Scholarship Form - Erie County Chapter of The Links, Incorporated


Scholarship Form - Erie County Chapter of The Links, Incorporated
The Erie County Chapter of The Links, Incorporated
Scholarship Application
(Please note that all information must be TYPED or PRINTED CLEARLY and returned with the requested
information by. April 14, 2015 (postmark date)
Part I:
(To be completed by the Student) Email Address: _______________________________
Applicant's Name:
Address ________________________________City________________________ Zip Code: __________
Date of Birth _____________________________
Age ______________
Sex __________
Parent(s) or Guardian(s) _________________________________________________________________
Father's Occupation__________________________________________________________________
Mother's Occupation ___________________________________________________________________
Number of Children in Family
Please indicate how many members of your family are presently enrolled in college ___________________
High School from which you will graduate ____________________________________________________
College you plan to attend (give the address of the school)_______________________________________
__________________________________________________ 2 year school____ 4 year school____
Have you applied for Admission? ______________ Date of Admission? _____________________
Date of Acceptance____________ Field in which you may enroll ______________________________
Please list Honors received in High School (scholastic and/or others) ____________________________
High School extracurricular activities/class offices____________________________________________
Involvement in Community Service Projects_________________________________________________
Have you received any other scholarships? (if yes) please list the sources:
Page 2
Part ll
Brief Essay- ATTACH a brief typed essay of not less than 150 words and not more than 250
words, on the topic: My Goals In Life And How I Expect A College Education To Help Me Attain These
Goals. Please include your name and address on the page.
References- ATTACH two (2) written references (include one from a teacher)
Please indicate where you obtained this Scholarship Incentive Award Application:
Signature _____________________________________
Part lll: Academic Report (To be completed by the Counselor or other School Official)
Transcript- Please Include a transcript of the applicant's academic record
Student's Name ______________________________________GPA___________________
Counselor/School Official's Name _______________________________________________
High School_________________________________Phone #________________________
Does the applicant have any extraordinary talents (scholastic or otherwise}? If so, please
Does the applicant demonstrate any special qualities of leadership among his or her peers?
If possible, please state specific examples. _________________________________________
Explain why you believe the applicant to be worthy of consideration for scholarship
assistance. _____________________________________________________________________
Signature _________________________ Position _______________________
Deadline Date: (postmarked) April 14, 2015
Contact Number- 716-903-8632
Nancy Thompson- Scholarship Chair - The Erie County Chapter of the Links, Incorporated
70 Admiral Road, Buffalo New York 14216