Presentation Nexira


Presentation Nexira
… are merging to become a new entity
Nexira is the new identity of the Iranex Group and is built on
the foundation of 115 years of family owned and managed
business success. World leader on the market of acacia gum
(gum Arabic), it is a premier supplier of innovative ingredients and actives sustainably sourced from nature.
Value Drivers
Today this private company continues to reinvent and evolve the business to
new heights of performance with innovative products, customer partnerships
and global supply assurance.
Nexira is an agri-industrial group composed of three complementary
businesses: Food, Health and Technology. The three divisions offer a global
expertise from raw materials sourcing and proprietary processing technologies
to formulation support.
• Research and innovation enhancing the natural properties of
ingredients and supporting products with science to demonstrate
health benefits (in vivo, in vitro and clinical studies)
Historically, the company made its reputation as the global
leader in acacia gum. Today, Nexira’s proprietary portfolio includes
• Commitment to sustainable development through economic, social
and environmental actions including partnership with NGO SOS
Sahel and construction of water wells in Chad.
emulsifiers, texturizers and actives for weight-management, anti-stress, antioxidants along with other specialty hydrocolloids and a large number of highly
functional botanical extracts. This wide scope of innovative ingredients includes
many branded products like Fibregum™ Bio organic prebiotic soluble fiber,
NeOpuntia® and Cacti-Nea™ cactus fruit extracts.
Nexira’s technical expertise also encompasses proven experience in manufacturing technologies such as spray drying, granulation and micro-encapsulation.
Nexira has business operations on 5 continents, leveraging a wide network of
collaborative partners.
• Global expertise in hydrocolloids and natural ingredients
• Quality, consistency and reliability of products and raw materials
• Exceptional scientific, regulatory, technical and marketing support
• Global network of sales, distribution and supply chain partners
Three complementary businesses focused on innovative natural ingredients and
unique processing technologies, to deliver nutrition, health & wellness.
Expert in innovative natural
Active botanical extracts with multiple
health benefits:
Extensive expertise in manufacturing
technologies including:
• World leader of acacia gum
• Wide portfolio of natural extracts including a
range of ingredients for weight management,
anti-stress, antioxidant, digestive comfort…
• Spray drying and co-drying
• High value-added range of ingredients:
emulsifiers, texturizers, encapsulation and
coating agents
• Patented natural ingredients for the nutrition
and health markets
• Excellent understanding of customer needs
• Personalized technical assistance
Fibregum™, Equacia™, Eficacia™,
Encapcia™, Instantgum™…
Creation of Etablissements
Charles Dondain,
specialized in import/export
of food from the Middle
East and Africa (dried fruits,
spices and acacia gum).
The acacia gum business enters
into its industrial phase. To back
up its international growth, the
company invests in a technical
and commercial structure and
becomes known as Iranex.
• Strong scientific background (in vivo, in vitro
and clinical studies available)
• Constant search for innovations to answer
the needs of the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets
• Encapsulation and micro-encapsulation
• Manufacturing and quality assurance systems
ISO 9001 and BRC compliant
• Organic certifications are also available
NeOpuntia®, Cacti-Nea™, Serenzo™, ViNitrox™…
Initiation of
development in Africa
with the creation of
the NGO Aidgum.
Creation of
Colloïdes Naturels
(CNI), in order to
expend the group
Nexira: Evolution of Growth Continues
Creation of
NutriProcess, specialized
in industrial
spray-drying, coating
and encapsulation of
Integration of Bio Serae
Laboratories for the
development and marketing
of nutraceutical ingredients.
Iranex becomes Nexira.
CNI, Bio Serae and
NutriProcess are
reorganized into Nexira
Food, Nexira Health and
Nexira Technology.
Nexira has business
operations on 5 continents
& agents
Strong worldwide network of partners,
provides global expertise with local service
Why a name change ?
The name Nexira and its logo were carefully
selected to embody our culture of excellence and
the international dimension of the company, as well
as our desire to evolve and expand our portfolio of
products, our health platforms and our service
Nexira is the natural evolution of three companies based on a rich
heritage of sourcing from nature to deliver unique benefits for
health and performance.
The name “Nexira” along with the creative logo implies
something new: a new identity representing the next generation,
with a promise of delivering new products and new technologies.
The three leaves in the logo reflect the three new divisions of
Nexira: Food, Heath and Technology. They also symbolize the link
to nature and a continuing commitment to sustainability. The new
tagline, Innovation Inspired by Nature, captures the essence of our
spirit and the source of our business philosophy.
The next generation of
natural ingredients to
better serve your
ingredient needs, now
and for the future.
What is the new strategy ?
How will you benefit…?
The creation of Nexira gives you access to a broader range of
products & services for the Food, Health & Wellness markets.
Nexira can now leverage the multiple capabilities of the three
original companies to broaden our scope of products and services.
Synergistic benefits will emerge from combined research efforts to
deliver new innovative products with additional benefits for both
health and technical performance.
The merging of the 3 companies reinforces our growth and
investments strategy in order to fulfill our customer’s expectations.
Nexira will maintain its commitment to supply natural ingredients
and actives with the highest level of quality, reliability and
consistency to the food and nutrition industries worldwide. More
than ever, Nexira willl be your best partner for your next innovation.
Thanks to a worldwide network of partners, Nexira can deploy its
expertise and its technical assistance throughout the world.
Nexira can offer customers truly global understanding while
delivering local service and support.
Learn more about Nexira at:
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