candidate will have
extensive knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles and Public Sector Accounting
Board standards, long-range planning and financial analysis, as well as in-depth knowledge of the
Municipal Government Act and other legislation applicable to municipal government.
Strategic and Business Planning: provides leadership in planning initiatives and ensures
accountability for achievement of results throughout the Division. Is able to maintain focus on the
strategic direction and long term vision while balancing the need to address the immediate and
emerging needs.
Service Excellence: ensures customer satisfaction through timely, proactive and knowledgeable
actions that go the “extra mile”, while effectively managing customer expectations in context of the
County’s priorities, policies and service delivery standards.
Build Relationships: effectively builds relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders. Flexible,
adaptable, collaborative and demonstrates a positive attitude. Diplomatic with well-developed
negotiation skills.
Communication: open, honest and tactful with all audiences. Demonstrates respect to all in a clear
and straightforward style.
Creativity and Innovation: the ability to utilize theory, principles and experience to develop new and
unique ways to identify root causes of organizational issues and find effective ways to address them.
Leadership Skills: collaborative, progressive and visionary. Develop and mentor others to be
leaders; create, support and lead by example to build a high-performance team and a positive and
safe work environment. Is appreciative, engaging, understanding and knowledgeable of issues and
concerns. Identifies opportunities, inspires action and achieves results.
Integrity and Trust: honest, sincere, dependable, authentic and trustworthy. High ethical standards
and an honest, open-minded and consistent approach to working with staff and stakeholders.
Politically Astute: knows and understands legislative and regulatory processes and has an intuitive
ability to read the political implications of recommendations and actions. Guide and mentor Council
with solid and informed recommendations.
Management Skills: encourages and inspires new ideas and approaches. Ensures timely and
efficient budgeting, financial and information reporting. Uses resources effectively and efficiently;
sets clear expectations and ensures accountability through the performance management system.
Make Decisions: assess complex/sensitive situations to determine the importance, urgency and
risks and make sometimes controversial or difficult decisions that are in the best interests of the
Strathcona County - Chief Financial Officer
A competitive compensation package will be provided including an attractive base salary and
excellent benefits. Further details will be discussed further in a personal interview.
Elizabeth Hurley or Kathryn Cox
Davies Park
1505 Scotia 2
10060 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5J 3R8
Phone: 780-420-9900
Email: [email protected]
Strathcona County - Chief Financial Officer

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