Rudin®BreadCasing, the new revolution!


Rudin®BreadCasing, the new revolution!
Rudin®BreadCasing, the new revolution!
For many years now, Ruitenberg Ingredients has been well-known in the meat industry for its expertise in alginate-based
casings. This range of casings, called Rudin®VegaCasing, is used in combination with the principle of co-extrusion. Together with
our knowledge of bakery products, this experience has resulted in the development of a totally new concept: Rudin®BreadCasing.
Rudin®BreadCasing is a lowfat, food-safe casing made
from bread dough. Due to its
special composition, it is possible to produce bread products
with the use of existing coextrusion. After production it
can be baked directly or stored
in the freezer.
Our Rudin®BreadCasing can
be used in a variety of snack
products, with meat emulsion
a perfect example of a filling.
Besides meat dough, we offer
a wide range of other fillings
suitable for co-extrusion as
Co-extrusion is widely used in food production to produce filled confectionary products, filled
breakfast cereals, filled snacks, etc. In meat processing, it can be used to coat sausages with an
outer skin. The advantages of co-extrusion are obvious: co-extrusion is a cost-effective method
for large-scale production. Furthermore, uniformity of the end product is guaranteed.
Bread dough
Using standard bread dough
in combination with co-extrusion will damage the structure
of the dough, making it unsuitable for use in extrusion.
After extensive research by
our R&D team, Ruitenberg
Ingredients is proud to introduce Rudin®BreadCasing – the
first bread dough that keeps its
structure after co-extrusion.
The implementation of Rudin®
BreadCasing is done with the
help of the technologists of
Ruitenberg Ingredients.
In partnership with our client,
we guarantee a solution that
works to ensure a long-term
relationship. The success of
this formula is what makes
Ruitenberg ingredients such
an established name in the
food industry – worldwide.
A real breakthrough for the
meat industry! Now available
at Ruitenberg Ingredients.
Did you know...
At your request we look for alternative
ingredients to substitute additives or
allergens to create a clean label.
For more information please contact our team.
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Now available:
gluten free
Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley or any of their
crossbred varieties and derivatives. In baking, gluten is an
important component within flour that keeps the air inside the
baked product. As such, gluten is found in many processed and
packaged foods.
More than 55 diseases have
been linked to gluten, the protein found in wheat, rye, and
barley. It’s estimated that 99%
of the people who have either
gluten intolerance or celiac
disease are never diagnosed.
Sales of gluten-free food products have been increasing in
both volume and value at a
faster rate than lactose-free
and diabetic food products,
for example. Gluten-free has
been described by consumers
as: “a mainstream sensation,
embraced both out of necessity and as a personal choice
toward achieving a healthier
Rudin®BreadCasing GF
To produce gluten-free bread
products, our team of technologists has developed a special
gluten-free Rudin®BreadCasing,
called Rudin®BreadCasing GF.
Recipe Rudin®BreadCasing
Method, application
Mix all ingredients for approx. 9 minutes (2 minutes at low
speed and 7 minutes at high speed) in a dough kneader. Dough
temperature: 20–22°C. Prepare the dough like a standard bread
type of dough. After mixing, the dough is directly ready to use for
further processing.
Preparation in a bowl chopper is also possible. Use (partly)
crushed ice to prevent dough temperature increasing. Don’t mix
or chop the dough too long in the bowl chopper. When there’s
some consistency in the dough, it’s ready.
can be prepared in your bowl chopper
Co-extrude the dough in combination with one of the Rudin®Filling
products or other (meat) fillings. Bake the products for 7 minutes
at 250°C with some steam. Bake the products for a short time at a
high temperature! This is just a recommendation, as every oven is
different and needs to be tested for the right settings for baking the
products properly. Another option is steam-cooking the products or
even deep-frying them. The cooking time of the products depends
on size and weight and should be tested.
Water (cold, 0-2°C.)
Additional information
If something is unclear, or if you require more information about the possibilities of other Rudin products, please contact us at
[email protected]. Or call us on +31 (0)571 270 000 and ask for the Application Technologist Bakery.