Concept Labs Introduction


Concept Labs Introduction
Expert Formulations
What We Do
Develop and market best-selling retail
Supply expert industry knowledge and
experience with the latest trends and
innovations, drawing on resources such as:
Global supplier relationships and
customer base
Sales penetration across Mass,
Natural, and Prestige channels
Access to market research (Mintel,
DataMonitor) and sales data
(Symphony IRI, AC Nielsen)
Who We Are
A product development think tank
A state-of-the-art manufacturer of beauty,
personal care, and household products
A turnkey service that does it all: develops,
manufactures, and distributes customformulated and private-label products
A team of experts highly regarded for
creativity, service commitment, speed-tomarket execution, and turnkey product
development finesse
Relevant, Real-World
We understand how to produce and market
products that fit diverse sales platforms.
Our team has launched successful products
in Retail, DR, Multi-Level Marketing, Export,
and Mail Order
We have real-world experience in R&D,
QC, and Operations departments ranging
from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies
We have developed winning
product solutions for companies
selling across a multitude of
And have created product lines for
global markets
skin lightening
And have a robust product
formula bank in the
following market segments:
Ethnic care
Nail care
Skin Brightening
Foot care
Skin conditions
Pain relief
Hair care
Ingredient Expertise
Experience formulating a stunning
variety of effective ingredients:
Anti-aging peptides
Liposomal encapsulations
Fast-break & water-break emulsions
Anti-wrinkle ingredients including Retinol
Active-heavy formulas
Pigment dispersions including BB & CC
Non-irritating ingredients for sensitive
Physical & chemical exfoliants including
Alpha Hydroxy Acids
Water- and lipid-soluble (Ascorbic Acid
vs. BVOSC) Vitamins
Botanical extracts & natural oils
Delivery System Expertise
Experience working with and developing a
wide range of delivery systems to ensure that
Remain stable
Penetrate to the proper layer of skin—allowing deeper
penetration for ingredients like peptides to improve effectiveness, while preventing penetration for ingredients
like depilatories to avoid irritation
Recent delivery system examples:
Innovated a brand-new shake-up delivery system to improve shelf life and user experience (patent pending)
Encapsulated peptides to improve absorption
Liquid crystal
Multi-lamellar “second skin” delivery systems
Multi-layer liposomes
Turnkey Service Offerings
Market-Validated Formulas with Standard,
Toxin-Free and Natural Profiles
Formula Licensing and Modifications
In-House Laboratory, Regulatory and QC
Stability and Safety Testing
Blending and Filling
Graphic Design and Copy Writing
Innovative and Efficient Component Sourcing
Custom Packaging and Labeling
Manufacturing Capabilities
cGMP and OTC Drug-Compliant,
FDA-Registered Facility in Chicago
Yearly output capacity of 14 million units
Daily output of 150,000 units per shift
Lotions, Creams, Gels, Large and Small Runs
Auto and Semi-Auto Equipment designed for
optimal flexibility with shape, size, closures
and containers
Additional Shift Capacity
Up to 100,000 sq. ft. off-premise warehouse
for components and raw materials storage
In-House auto labeling
Concept Laboratories’
FDA-Registered and in Good Standing
EPA-Registered and in Good Standing
Member of Illinois Chamber of Commerce
GS1-Registered and in Good Standing
Member of LEED Council
Recent Successes
Formulated the top-selling product for an
Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Companies
Manufacture the #1 item in the skin lightening category, ranking in the top 20 in
Skin Care for both Walgreens and CVS
(customer ranked #4 Inc. 5000 FastestGrowing Companies)
Produce multiple concealer product lines
with millions of units sold globally in 130
countries, including Japan, known for
challenging regulatory and color-matching requirements
Let’s Create Impact
Adam Lustbader
Concept Laboratories, Inc.
1400 W Wabansia Avenue
Chicago, IL 60642
773.572.4375 | [email protected]