May 2015 newsletter 3 - HM MacDonald Elementary School


May 2015 newsletter 3 - HM MacDonald Elementary School
H.M. MacDonald Elementary School
May 1, 2015
SchoolsPlus is a comprehensive and collaborative
interagency approach to educating and providing
service to the whole child and family with the school as
the centre of service. The focus of Schools Plus is to
support students and families by helping them in
attaining timely and effective services which meet their
identified needs.
Making Bird Feeders Exploratory Day 2015
Dear Parents/ Guardians,
This past month has been a busy one at H.M.
MacDonald. The success we have had at our
school could not have happened without the
support of the many parents and community
members. We certainly appreciate the support!
We would like to thank all of the students for their
hard work with regards to their Heritage Fair
projects. Everyone did a great job!! The top three
projects that will be traveling to Mulgrave on May
8th are Dennis Fowlie’s project of The Hockey
Career of Paul Boutilier, Katie MacNeil’s project of
3 Generations of 4H, and Ainslie Beaton’s project
of Ball is Life. We would like to wish them the best
as they move forward and represent our school at
the Regional Fair. Also, we would like to thank the
judges who assisted with the process.
As you all know, last week was Education Week.
Students and staff had the opportunity to
participate in various activities: The Heritage Fair,
Mission Impossible, and Exploratory Day. We
would like to say thanks to the community
members who came into the school to run the
various stations for Exploratory Day.
Sincerely, Jason Dayman, Principal
April was our last month of the Virtues Program. We
reviewed and reflected upon each of the virtues we
had learned about over the year – Idealism, Kindness,
Tolerance, Cooperation, and Determination.
We would like to thank all grade 5 and 6 students who
came out to the program! It was great getting to know
you all and we hope you had fun. We would also like to
thank Shelly MacBurnie from Community Services for
coming out to facilitate the program and Mrs. MacNeil,
Mrs. MacDonald, and Mr. Dayman for supporting the
Marguerite MacGillivray –SchoolsPlus Facilitator
Tara Hassin- SchoolsPlus Community Outreach
The Leadership Group have appointed 3 leaders
to run for the rest of the year. 3 students
voluntarily came forward and presented their
platform to the group. Fiona Polson, Katie
MacNeil and Anna Ross were all approved to
oversee the leadership role. Ainslie Beaton and
Malia Artibello were voted for treasurer and
secretary respectively. Congratulations girls!
Antigonish Kids First - Kids Have Stress Too.
Tuesday, May 12, 2015 – 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. 3 weeks
program – 902-863-3848.
Please sign this space and return to the school
saying that you read the newsletter. Names will be
entered in a box for a $5.00 Tim’s Card. (Tanya
MacDonald was the winner for the month of
April). ____________________________________
May 2 -Beaver Mountain Park 10-2:00 p.m.
May 5th - P-3 Town Library- Andrea Beck
9:30 am
May 6th – Grade 6’s visit SAJS – 9:30-11:30
May 6th – Readiness to Learn – 9:00 -11:00
May 7th – Maryvale’s Got Talent
May 8th – Regional Heritage Fair Mulgrave
May 8th – Sub Day - $2.75 for 6 inch
May 8th – Annual Ham and Bean Dinner
and Auction at St. Ninian Place @6:30 p.m.
May 10th – Mother’s Day
May 13th – Readiness to Learn – 9:00-11:00
May 14th – Talent Show @SAJS at 6:30 pm
May 18th – Victoria Day – No School
May 19th – Grade 3 Swim to Survive 11-12:00
May 20th – Readiness to Learn 9-11:00
May 21 – Grade 3 Swim to Survive 11-12:00
May 21st and 22nd – Jump Rope for Heart
May 23rd Babysitting workshop at SAJS –
9:00 – 4:30 p.m. 11 years and up
May 23rd – Learn to Canoe 9-11:00 -Pinevale
May 26th – Grade 3 Swim to Survive 11-12:00
May 27th – X-Chem Presentations
May 27th – Readiness to Learn 9-11:00
May 29th – French Café Grade 5/6
May 29th – Pizza Day - $1.75 per slice
May 29th – Sobeys at breakfast program
May 31st – Fit4Lit at Oland Track
Future Lobster Fishermen – Exploratory Day 2015
Multi – Talent Show @ St. Andrew Junior
School, Thursday, May 14th @ 6:30 p.m.
Featuring SAJS, HM MacDonald, Dr John Hugh
Gillis, East Antigonish Education Centre
Admission: Adults - $5.00 and Students $2.00
Featuring a silent Auction and Concession
Stand. Proceeds to: A Playground for “Every
Body” If you have student artwork that you
would like to donate, please contact
[email protected] . Deadline is May 8,
Our School will be holding our flag unveiling
ceremony this Thursday, April 30th at 1:30 p.m. We
hope to see everyone here at the school.
Annual Ham and Bean Dinner Auction – for the
Intervention Program. Friday. May 8th at St. Ninian
Place. $15 in advance and $20 at the door. Starts at
6:30 p.m.
The Grade 2/3 class have been incubating 36 chick
eggs since April 15th. The eggs are being turned
three times a day with help from Flo in the evenings
and on weekends. Mrs. MacEachern has candled
some eggs twice and most of the students in the
school have observed movement inside the shell.
Two students were lucky enough to hear peeping as
early as day 14. What a surprise! We are hoping for
lots of new chicks around May 5th, providing they
have all been fertilized. Thanks to the Armsworthy
family for making this all happen.