Eurotrading … in pills


Eurotrading … in pills
Eurotrading … in pills
Eurotrading specializes in the distribution of highest standards raw materials, offering a wide range of products through established partnerships with leading manufacturers
9 Sectors: cosmetic, nutritional, pharmaceutical, fragrances
9 Products: active ingredients, surfactants, emulsifiers, consistency factors, emollients, sunfilters, lipid layer
enhancer, rheology modifiers, conditioners, solubilizers, perlizer, preservatives, polymers, sequestrants, plant
Our Principals
BASF, TECHNICO FLOR (for fragrances), AGRIPHARMA (for Plant liquid extracts), JUNGBUNZLAUER (for natural raw materials produced by fermentation)
9 Product Managers who, through workshops and meetings, present sector updates, new trends, new lines and new products;
9 an Applied Research Laboratory and a Marketing Support Department to develop customized projects meeting the market’s requests; 9 a Regulatory Affairs Department to answer any inquiries regarding constantly updated regulations;
9 an Online Transaction Processing Platform that allows the verification in real time of the processing of orders in addition to, the downloading of technical documentation regarding the products purchased.
Our R&D Labs
Quality and others information
Certifications ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2009 ‐ Associated with MAPIC of Aispec (Federchimica Group) and Confindustria
Where we are
HQ:Via Pelosa A, 22/24 –
Veggiano (PD) ItalY
Repres. Office: Viale De Gasperi, 19 – Lainate (MI) ItalY
T. +39.0495089384 [email protected]
The formulator is constantly searching for raw materials, but
especially solutions which is why not only does Eurotrading offer
cosmetics ingredients, but above all support in making the most
appropriate choice and expertise in the product structuring, always
complying with the standards in force.
A perfume is a complex and carefully balanced blend of delicate
fragrances calling forth the experiences and places we go through
and feel every day.
Eurotrading: where ingredients and expertise meet
9Fully stable and safe sun care products (Tinosorb, Uvinul)
9Performing and pleasant textures (Tinovis, Luvigel, Cosmedia)
9Sensory spread cascade (Cetiol, Myritol, Luvitol)
Eurotrading: where perfumes, raw materials and actives meet
The share of knowledge among our R&D team, TF perfumers and our customers enables the creation of innovative fragrances meeting the costumers’ requirements.
NatFair perfumes from fair trade raw materials
NatFlor 100% natural perfumes for Ecocert products
9Eco‐friendly surfactant‐based detergents, gentle on the skin Eco‐friendly perfumes complying with the Ecolabel standards
(Plantapon, Plantacare)
9Natural hair conditioners (Plantaquat, Plantasil)
In line with the major trends we:
9Emulsions, fluids or lamellars (Eumulgin, Dehymuls)
‐Create perfume collections inspired to the recent TRENDS
FINE FRAGRANCE launches ‐Develop new smell ideas from COSMETCS to HOME CARE
9Changing your look through colouring (Reflex, Chroma‐Lite)
9Perfection with BBcream and CCcream (Flamenco, Timica)
9Special effects hair (Lugivel, Luviskol, Luviquat)
Personal Care
Active Ingredients
Eurotrading: where science and your needs meet
Plant liquid extracts
Eurotrading: where the benefits of nature meet …you
Why offering cosmetics to consumers? To improve, revive and
enhance the positive features of our body. How? Through highly‐
technological active ingredients of proven and clear effectiveness.
Environmental care, high quality extracts, deriving from plants free of polluting‐agents and resulting form organic farming: these are the strengths of Agripharma, a 100% Italian company.
9Transferring the protected active ingredient to ensure effectiveness and safety (X‐PressinC, AH‐Care)
9Changing your image through technology (UltraFS)
9Increasing collagen structure (Dermican, Linefactor)
INNOVATION On‐going research of new extracts with an application of plants characterized by a high concentration aimed at providing a higher efficacy.
9Hibiscus peptides for wrinkle‐smoothing effect (Myoxinol)
9Natural extracts for Skin colour tone reduction (Actiwhite)
9Exotic plants extracts acting on the elastin structure and the skin tone (Elestan, Sqisandryl)
Cultivations take place on property fields ensuring the use of renewable sources.
Organic extracts approved by the CcPb certification authority are available in all versions: Glyceric and Oil Extracts, as well as distilled water.
9Lighting up the face, a constant research (Neurobiox, X‐PressinC)
9Anti‐ageing care, protecting the skin from external agents (Purisoft, Symbiocell, Osmogeline)
Beauty Creation
Customized extracts can be developed, choosing among the plants most in line with new trends