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FBC News
Family Bible Church
725 US Hwy. 27 North
Marshall, MI 49068
Go, I am with you
"...go and make disciples of
all nations, baptizing them in
the name of the Father and
of the Son and of the Holy
Spirit, and teaching them to
obey everything I have
commanded you. And surely
I am with you always, to the
very end of the age.”
-Matthew 28:19-20
It is scary and exciting.
It is scary and exciting that
God has chosen to use the
church to be his voice,
hands, and feet in this world.
You and I (the church) are
called to be a reflection of
Jesus to the world. We may
be the only Jesus people will
ever see. It is scary and
exciting for these very
As individuals who make up
the church (not just the local
church i.e. FBC) we are
called to join in the work
Jesus is doing in the world.
This work takes place in our
homes, workplaces, church,
schools, teams, social
circles, and wherever we go.
The Great Commission calls
us to go into all the places of
the world.
Pastor a few weeks ago
spoke about us being
missionaries in our country
and in our cities. This past
week almost 40 Fight Club
men were called to "go" into
the world and be on mission
with Jesus. Every day they
were tasked to find a specific
person (often a stranger) and
do something from
encourage them to ask how
they could pray for them.
May 2015
This week was powerful to a
number of men. Personally a
number of things were brought
to my attention. Maybe you
can relate to one, two, or all
three of these.
I spend lots of time in my car,
office, and home which
limits my opportunities to
"go" and be Jesus.
I can sit next to people and
never engage them in
conversation which could
be fruitful and life giving.
I make lots of excuses why I do
not do certain things.
Let me give you an example.
Our task on Tuesday was to
find an elderly couple to ask
them their names and
encourage them as the Spirit
led. I quickly understood, in my
car, office, and home, I was not
going to find an elderly couple.
During lunch I sat near an
elderly couple, yet never
engaged them in conversation.
As I shopped for some items for
an upcoming event, I passed
numerous couples and never
engaged them in conversation.
Each time, I had an excuse why
I did not talk to them.
At the end of this week and as I
completed each task,
ministering with Jesus, I have
found myself more engaged
with what Jesus is doing
around me. In this new week I
am looking at people with a
renewed compassion and
wonder of how I can be Jesus
to those God daily puts in my
Interested in trying it out? If
you take the challenge, see
what God does in and through
you. You might be surprised at
what happens.
As the Bible instructs us, "Go!"
for he is with us.
On Mission with Jesus
Day 1: Pour courage and
encouragement into a young
man or woman in your path
Day 2: Shake the hand of an
older man or woman in your
path today. Ask how you
can pray for him or her.
Day 3: Find someone in the
newspaper and pray for
them. Contact him or her if
possible to let them know
you are praying for them.
Day 4: Find someone
working their job today. Tell
them how grateful you are for
Day 5: Find a fire, rescue, or
police officer. Tell them how
much you appreciate how
they serve your community.
Day 6: Find an elderly
couple. Ask them their
names and encourage them
as the Spirit leads.
Day 7: Contact someone at
church you do not know well.
Ask them how you can pray
for them.
May the Lord use this month
in a mighty way for his glory
in your home and in all the
places you go!
Thank You!
Dear FBC,
Thank you for the beautiful plant
that was sent to me in the ICU.
Pastor Gerten‘s visits meant a
lot to me as well. Thank you for
all that prayed for my recovery.
God is good all the time,
Ellen Keehn
Dear FBC,
Thank you so much for the box
of food and supplies! I
appreciate the support! It came
just before midterms so I used
much of it while staying up late
studying. I have been doing well
at CMU. Thank you again for all
your prayers and support.
Caleb Kiessling
Dear FBC,
I would like to thank everyone for
their gracious words, thoughts,
hugs and acts of kindness given
to me over the past several
weeks, as I have been making
the transition to the next phase
of my life. I have been honored
and blessed to be a part of the
Family Bible Church Family, I
will miss all of you and will miss
serving our Lord along side of
you. I pray for great things for all
of you individually and
corporately. Should any one of
you find yourself in my “corner of
the desert” please try and
connect with me, I’d love to play
host and tour guide.
Elizabeth Ledyard
(New Address as of May 8th:
10847 West Olive Ave
Apt 1090
Peoria, AZ 85345)
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FBC News
Student Ministries
You know you need to… but often
do not know how to… and maybe
you feel anxious, fearful or
uncertain to… TALK TO YOUR
We will be bringing in a 5 week
series called “Creating Positive
Relationships” or CPR for short
with Lori Zettell-Walker leading the
conversation. This series will be on
Sunday nights from 6:30 – 8:30
from May 17 – June 14. This is a
program she has done in South
Africa with the teens there.
character in young people,
empowering them to develop
healthy relationships, benefitting
their communities and society.
engagement with youth, their
parents and communities, Creating
Positive Relationships will
profoundly impact cultural views on
relationships and sexuality and
empower young people to make
positive choices.
