Y6 Summer Term Newsletter 2015


Y6 Summer Term Newsletter 2015
Year 6 Curriculum Overview - Summer Term 2015
Welcome back after the Easter break. With only four weeks left until SATs week, we are
having a final push to prepare the children for their tests whilst trying to avoid making
them feel stressed! There are still some revision books available to buy from the office;
please see your child’s class teacher if you are unsure which books to buy.
SATs week (week beginning Monday 11th May)
Please encourage your child to go to bed at a sensible time during and just before SATs
week. We also recommend that your child has a healthy breakfast which
provides them with the energy to help them to stay alert and focussed during
the tests. At school, we do our best to try to make the whole week is as stress
free as possible, and we will be organising fun activities for the children to do in
the afternoons and on the Friday of SATs week.
Monday 11th May
Reading test
*L6 Reading test
Tuesday 12th May
English Spelling,
Punctuation and
Grammar test
*L6 Spelling,
Punctuation and
Grammar test
Wednesday 13th May
Thursday 14th May
Mental maths test &
Maths Paper 1
Maths Paper 2
*L6 maths, papers 1 and
* selected children only
School Website
Please take a look at the School Website to keep up to date with letters, news and photos of your
children and their work. The school diary is updated regularly.
Copies of all letters and the weekly Newsletter (on Fridays) can be downloaded from the site. This saves
the school money, and ensures that you receive up-to-date information.
Curriculum for the summer term
Topic: Leading up to the SATs, we have a science topic called ‘See Hear!’, through which children will
learn the science behind how humans and animals see and hear. This topic will be used as a focus for
other curriculum areas where possible such as English, music, art and Spanish.
After the SATs, we will start our final topic, ‘Settle Down!’, a Geography topic focussing on Viking
settlements. As part of this topic, we will be looking at maps and atlases to identify key features and
locations related to Viking settlements. We will be studying how human settlements have developed
since Viking times, as well as comparing climates in different locations. On Thursday 21st May, children
will be given their final project homework. The deadline for the project is Tuesday 23rd June.
English: Prior to the SATs tests, we will be revising spelling, punctuation and grammar rules, and
practising comprehension skills. We will also be covering a range of text types including discussion texts
and explanation texts. After the SATs, children will be writing their own page for the Y6 Leavers’ book
which will be available to buy at the end of the year.
Maths: We will be revising a wide range of topics prior to the year 6 tests. Post SATs, we will be using
and applying our maths skills in a range of problem solving activities and investigations, as well as using
maths skills to support work in science and topic.
ICT: This term, children will be working towards designing their own web page. In term 6, they will able
to use their ICT skills to put together a leavers’ video.
Spanish: In conjunction with our Geography topic, children will learn weather vocabulary, features of
towns and how to ask directions in Spanish.
Games and PE: This term, Y6 will have tennis on Tuesdays and cricket on Thursdays. Please ensure
that children have their outdoor PE kit in school every day.
Trips and activities
Y6 have been working extremely hard this year to raise money for their end of year trip to Brean which
we plan to make as fun and memorable as possible. 6W will be the last class taking part in the Y6
fundraising challenge, and all money raised will go towards the cost of the trip, leavers’ t-shirt and
leavers’ book.
Y6 also have a leavers’ disco and leavers’ concert to look forward to!
Full details of the trip to Brean and all other end of Y6 arrangements will follow in separate
School Uniform
There is a clear uniform policy and all children are expected to wear the appropriate uniform. Please
refer to the school website uniform section for guidance.
Key dates
SATs week:
6W fundraising week:
Project homework deadline:
Primary Transfer Day:
Leavers’ concert:
Leavers’ disco:
End of year trip to Brean:
Last day – Goodbye Y6:
w/b Monday 11th May
w/b Monday 18th May
Tuesday 23rd June
Thursday 2nd July*
Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th July (6:30 – 8:00 approx)
Wednesday 15th July (7:00 – 8:15)
Thursday 16th July
Parents/carers are welcome to join children and staff at 3:30pm at
school for goodbyes and photographs – with .
Please note:
*The date for Primary Transfer may be different for some secondary schools.
Limos- and other vehicles…
Last year was the first year for some time where there were no Limos for Y6. It was really lovely to see
all the children leave happily at the end of the day, with no one feeling left out. When parents do choose
to arrange Limo rides, we must be honest and say that this makes us feel uncomfortable and we would
prefer it did not take place. It provides for some and not for others, it pressures some parents to say yes
to offers when they do not want their child to take part, and we feel it is not age appropriate for children
at 11. Whilst we can’t stop this happening we would ask parents wishing to mark the end of their child’s
primary to consider doing something for all children, or adding to the celebrations planned by school as
an alternative. Mr Coyne & Mr Weenink
School / Family Liaison
We are always grateful for offers of help. We need people to help with reading, cooking
and other activities - please see your class teacher if you can offer any time at all.
Your child’s HASP Book is used daily for communication, and for your child to write in
forthcoming events; please ensure it is in school every day.
The Year 6 Teachers are always happy to meet to discuss your child’s learning and progress. This is best
after school – please write a note in the HASP book, or pop into the office to arrange a suitable time.
Thank you for your continued support,
Mrs Keep, Miss Sheppard, Mrs Jones, Mrs Hernández