RW -Dinner-MENU-2016


RW -Dinner-MENU-2016
We use fresh & Organic ingredients whenever available
There are 49 major regions in Japan, which all have speciality ingredients and styles of cooking.
MEGU playing as a filter, we have brought to your table over 1000 years of Japanese regional cuisine
called “Kyodo Ryouri” in order to bring you closer to Japan.
MEGU - BLESSINGS “Ingredients”
On our contemporary quest for the ancient ideal of the ultimate food experience,
we recognize no borders, only the centuries of innovation dedicated to its pursuit
In our pursuit of the perfect culinary creation,
we travel to the ends of the earth to locate the finest bounties
of nature cultivated and captured by human hands
With these ingredients, we go to any length to release Umami,
that elusive but profoundly satisfying flavor, concealed within
We aspire to raise the process of cooking to the level of art
with the simple elegance of modern inventiveness
- $ 42 -
Choice of Appetizer
Edamame Falafel
MEGU House Salad
Nori Taco
King Crab Pineapple Roll (Add $5)
Choice of Entreé
Matcha Tea Smoked Chicken
Pan Seared Salmon with Miso Spatzle
Okinawa Sweet Potato Ravioli with Kombu Form
Sizzling Shortrib (Add $5)
THE MEGU MENU “Culinary Experience”
We invite you to explore the MEGU menu as you would walk a beautiful garden.
Instead of a set path, we offer many temptations, from rustic hearth to lavish luxury.
The choice is yours to create a culinary experience as you wish,
weather a sampling of delicacies or a table full of indulgences.
Here, our only wish is to serve YOU.
Welcome to MEGU Restaurant Week
Chef Choice Dessert
Sake Pairing
Wine Pairing
Nanbu Bijin Sake (2oz)
Daishichi “Classic” Junmai (2oz)
Lacryma Christi 05 (2oz)
Langhe Nebbiolo 07 (2oz)
“Bon Appétite”
MEGU does utilize nuts and derivatives in some menu items.
If you have any food allergies you may inform your server at the time of your arrival.
(MEGU declines all responsibility that may result in case of allergic reaction to any ingredients)