meteorologist (gs-1340-9/11) or ecologist (gs-0408-9/11)


meteorologist (gs-1340-9/11) or ecologist (gs-0408-9/11)
ECOLOGIST (GS-0408-9/11)
About the Position
The Northern Research Station is announcing an upcoming vacancy for a Meteorologist (GS1340-9/11) or Ecologist (GS-0408-9/11) position that will provide science and science support
to the Center for Research on Ecosystem Change in the Northern Research Station. The
position is a permanent appointment with a full-time tour of duty, stationed in Grand Rapids,
Job Description
The primary duty will be to operate, maintain, troubleshoot, summarize data and publish papers
on the eddy covariance system located at the Bog Lake peatland on the Marcell Experimental
Forest. Secondary duties will include support and cooperation with Forest Service and
collaborating scientists from universities and other agencies. The individual will supervise and
participate in the installation and maintenance of various studies and collection of data including
soil, hydrological, and geological data, gas flux and biogeochemical data, and plant data. The
individual will determine ecosystem carbon fluxes using gas flux measurements, belowground
measurements, climate data and eddy covariance technology. The individual will perform or
supervise laboratory preparation of field samples and field data collection. They will insure the
integrity of data for a variety of studies by following approved QA/QC procedures. They will
summarize and analyze data using a variety of statistical techniques, including ANOVA,
regression, and software, including SAS, and Sigma-Plot. The individual will assist scientists in
the preparation of manuscripts, proposals, study plans and presentations. They will coordinate
the work of technicians, temporary employees, and graduate students and assist with technology
transfer including presentations, workshops, and demonstrations.
Knowledge Required
Substantial knowledge of the technical aspects of measuring carbon fluxes with eddy covariance
techniques. Ability to design and organize project objectives and select alternative work
processes. The individual must have the ability to train and supervise field crews and laboratory
staffs, follow safety and health procedures, and write technical reports and manuscripts.
Knowledge of computer functions related to data input, retrieval, analysis of data, and
management of resulting datasets is required. The individual must have the ability to operate
motor vehicles and other motorized equipment, and to use hand tools and forestry and laboratory
Other Information of Interest
 The area of consideration is Government-wide and External DEMO
 One position will be advertised
 Work will include overnight travel
 Basic entry qualifications for this series are a degree in meteorology, ecology,
atmospheric sciences, plant physiology, hydrology, soil science, biology, agriculture,
natural resource management, chemistry, or related disciplines appropriate to the
position, or a combination of education and experience (courses equivalent to a major,
plus appropriate experience or additional education).
In addition to meeting the basic entry qualifications, applicants must have specialized
experience and/or 2 years of progressively higher level graduate education leading to a
master’s or equivalent degree
Experience with SAS
Experience with eddy covariance systems
Good written and verbal communication skills are essential
An ability to work both independently and in a team setting is necessary
United States citizenship required
The Research Environment
The focus of the research program in Grand Rapids is on 1) understanding ecosystem processes
and functions at multiple scales; 2) predicting ecosystem responses to disturbance and change; 3)
assessing management approaches to address factors that change ecosystems; and 4) evaluating
long-term responses to change and management utilizing our experimental forest. We manage
the Marcell Experimental Forest, a site of long-term collection of data on hydrology, water
chemistry, soil, climate and ecosystem biogeochemical fluxes in upland/peatland watersheds in
northern Minnesota.
The Grand Rapids Community
The community of Grand Rapids is a city of about 8,000 located in the north-central part of
Minnesota in the heart of lake country. Grand Rapids has a rich history in logging, iron mining,
and year-around recreation. There are more than a million acres of forests and over a thousand
lakes in the Grand Rapids area. The city is a regional center for education, recreation,
commerce, and culture. The Reif Center for the Performing Arts and the Itasca Community
College contribute greatly to the cultural and educational opportunities within the community.
The Forestry Sciences Laboratory is located on the campus of the Itasca Community College and
the University of Minnesota’s North Central Research and Outreach Center. The Chippewa and
Superior National Forests are nearby, as are numerous State and County forests. A Regional
Office for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is located in Grand Rapids as well as
production facilities and land management offices for the UPM Blandin Paper Company. The
Duluth, Hibbing, and Bemidji airports serve the community with connections to Minneapolis.
Grand Rapids is a full service community with an abundance of medical, dental, and legal
services. Housing for either renting or buying in a broad range of price categories is readily
available. For more information about Grand Rapids see
To Express Interest
To learn more about the job duties or other questions about the position, contact Randy Kolka at
(218) 326-7115 (e-mail: [email protected])
If you are interested in this position, please fill out the enclosed outreach notice. Once the
position is advertised in USAJOBS, we will notify you by email.
Candidates will be considered without discrimination for any non-merit reason such as race, color, religion, sex,
national origin, politics, marital status, physical handicap, age or membership in any employee organization. The
USDA is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.
If you are interested in this position, please complete and submit this form to Randy Kolka, Team
Leader, Grand Rapids, MN, [email protected]; FAX 218-326-7123. This will help us determine the
level of interest of prospective candidates and establish the area of consideration. Please respond by
April 15, 2015.
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