2015 Election Communication - Ellesmere Port and Neston Liberal



2015 Election Communication - Ellesmere Port and Neston Liberal
1.8m new jobs
2010 - 2015
A Record of Delivery.
A Promise of More.
2010 - 2015
Cut the deficit by half, reducing
borrowing by £3,000 for every
household in Britain
Finish the job of balancing the
books, on time and fairly
Given an £800 tax cut to low
and middle income workers
Cut Income Tax by a further
£400 for ordinary workers
Increased the health budget
each year to improve services
and deliver 6,000 more doctors
Provided an extra £2.5bn a year
for struggling school kids.
Election Communication
Protect education spending
from cradle to college
I would like to join Trish
Derraugh’s Lib Dems
I would like to show my support by
displaying a window poster
Liberal Democrat candidate for Ellesmere Port & Neston
Guarantee mental health
equality by increasing health
spending by £8bn a year
Help Trish Derraugh deliver even more
Trish Derraugh
I would like to help deliver leaflets in
my street/area
3 great reasons to vote for Trish Derraugh
LOCAL, a Town Councillor with a record of commitment to the community
and an understanding of the opportunities and challenges ahead for a diverse
constituency which is urban, rural and industrial.
WIDE RANGE OF LIFE and WORK EXPERIENCE to draw upon and proud to
stand for the Liberal Democrats, fighting for their values of fairness and
equality, providing opportunities for all.
ACTIVE AND EFFECTIVE CAMPAIGNER who will push hard for the delivery of
improved public transport connectivity throughout Ellesmere Port & Neston.
I would like to help with clerical work
either at home or in the office
Return To:
The Croft, Upper Raby Road, Neston, CH64 7TZ.
Or email: [email protected]
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Published & promoted by G. Handley on behalf of Trish Derraugh (Liberal
Democrats), both at 24 Pennine Walk, Little Sutton, CH66 4TN.
Printed by Evolution, Longacre Road, Clayhill Industrial Park, Neston, CH64 3RL.
Stronger Economy, Fairer Society.
Opportunity for Everyone.
Building a stronger economy
and a fairer society.
£800 tax cut for 24m workers
Creating opportunity for everyone.
Caring about jobs ...
... and our environment.
Trish Derraugh
On Thursday 7th May to
build a stronger
economy and fairer
society here in
Ellesmere Port & Neston
Trish Derraugh and the Liberal
Democrats are creating opportunity for
everyone, by building a stronger
economy and a fairer society.
In the next Parliament we will balance the
budget, cut taxes further for ordinary
workers and invest in health and
In government we have made Britain fairer
by cutting Income Tax for 24
million ordinary workers, providing an
extra £2.5 billion per year for struggling
school kids, ensuring the biggest ever cash
rise in the state pension and extending
free childcare.
The Labour party wasted their chance and
ruined the economy, destroying
jobs and slashing incomes. In government,
Labour will borrow too much all over again.
We have built a stronger economy by
halving the budget deficit, helping
businesses create 1.8 million jobs and
delivering a record rise in
We now want to create more
opportunity for everyone.
Stronger Economy, Fairer Society.
Opportunity for Everyone.
And you can’t trust the Conservatives to
care because they only care about
themselves. They will cut vital local services
deeper and faster, making the poorest bear
the heaviest burden.
The Liberal Democrats will borrow less
than Labour and cut less than the
Conservatives, creating opportunity for
everyone through a stronger economy
and a fairer society.
A record rise in apprenticeships
Our Public Transport in
Ellesmere Port & Neston
It Doesn’t Work for Us, says Trish Derraugh
Liberal Democrats
£2.5bn extra for struggling school kids
Trish campaigning at
Ellesmere Port station
and the bus station.
Where are the buses?
Current public transport services do not provide the level of
mobility needed for those who cannot travel by car and
therefore our entire constituency suffers from the
consequences - in terms of missed employment opportunities,
decreasing footfall for retailers, and inaccessible services for
those who need them most. Better public transport links
would improve both our local economy and the quality of life
for so many people in our area.