EPYRU Newsletter no. 7 (April 2015)


EPYRU Newsletter no. 7 (April 2015)
Eastern Partnership
Youth Regional Unit
EPYRU Newsletter 7
April 2015
Minister Ihor Zhdanov addresses EPYRU Kyiv Workshop
From l. to r.: Ms. Tetyana Shulha (Sector Manager, Youth, Delegation of the EU to Ukraine); Ms. Iryna Belyaeva (Head of
Department of Youth Policy , Ministry of Youth and Sport , Ukraine), Mr. Ihor Zhdanov, (Minister of Yiuth and Sport, Ukraine);
Mr. Hans-Jürgen Maeth (Team Leader, EPYRU)
The EPYRU's successful Ukrainian National Workshop in Kyiv on 31 March - 1 April was honoured by a visit
and address from the Ukrainian Minister of Youth and Sport, Mr. Ihor Zhdanov. The workshop,
which focused on the development of a youth centres network in Ukraine, included 70 delegates from Kyiv
and the regions of Ukraine. The workshop received presentations from, among others, Mr. Olaf Koendgen,
Executive Director of the European Youth Centre Budapest, Mr. Arturas Malinauskas, a leading
Lithuanian youth work expert, heads of regional youth centres in Kyiv, Poltava and Tetiiv, and experts of the
EPYRU. Delegates were able to debate and discuss together steps to develop Ukrainian youth centres. More
details of the workshop are available on the project website, together with downloadable copies of workshop
EPYRU’s free distance learning modules offer unique opportunity.
Nearly 300 people have enrolled to date for EPYRU’s free on-line
distance learning modules, on the topics of evidence-based youth
policy, cross-sectoral cooperation and inclusive policy participation.
The modules (which are in Russian) are still available for registration
— check them out here, and watch the introductory video.
2nd Eastern Partnership Youth Forum, Riga 9 – 12 February
The EPYRU was delighted to meet with old
and new contacts at the Second Eastern
Partnership Youth Forum in Riga in
February. The theme of the conference, youth
employment, is a key area for the EPYRU
project in the context of its objective to ‘foster
a cross-sectoral approach responding to the
needs of youth’. In response to this, EPYRU
experts Evgeniia Petrivska and David Conway
arranged within the learning space facility of
the Forum presentations of the project’s online learning modules and internet
information facilities. They also led an Open
Space Workshop on the theme of enhancing a
regional strategy for youth in the Eastern
Partnership, with recommendations
including a new Eastern Partnership Youth
Evgeniia Petrivska introduces the EPYRU on-line learning module at Window in the context of Erasmus+. See the
photo gallery on the EPYRU website for
the Riga Forum learning space.
“Youth On-Line” Seminar, Kyiv 23-24 February
The EPYRU “Youth Online Seminar” brought
together 12 participants; from each of the six EaP
countries there was one representative from the youthrelated Ministry and one representative of the country’s
National Youth Council. It graduated participants
through the three modules of the EPYRU, and informed
them of new e-technology techniques and initiatives for
education, labour and youth policy, including webinars,
seminar empowered participants to spread awareness
of youth issues throughout the Eastern Partnership to
key actors and audiences. Visit our website for
downloads of the presentations.
EPYRU Regional Seminars
Three regional seminars are planed to be organised by EPYRU in the coming months bringing together
representatives from all six Eastern Partnership countries to cooperate on key youth policy issues. The
first two seminars, on youth participation, are scheduled for 22-24 April in Baku, Azerbaijan, and 25-27
May in Stepanavan, Armenia. The third, on cross-sectoral cooperation, is proposed for 3-4 June in
Chisinau, Moldova, to be followed by a meeting of the EPYRU Steering Committee. Further details will
appear on the EPYRU website.
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