Update! - Friends of Cordwood Landing


Update! - Friends of Cordwood Landing
Friends of Cordwood Landing
April 2015
Hello friends and fellow concerned residents. This newsletter is provided to update you on the significant parcel in Miller
Place that is in danger of development. This 5.4 acre parcel is adjacent to the Suffolk County Nature Preserve of Cordwood
Landing. This preserve is a valuable resource for Suffolk County and for Miller Place in particular.
The Time is NOW to Make the Push for Preservation!!!
This last Monday, April 20th, the Suffolk County Legislature’s Environment, Planning and Agriculture
(EPA) Committee approved the acquisition of the parcel on Landing Road that is in danger of
development. This was another hurdle to preserving the integrity of Cordwood Landing Nature
The next MAJOR STEP is the vote of the entire Legislature to acquire this threatened parcel.
YOU NEED MAKE YOURSELF BE HEARD if you want the Cordwood parcel preserved. The
Legislature’s vote will be held at the General Legislature Meeting on:
Tuesday, April 28th -- 9:30am
Evans K. Griffing Riverhead Legislature Building
(300 Center Drive, Riverhead, New York 11901).
The Suffolk County Legislature will now decide if they will allocate the necessary funds to buy the
property. Your support and voice is needed at this time to let the entire Legislature know that this
property must be preserved.
Attend: The most effective thing for you to do is to attend the hearing – Please arrive before 9:30am
and fill out a speaker’s card. You don’t have to say much, just that the land should be preserved.
Write: If you can’t make the hearing, you can also let your opinion be known. Write the Legislature or
email them. We’ve provided contact information for the key Legislators below.
Email or Facebook: You can email us or find us on Facebook and post a message; we will read your
email or post into the record at the hearing. Email us at: [email protected]
The Town of Brookhaven: While this is the time that we need your help for the County to do the
right thing, the Town of Brookhaven has already taken the significant step that has helped the
preservation of this property. In fact, without it there would be no chance of preservation. With the
support of Councilwoman Jane Bonner, Brookhaven has pledged 30% of the acquisition cost of
the property. Thank you!!!
At present, the owner/developer has filed a subdivision map for development of the site with the Town
of Brookhaven. This subdivision map proposes constructing a cul-de-sac off of Landing Road, opposite
Cedar Drive. Six houses are being proposed to be constructed. The proposed 6 houses are an “as-ofright” use of the property. If the site is not bought through the joint efforts of Brookhaven and the
Get Directions to the Hearing Here
Below are the key Legislators who you should call or email:
Presiding Officer
DuWayne Gregory
(631) 853-4088
[email protected]
Deputy Presiding Officer
Jay Schneiderman
(631) 852-8400
[email protected]
Chairman of the EPA Committee
Kara Hahn
(631) 854-1650
[email protected]
Majority Leader
Robert Calarco
(631) 854-1400
[email protected]
Minority Leader
Kevin J. McCaffrey
631) 854-1100
[email protected]
District 6 Legislator (district the property is in)
Sarah Anker
(631) 854-1600
[email protected]
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Email: [email protected]
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