Questionnaire 1 - Golden Gate Transit



Questionnaire 1 - Golden Gate Transit
For Director of Procurement
Applicant Instructions: On a separate sheet, type or write your answers to the following
questions regarding your experience and qualifications related to this position. The
Supplemental Questionnaire is part of the recruitment process and must be submitted along
with your completed District Application for Employment. Applications received without
the completed Supplemental Questionnaire will not be considered. You may attach as many
sheets as required.
1. Please describe your position-related experience in managing, organizing,
planning, writing, and reviewing requests for proposals, formal bids, contract
agreements, amendments, and change orders.
2. Please describe your experience working in a public agency purchasing
environment? If you do not have this experience, please describe any experience
working with adherence to Federal, State, local laws, and regulations.
Please describe your experience in drafting or reviewing construction or public
works contracts.
4. Please describe your experience in identifying procurement technology projects,
and your role in implementing systems and programs that improve operations.
Include your experience in computer systems/software, and your role in the use
and advancement of procurement software programs.
5. Please describe your management style, and describe your experience in a
management role, and the level of subordinate staff that report to you.

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