The Art of making it Happen


The Art of making it Happen
Dear Customer,
Welcome at the Ruitenberg stand here at the IBA 2015.
Whether it is about on-the-go snacking, cleaner
labels, or one-bite portions, by using our product
solutions you will be able to create your own, individual offering the market is asking for.
new Glaze HQ, an egg replacer easy soluble in
water and “freeze store stable”, giving the product a nice brown color and a fantastic shine.
Another example of that focus on functionality is our new “growing fillings”. These fillings
grow during the baking process, resulting in a
completely filled product without the commonly
known gap. We are proud to be able to present
to you these new product concepts that our sales
representatives will explain to you in more detail.
I want to invite you to come in, sit down and
enjoy these new products while having a chat
with a member of our team.
One important aspect of our products is their
functionality. In that sense I want to highlight our
Axel Schijns
Sales & Marketing Director
This year’s motto – “the Art of Making it Happen”
– reflects on what we are good at. We bring ingredients and know-how together and create new
and innovative concepts and solutions. We are
pleased to present to you a range of new products
that are based on the latest food and consumer
trends, enabling you to offer your customers
what they are looking for.
The Art of Making it Happen
Suppose you have this great
idea of a new type of snack.
And suppose that you could
use some help in producing
or processing it. Or you would
need support in deciding what
kind of functionality your new
snack should have. Then why
don’t you come see us here at
the IBA (Hall A4, booth 421)
and discuss your specific
question with one of our sales
team members?
They’ll be happy to advise. Or
perhaps you’d prefer discussing a more technical issue with
one of our application technologists. They’d love to look into
solutions together with you. So
do come and challenge us!
Should you lack the time of
stopping by during this IBA,
you are always welcome to
visit our technology center in
Twello, the Netherlands, to
discuss new concepts or test
different applications. Our Art
of Making it Happen means
that we will assist you in enhancing your products. Each
Ruitenberg concept or solution
is characterized by its innovative, creative nature and will
always be tested extensively.
Alternatively, our technologists will come to your facility
at your request, to investigate
the best way of producing and/
or processing on site. They can
help you achieve a tailor-made
solution or concept that suits
your needs best.
This typically is the Ruitenberg
way of making things happen:
we want to make sure that our
concepts and solutions work.
So how may we help you?
Every day our passionate
team is an inspiration
to the food industry.
We bring knowledge and
ingredients together in
creative solutions.
Did you know...
At your request we look for alternative
ingredients to substitute additives or
allergens to create clean label. For more
information please contact our team.
Tel: +31(0)571-270 000
Fax: +31(0)571-270 217
E-mail: [email protected]
Rudin® products
RudinProducts are developed under
the auspices of Ruitenberg Ingredients.
They create added value through their
innovative and high-quality properties.
Rudin concepts are catalysts that allow you to make a product in the price/
quality combination you want.
All of this is without compromising the
culinary characteristics of your product.
In the Ruitenberg technology center in
Twello, the Netherlands, technologists
and product developers are dedicated
to the optimization of existing properties
and the development of new concepts
and tailor-made solutions.
Our extensive and close relationships
with our customers inspire us to create
new and unique innovative solutions.
Whether it is RudinFilling, RudinGlaze
or RudinRapiDo, we offer a wide range
of functional ingredients for the bakery
There is no denying the human affinity for shining products. Shiny products on the shelves
will be picked first. For that reason, bakers are making their products more attractive by using glazes on their products. In the bakery industry, the glazes are being used in a variety of
applications, from finished baked products to bake-off products.
In most cases eggs are being
used to form a layer with shining and browning properties.
One of the disadvantages of
using eggs is the possible
presence of bacteria within
these eggs which could contaminate your production facility. To be able to offer you
an alternative with excellent
properties, our technical team
has developed a new range
of glazes called RudinGlaze.
Substitution of eggs with our
RudinGlaze will reduce possible bacterial contamination
yet give you the shining and
browning you desire.
One of the biggest benefits
of our new RudinGlaze HQ
range is the fact that it could
be used in a broader spectrum of bakery applications.
The RudinGlaze HQ is suitable for baked pastry products as well as for a variety
of confectio-nary products.
Another benefit is the fact
that our new range of glazes
exist out of a building block
which enables us to adapt the
shining and browning properties to your requirements.
Nowadays food producers are constantly in need of new
products to meet fast changing consumer demands. Food
technologists working at Ruitenberg source from an accumulation of know-how built over many years of experience
in the food industry. Our Bakery Technology Center, based
in Twello, is the perfect area for joint testing together with
our customers.