Overall Goals
Develop positive character
qualities and healthy relationships
Learn communication and
assertiveness skills
Encourage abstinence or
secondary abstinence
Day 1 – Components of a healthy
relationship, abstinence plan,
defining sexual activity and the
safe zone in dating relationships
Worship Arts
Day 5 - Recognize healthy
communication skills, articulate
different types of arguing,
recognize characteristics of a
committed relationship, challenge
students to choose and maintain
an abstinence goal
Jr. High
It is hard to believe but our Trek
year is wrapping up this month.
The students have journeyed
through the Bible from Creation to
the letters of Paul. They have
spent time in the Word, in small
groups discussing, praying for
each other and also sharing in
games and snacks. Thank you to
Matt and Jessi Walker and Noah
Smith for their leadership during
the year!
Although Trek youth group will be
done until the next school year,
the junior highers still have
opportunities to connect and
grow. Sunday mornings we invite
your student to join us at 9am to
learn to study the Bible. There
will also be a number of summer
events for your students. The
calendar will be released soon.
Until then here are a few
gatherings and events:
Every Sunday at 9am in the room
next to the kitchen: Education
Hour led by Rob and Jay Surber
May 5th-Last night of Trek.
Bonfire with hotdogs and smores.
Games and more!
May 12th-Awana Closing
June 5th-NF and Beacon Light
Concert, Tickets $15
Day 2 – Create a personalized
compatibility chart, define and
recognize chemistry in a
May the Lord use this month in a
mighty way for his glory in your
home and in all the places you
Day 3 – Articulate the qualities of a
positive relationship, examine
effects of sexual involvement, STI’s
Day 4 – Identify healthy/unhealthy
relationships, discuss date rape,
responses to dating situations
Local Michigan Artists
Showcased at Family
Bible Church
Michigan’s own Nate
Feuerstein, known by NF, is
set to be featured at Rev Fest
2015 on June 5, 2015 at
Family Bible Church. NF
captures a wide variety of hip
hop enthusiasts but focuses
his music on portraying a
positive message centered on
his relationship with God. NF
was recently signed with
Capitol CMG, the same label
that hosts artists such as:
TobyMac, Amy Grant, Micheal
W. Smith, Matthew West and
more. His newest album is
available at the Family
Christian Book store, it was
the #1 Christian album and #9
Rap album on the Billboard
Beacon Light will be the
opening act at Rev Fest.
Beacon is making his mark in
Hip Hop spitting a biblical
perspective on real issues-self
harm, racism, divorce and
sexual abuse to bring hope to
listeners. He has played at
major Christian festivals
including performances
alongside Lecrae and Andy
Mineo. He also serves as a
worship leader at The Edge, a
Hip Hop church in Grand
Event organizers Paul and Nina
Baranowski view the Rev Fest as
not only a fellowship event for the
Christian community, but as an
opportunity for all of us to REACH
out to non-Christians. Rev Fest
allows each one of us to plant
seeds by inviting non-Christians
into our church to hear the
message of Jesus Christ. We
hope that you can support this
event by either attending or by
planting a seed, consider
sponsoring someone without the
financial means to attend,
purchase a pair of tickets for a
stranger or non-Christian friend,
family member or acquaintance,
or by simply sharing the Rev Fest
2015 event on Facebook.
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VBS 2015
June 15-19
Volunteers are still needed in
the following areas:
Classroom leaders
Please contact Joann Wendling
517-812-6670 or
[email protected]
Collection for packages will be
May 17th and 24th in the west
narthex. The Matipane Team
will be taking the packages so
no shipping is needed.
**Please no lithium batteries or
nail polish.
Thursday May 14
MAY 7 @ 6:30pm
Meet at the Fountain for a
prayer walk through town.
