April 3 - Endeavour PTSA


April 3 - Endeavour PTSA
Endeavour Elementary PTSA 2.6.20
26205 SE Issaquah Fall City Road, Issaquah, WA 98029
April 3, 2015
Issue 28
PTSA Co-Presidents
Sarah Ransom
Jessica Mills
Jill Bengis
Melinda Flores
Endeavour Math Club “Team One” won the 1st place of 2015 Washington
State Math Championship at Blaine, WA! Team Two and Team Three won
the 5th and 6th Places. It is first time in Endeavour Elementary history that
we have 3 teams at Top 10 among a hundred of 5th grade teams from all
over the Washington! Congrats to the following teams and their hard working
coaches; Coach John Lin, Coach Haichen Cheng, Coach Costin Hagiu,
Coach Min Xie and Coach Yi Li.
Team 1
(Champion 1st place)
Jeremy Lin (individual
8th place)
Pranav Prabu
Victor Cheng
Shweta Narayanan
Team 4 (Rising star)
Sumedha Kanumuri
Zhiyang Li
Manan Vora
James Kim
Jaguar Print
Team 2 ( 5th Place)
Eric Yang (individual 9th
Shivani Modi
Sanya Tamhane
Rishi Sharma
Team 5 (Rising Star)
April Li
Iris Xu
Michael Xu
Team 3 ( 6th Place)
Ilinca Hagiu
Albert Weng
Kevin Yin
Sarah Xuan
Co-VP Volunteers
Care Maree Harper
Jane Murphy
VP Membership
Amy Myhre
Co-VP Ways and Means
Cherstin Aageson
Julie O’Brien
Co-VP Programs
Miranda Cantine
Lindsay Meyer
Co-VP Communications
Caroline Burton-Moore
Lisa Baisler
Room Parent Coordinator
Carly Simon
ISF Chair
Sara Miller
Julia Yu
Matching Funds Chair
Andie Adee
5 Grade Co-Chairs
Lina Frankovich
Amy Teeters
April 3, 2015
Save the Date
Last movie day for the year is:
Endeavour's Lights! Camera! Auction! was a successful
fundraiser for the many PTSA sponsored programs and
events. An auction is a tremendous undertaking and
requires the time and efforts of several people.
Wednesday, May 6th
Click Here to Volunteer!
Watch for more details and
registration after spring break.
In planning and pulling off this event, we want to offer our
thanks to: Taya Montgomery, Kathy Mileski, Kathy
Pelham, Kim Givens, all class art docents, Sarah
Ransom, Jill Bengis, Sara Miller, Lisa Baisler, Caroline
Burton-Moore, Casey Crane, Rachelle Avant, Kyla
Birnbaum, Dy Leng, and Darcy Dawson.
If you attended the event, you saw these friendly faces
who were keeping the evening on track: Laura Maloney,
Janine Kotan, Amy Myhre, Sue Reed, Melinda Flores,
Amy Sparks, Jane Murphy, Rachel Wright, Kim Ralph,
and Diane Parham.
Behind the scenes with a huge task at hand were: Diana
Lum and Margot Purcell.
Helpful Links:
Endeavour PTSA Website
Thank you for the generosity of your time and support to
pull this night off! The success is a direct reflection of all
your hard work!!
Julie O'Brien & Cherstin Aageson
2015 Auction Co-Chairs
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April 6th-10th – Spring Break, No school
April 17th – School Pictures
April 21st – PTSA Board Meeting
April 21st – Student Banking
April 22-23rd – 5th Grade Camp
May 7th – Art Walk
Every Friday is spiritwear day!
April 3, 2015

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