Ruitenberg Ingredients offers a wide range of fillings for the
industrial production of snack and convenience foods. A dedicated team of product developers and technologists work daily
to create new concepts.
The experience and knowledge gathered in developing
bake and freeze-thaw stable fillings, has led our R&D
team to the realisation that
normally, after baking, an
empty gap appears between
the dough and the filling, especially in products like puff
pastries and filled croissants.
The new RudinFilling GRW
has been developed to fill
this gap. During baking, the
filling is developing at the
same time as the dough, and
the volume achieved remains
stable when done.
Ruitenberg Ingredients’ products achieve added value
properties and high quality. Together with you we are
able to adjust our RudinFilling
GRW to obtain the desired filling taste and structure within
your application.
Our team of specialists can
help you with working out
new concepts. With this new
solution you will be able to
distinguish yourself from your
competitors in the market.
How do we meet the market’s demand for ‘light’ bread snacks that can be consumed warm
on the go? Ruitenberg Ingredients brings a new dough concept range into the market: the
RudinRapiDo range.
This yeastless soft bread dough was conceived with both industrial bakeries and consumers in
mind. RudinRapiDo is a snack dough that contains less fat than puff and Danish pastry. It is ideal
to use in combination with one of our fillings.
A smart combination of functional ingredients replaces the yeast and makes the dough rise
during baking. Since no proofing is needed, the filled products can be produced continuously on
an automated production line. Within our RudinRapiDo range, we have developed products suitable for sheeting lines and co-extrusion lines as well.
We achieve
a healthy
and independence.
Did you know...
At your request we look for alternative
ingredients to substitute additives or
allergens to create clean label. For more
information please contact our team.
Tel: +31(0)571-270 000
Fax: +31(0)571-270 217
E-mail: [email protected]
Profoundly a family business
Dear IBA visitor,
It feels good to be back at this year’s
IBA! On behalf of my family I’d like
to invite you all to come and visit our
booth, to learn more about our Art of
Making it Happen. You’ll experience
our creativity and the magic of innovative ingredient combinations, leading
to tailor-made solutions.
The history of our family business
goes back to 1938, when my grandfather Willem started a business in
potato starch, laying the foundations
for the family firm. In 1967, his eldest son (my father) Cornelis took over
and expanded the business, looking for
diversification and new opportunities
in the meat, bakery and confectionary industry. Basically, he introduced
innovation as main ingredient. At
Ruitenberg, we have been developing creative solutions for our clients
ever since. Two years ago, Ruitenberg
celebrated its 75th anniversary, a remarkable milestone.
Today, my siblings and I keep the flag
flying. We continue to be involved in
Ruitenberg as a family, in our own
modest way and with great pride. We
fully support the corporate vision,
while pursuing the core values of our
family: we help one another, we aim
for the long term (continuity), we work
on the basis of trust and we strongly
believe in independence.
Sales Team
A large part of our products are sold outside of the Netherlands.
The following members of our team have extensive experience
in the bakery industry and are ready to help you in your region:
Axel Schijns
Sales & Marketing
T +31 6 21847763
Jaco van Harten
Sales & Marketing
Bakery - Manager
T +31 6 31655991
Natasja Huisman
Account Manager
T +31 6 25080752
Nikica Rajic
Sales Technician
Central & Eastern
T +38 5 912227891
Sasho Uzunchev
Sales Representative
Central & Eastern
T +31 6 51877359
Chiara Bonsignorio
Account Manager
T +39 3 473658207
Elitsa Sotirova
Sales Representative
Central & Eastern
T +35 9 877949577
Naturally, we’d like to show you our
Art of Making it Happen, our way of
offering you a wide range of possible applications and solutions. It’s up
to you to decide which one would suit
you best. Anyway, feel free to join our
business family members.
Ruitenberg Ingredients feels very strongly about quality and
has been HACCP and BRC certified since May 2004. All our
employees are committed to the quality of the products and
services we provide.
Contact details
The Ruitenberg Ingredients headquarters and technology centers are located in Twello, the Netherlands. We work from our sales offices in France,
Spain, Italy, Poland and the US to serve our customers worldwide. In the other countries we work with
renowned distributors.
Ruitenberg Ingredients
Griftstraat 8
The Netherlands
+31 571 270 000
+31 571 270 217
[email protected]

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