All-Star Manager Application


All-Star Manager Application
2015 Kernersville Little League – ALL STAR MANAGER REGISTRATION FORM
Deadline for Completing Application – Friday May 22nd
Put a copy of Application in box in KLL Board Room
As a Manager or coach, I fully understand that by completing an application, I am committing myself to
manage an All-Star Team. I have read and understand the Kernersville Little League (KLL) Local Rules and
related All Star team and Manager selection procedures. I also agree to the following terms:
 Manager selections will be in compliance with Little League Tournament Rules and Guidelines
 For Minor/Major Baseball, selections will be based on Local Rules
 Completed form to be delivered to the Player Agent by Friday May 22nd.
o Managers understand if this is not done they will NOT be eligible.
As applicable, complete your team choices on the lines below in order of preference.
REMEMBER!! If you only want to manage a certain team DO NOT list any others.
Only list the ones you are willing to commit to manage.
_____ Softball
_______ Baseball
8U Tournament of Champions
9-10 “Minor Team”
11-12 “Major Team”
6/7 Tournament of Champions
7/8 Tournament of Champions
9-10 Tournament of Champions
9-10 “Little League Tournament Team”
11 “Major Team”
12 “Little League Team”
13-14 “Junior Team”
15-16 “Senior Team”
1st choice______________________________
2nd choice_______________________________
3rd choice_______________________________
4th choice_______________________________
Manager or Coach Signature
Player Agent Signature

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