If you do not plan on
walking, please bring a
Friday May 15
Movie Night and Pampering
7pm at the church
Watch for details in the bulletin
May Birthdays
Drew Deitrich
Elliana Olds
Bonnie Laing
Abby Fox
Lauren Robinson
Lisa Grenier
Emzy Collins, Jr
Samuel Kiessling
Doris Locke
Charles Kazmar
Lillie Edlund
Nicholas Meister
Mary Marshall
Birdie Joseph
Fred Chapman
Seth Jones
Ethan Smith
Max Rutz
Brendon Parks
Garrett Moore
Rob Surber
Mary Doane
Joann Wendling
Cathy Rosich
Kenyan Smith
Sharon Hills
Matthew Peters
Caye VanZandt
Emily Doane
Emberlyn Faulkner
Matthew Parks
Dan McFadden
Mary Fedders
Denise Glassburn
Stacy Meister
Alyssa Kersjes
Elayna Moreau
June Birthdays
Education Corner
The whole month of May the children
will be studying “Isaiah, Prophet to
Judah”. Isaiah, a prophet from
Jerusalem, prophesied to the kings of
the Southern Kingdom,
Judah. Because God loved His
people, He sent prophets to warn
them to repent but also to give them
hope. The people did not
listen. God’s promised Messiah
comes out of David’s family and is
described in Isaiah’s prophecy.
Some questions to start conversation
with your children after each lesson
would help solidify their
understanding of what they just
May 10 - How could Isaiah stand
before God?
May 17 - Who is our Immanuel?
May 24 - How should we pray?
May 31 - Why did God’s servant have
to suffer?
This Units Key Passage is: Isaiah
53:6 “We all, like sheep, have gone
astray, each of us has turned to our
own way; and the LORD has laid on
him the iniquity of us all”. Read this
passage with your children and
encourage your children to memorize
it as they go through this unit!
Children’s ministries will be seeing a
couple of great changes to check-in
on Sunday mornings. Our morning
check-in will change locations
starting May 17 and will be located
just past the kitchen down the
education wing. This change is to
bring about positive change to
promote a more secure environment
for the children of FBC. As we make
(Continued on page 4)
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Our Mission
Reaching as many as possible;
Developing fully committed followers of Christ;
May 2015
Serving Christ and the World
Family Bible Church
725 US Hwy. 27 North
Marshall, MI 49068
Phone: 269-781-8400
Fax: 269-781-5119
Service Times:
We’re on the Web!
(Continued from page 3)
this change we ask for your
understanding and prayers - Thanks!
Calendar of Events
3– FBC Renewal Class 9am
7—National Day of Prayer 6:30pm at
the Fountain
10– Happy Mother’s Day!
11—Ladies Prayer Group 1pm
@Shirley Works home
14—Women’s Couch to 5K
15—Women’s Movie Night and
Pampering 7pm @ church
16– Light House Food Pantry 10amnoon
17—Matipane Missions Support
Meal after 2nd service
25– Memorial Day– Office Closed
29– Fight Club Graduation 7pm
31-Graduation Sunday during
second service
During Sunday School the children will
begin their morning all together with a
paper activity, bible drills, etc. During the
check-in process. Our morning will
proceed with song, pledges, and offering
in the youthroom at 9am and the
children will go to their classrooms for
lesson as usual.
During Creation Kingdom the children
will begin in their classroom with crafts
during the check-in process. At 10:30
each class will walk with their leaders to
opening in the youthroom where they
will sing, say pledges, take offering, and
grade-school will have their lesson after
preschoolers have been
dismissed. Preschoolers will have their
lesson back in their new room that will
be located next to the kitchen. Once the
grade-schoolers return to their
classroom they will continue to work, as
a class, to memorize the key passage
and spend time in prayer. The new
element of our classroom time for the
children will be “mission”
focused. During this time the children
will watch a video on missions, have a
discussion, be encouraged to have a
“Jesus conversation”, and be given a
different idea on how to serve
throughout the week. These
encouragements will look different
every week and are not a means to
limit but to encourage the kids to
witness and serve to bring God Glory
throughout their week.
If you would like more information on
the changes taking place, please feel
free to stop and ask me. I always
welcome questions and always love to
A look ahead for Awana:
5/5 Catch Up/Awana Store Night— get
those last verses in and spend those
Bible Bucks
5/12 Awana Ceremony—families are
encouraged to attend, clubbers must
wear their uniforms.
Children's Ministries still has volunteer
positions that need to be filled. If you
are interested in serving in the
Children’s Ministries, have been
attending for 6 months or more, and
have a personal relationship with the
Lord we would love to have you join our
Current needs for Sunday School (9am
Rotational Preschool teacher
Current needs for Creation Kingdom
(10:30 service):
Preschool helpers
4th/5th leader
We are already gearing up for VBS
– See Joann Wendling or myself if
you are interested in helping!
Because Kids Matter to God,
Lisa Marsman