30th April



30th April
 The Week Friday, 30th April
Dear Parents,
The term has got off to an all action start with
school trips and extravaganzas and the
atmosphere of learning around the school
reflects the determination of the children to
do their best and of the teachers to provide
superb learning opportunities. The children are
already buzzing about the athletics this term
and personal performances are already
rising. Year 6 continue to set a great example
to all of the younger children and they are
responding brilliantly and the interactions
around he school reflects the ethos of St.
Andrew's as a family school where all are
valued is very evident.
This week saw the first of our term’s
Today Year 3 had the
opportunity to share all they’ve learned about
Ancient Greece. There were hoplite soldiers,
Aesop’s fable performed and a rap from many
of the Greek gods and goddesses! A Greek,
honey and sesame bread baked by the children
was enjoyed by all and as you can see here are
some photos of the children in action
Yours sincerely
Paul Harvey
4M’s Adventure to the Rainforest!
4M’s assembly was set as Part 2 of their Rainforest Adventure in which the return bus journey to school
was beset by bus trouble. Fortunately for the children the fateful journey was remedied by the SAIPS team
of superhero teachers, especially
their class teacher, Mrs Panjwani
who managed to solve each of the
problems by herself – except for
the singing!
Our next assembly will be Year 1F on Friday, 8th May at 7:15am. Tea and coffee available from 7:00am.
All are welcome!
Please be sure to return your order forms and correct cash or cheque by the deadline: Friday 8th May in order to avoid disappointment! The library will benefit directly from your orders as we receive 20% commission in the form of ‘free books’. Baker Books provide high quality books direct from the UK at competitive prices. Diary Dates
14 May –
Kamuzu Day,
Public Holiday
16th May –
Kamuzu Academy
Form 1 Entrance
Exams. To be held
at Phoenix School.
KS2 Stars of the Week
KS1 Stars of the Week
Baker Books Reminder! Athlete of the Week Artists of the Week Malaika
Deborah, Savannah & Zoe 5G
School Fees
Dear Parents,
Just a reminder that, as was explained in the letter at the end of
last term, the end of this coming week is the last date for
payment of School Fees for term 3 without incurring a penalty.
Any fees received after Friday 8th May will incur an extra cost.

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